Top Event Trends For 2019

TOAST Shares this year's top event trends of 2019, according to the experts

2019 has well and truly arrived, but what does this new year hold in store in terms of stylish entertaining? From unforgettable food and fabulous flowers to presentation tips and this year’s coolest cocktails (of course), Toast.Life chats to the experts to find out.


Based in London, Rocket Food is a family-run catering company that specialises in high quality events. Since they started in 2000, they’ve become recognised as one of London’s leading luxury caterers, and their reputation is founded on the excellence of their food, the creativity of their events and the outstanding service that their staff provide. Naturally, Rocket’s co-founder Caroline Hall is filled with expert advice when it comes to what’s on this menu this year.  

“Vegetable dishes will continue to become increasingly popular this year – last year we saw an increase in vegetables being the hero ingredient of a dis, and this year it will be pushed even further. Today we can cook vegetables with the same care and attention we pay to meat and fish. Vegan food stalls and vegan menus are all the rage” Caroline explains.

“Also, artistic edible displays and interactive food stations are always raved about by our guests – our pastry chef Emma plates desserts in front of guests which gives the element of experience and artistry! And speaking of dessert - ice cream is being pushed to the next level of sensory experience, with new textures, colours, flavours and the best pudding for an Instagram moment!” she smiles.

“I think we’ll also see UK sparkling wines served with local oysters. The UK has come a long way with their selection of sparkling wines – instead of importing Champagne we partner with one of our favourite suppliers, Gusbourne, for their selection of award-winning sparkling wines from Kent to pair with our Lindisfarne oyster bar” she adds.

 “And finally – 2019 is all about our ‘Cocktail Gourmand’ – inspired by the Café Gourmand – the popular dessert where an espresso is served alongside mignardise (bite-sized desserts). We’ve replaced the espresso with a mini cocktail as a dessert with a selection of petit fours paired to the drink. Delicious!”

Rocket Food Menu

Rocket Food Dessert Tables

Rocket Food

You can find TOAST.Life’s Spotlight interview with Caroline over on TheEDIT, or for contact details and more information about Rocket you can find their page in TOAST’s Little Black Book.


Cocktails are always a tasty talking point at any event. Mix & Muddle is a London-based cocktail events company founded by mixologist Richard Maxted; they offer a full bespoke events service complete with original cocktails, bags of personality, and heaps of interaction, as well as plenty of expert knowledge on what everyone’s going to be drinking this year…

“This year it’s time for Gatsby to move over and make way for Los Gingos! We're finally steering away from the 1920's Great Gatsby theme for cocktail parties, and now moving more towards a more tropical / South American vibe. With the growth of tequila and mezcal flooding into the European market, brands are throwing resources at bars, which in turn seeps into the events market. Consumers appetites are warming to agave spirits, and with the growth in South American events and festivals, like Day of the Dead, culture hungry Brits are enjoying the playful and sensual Latin vibes!” Richard enthuses.

When it comes to garnishes and glassware, this year is all about clean lines and clean living - the trend in top cocktail bars in celebrating clean lines and minimal waste The classic hi-ball is back in fashion, straight sided, and uncomplicated to the eye. Marry that with a single, delicate garnish. It's almost as if we're telling the cocktail "how dare you tarnish my immaculate 'clean living' image with impurity!" he laughs.

“Colour-wise it’s all about pastels. Building on my previous point, there's nothing better to accompany minimalism than with soft yet comforting pastel colours. Nothing too abrupt, but it ties with the growing 'modern country' interior design look most new homes are going for. Slightly cloudy in texture, almost matt-like, mainly through the addition of fresh citrus, followed the softening of colours by adding soda, house tonics, clear spirits, or sparkling wine” he adds.

 “And finally, NoLo continues. The rise in appetite for non and low alcoholic (also known as NoLo) cocktails will continue to rise over 2019. Events companies and especially cocktail events companies like ours need to invest in making sure their non and low alcohol offerings match the quality and attention to details as their boozy cousins. For example, we're partnering with a non-alcoholic spirit company to develop a showcase menu to offer to clients for free, IF they purchase our bespoke cocktails. It shows we care about cutting down on alcohol intake, and it means we always have a non-alcoholic cocktail on offer for everyone.”

Mix Muddle Cocktails 2019

Mix Muddle Cocktails 2019

You can find TOAST.Life’s Spotlight interview with Richard over on TheEDIT, or for contact details and more information about Mix & Muddle you can find their page in TOAST’s Little Black Book.



And finally, no event would be complete without beautiful flowers. Kitten Grayson Flowers is a London based studio that creates unique floral installations for luxury events, weddings and bespoke commissions. The studio’s work and distinctive refined yet wild style is informed by Kitten’s relationship with nature, and a commitment to sustainability.

“We’re increasingly being asked about using English-grown flowers and going plastic free for weddings and events, so I think this year is really about being true to seasonality - using what’s in season, and as sustainably as possible” Kitten explains. 

“We’ll see lots of flowering plants in arrangements, which can be replanted after an event. We love doing this - it’s such a special way to remember a party, avoids waste and is the best value for money” she continues. 

“Building on the Frida Kahlo/Navajo inspirations of this year, we’re expecting bold colour, lots of texture and pattern with rustic styling. There will be a move towards more natural, ‘wild’ arrangements, nothing too rigid or structured, with dramatic, statement pieces and installations - floral arches, hanging ceiling installations and dense tablescapes and over-vased arrangements. We’re doing more and more of these, which we love!” she smiles.

“When it comes to entertaining at home, try seasonal planters. Plant up a variety of seasonal bulbs and plug plants and cover with moss - we love wicker containers or large china bowls; they’re fabulous as table centres, high impact and evolving over time in tune with the changing seasons outside. We especially love doing these in January - to banish Christmas and provide a fresh, clean promise of emerging Spring. When it’s cold and dreary outdoors, it’s wonderful to have something green, scented and vital inside!” she enthuses.

“And when it comes to the table, an abundant, dense table runner is always a hit on a long table. Multiple, mixed height floral arrangements or small plants linked by trailing foliage and interspersed with natural seasonal ‘props’ and plenty of tall taper candles and tea lights dancing in between. Be creative with what’s in the garden or at the market.”

Kitten Grayson Florals

Kitten Grayson Tablescape

You can find TOAST.Life’s Spotlight interview with Kitten over on The Edit, or for contact details and more information about Kitten Grayson Flowers you can find their page in TOAST’s Little Black Book.

Established in 1924, Hayford & Rhodes is London’s oldest family florist and has remained at the forefront of British floristry for over 90 years. The Hayford & Rhodes style is uniquely inspired by its heritage; timeless design united with progressive florists to create modern classics. Co-owned by sisters Amy, Joanna and Laura Rhodes, their refreshing take on style and design has built a national reputation for stunning flowers. By combining glamour with contemporary styling, they achieve the wow-factor time and time again, and co-founder Joanna is filled with floral inspiration when it comes to 2019.

“The Pantone Color of the Year always really influences our work. For example, in 2017, the colour was Greenery, and foliage was everywhere and everything! 2018’s colour, Ultra Violet, influenced us not just in terms of purple hues, but a bit more colour blocking and bringing colour and flowers back in after the foliage-heavy year in 2017. This year the colour is Living Coral, so we expect to see a lot of that!” Joanna explains.

“We think yellow is also going to be a huge influence. Yellow is a peaceful, fun and happy colour, which is just what the world needs! We look to all of the creative industries, such as fashion, design, interiors, art, for inspiration, and yellow has consistently stood out” she adds.

“Yellow can be partnered with so many other colours, such as white and green flowers and foliage for a crisp, fresh look, to peaches, pinks, such as Pantone’s Living Coral, and oranges to create warmth and sunset feelings.”

 Hayford Rhodes Bouquets

Orangery At Kensington Palace Hayford Rhodes Wedding

You can find TOAST.Life’s Spotlight interview with Joanna over on TheEDIT, or for contact details and more information about Hayford & Rhodes you can find their page in TOAST’s Little Black Book.

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