Event Styling and Decor Trends 2019

The devil is in the décor – how to entertain in style this year

A New Year brings a wealth of entertaining opportunities, from gorgeous garden parties and whimsical weddings to festival-style forays and dinner parties galore. Toast.Life talks to some of the event industry’s leading experts to hear what they think this year’s hottest looks will be in terms of unforgettable décor, sensational styling and more.



Modern. Luxury. Timeless. Carmela Wedding & Events have over 15 years’ experience in wedding and event planning. Founded by husband and wife team Lisa and Sam, their work is inspired by modern aesthetics, and together they are known for planning, creating and delivering unforgettable weddings and design-led events that are authentic, luxurious, and the epitome of style, so who better to give us their tips on us what’s ‘in’ this year?!

“Colour! Brights! Everywhere!” enthuses Sam. “We're talking flowers, dresses, suits, food - everything! There will be no place for the pastel in 2019!” he continues.

“I think we’re also going to see the use of technology more in events this year, in particular the use projection mapping - high-resolution imagery and videos projected onto the walls and ceiling of virtually any event space. This has stealthily been growing for a while now and will be huge this year.” Carmela Weddings Events Dressing

Carmela Weddings Events

You can find Toast.Life’s Spotlight interview with Sam over on TheEdit, or for contact details and more information about Carmela Weddings and Events you can find their page in Toast’s Little Black Book.


Cutture creates event stationery and accessories like no other. Co-founder Helen Sharland and her team create bespoke laser cut stationery pieces that add unrivalled elegance to any event; from their renowned and completely unforgettable invitations to beautiful on-the-day stationery such as decorative menus, table names, centrepieces, signage and more.

“I’m really hoping 2019 will be about the event industry becoming more conscious about the products and designs they are creating in terms of how they affects the planet, and in doing some good in the world with our work. This is a time of consciously buying more sustainable products which is fantastic, so now it’s time for the event industry to catch up” explains Helen.

“Our response to this is by working towards producing more sustainable stationery, from the paper we use to the processes. We’ve recently launched inkless invitations, printed on recycled coffee cup paper, for example. You can still be luxury and sustainable!” she enthuses. 

“2019 also sees the launch of our ‘Faith in Favour’ campaign, where we will be offering clients the service of donating to their favourite charities via their place card designs, as an alternative to favours. We will print and incorporate the donations within their designs and handle the donations to make it super easy, this way we can act as a platform for charities to suggest the concept to every client that comes through our doors.”


You can find Toast.Life’s Spotlight interview with Helen  over on TheEdit, or for contact details and more information about Cutture you can find their page in TOAST.life Little Black Book.


Holly and Susannah, also known as Revelry Events, are award-winning London wedding planners who believe in rulebook-free weddings and events. They produce weddings and celebrations that don't fit the normal conventions, but instead push creative boundaries, capture personalities and, most importantly, show everyone a damn good time!

“The trends we’re seeing for 2019 are all in the detail” explains Susannah. “Like brightly coloured or transparent chairs, or velvet and velour textures. Linens make a huge impact on the look of a reception room and choosing a colour to match or contrast your scheme makes all the difference to that finished set up” she adds.

“There are still some trends from 2018 that are hanging around too - namely greenery and foliage because it’s so versatile, and balloons, because, well, they’re so fun!"

Revelry Events Styling 

You can find Toast.Life’s Spotlight interview with Holly and Susannah over on TheEdit, or for contact details and more information about Revelry Events you can find their page in Toast’s Little Black Book.


Having worked in the events industry for over 15 years, Tina Nisson founded Tina Nisson Design in 2011. The company is an event design solutions business with serious style and personality, covering all aspects of styling for private and corporate events. Tina Nisson Design has also designed a range of totally brilliant contemporary hire equipment suitable for event caterers, restaurants, hotels, wedding venues, and anyone with a desire to raise their game in terms of presentation!

“Event styling is due for a shake up, and 2019 will be the year for it!” enthuses Tina. “This year is all about Naturals. With interest in world cuisine and sustainability at an all-time high, we are realizing that the styles that we choose have an impact on the earth as a whole” Tina explains.

“The popularity of street food from far-flung nations grew further in 2018 and the decline in fine dining has made way for a much more relaxed way of eating and entertaining. The interest in food from Peru and beyond grew in the last year and Mexico a couple of years before that and this trend is going to continue well into 2019, with requests for themes around these ever more remote nations” she adds.

“We are all going to become a lot more familiar with African food with Nigerian and Ethiopian cuisine being top of the list. Event styling will reflect this with natural and earthy stripped back looks making an appearance. Light wood, wicker and woven products will pave the way and work beautifully together” she continues.

“And as we become more aware of the damage we are doing to the planet, an appreciation for natural, sustainable products is washing all the way down to event styling details.  The impact of our industry is huge and styling decisions are key. I’m working with industry-leading caterers who are recommending clients to ditch the disposable serve wear on their event wherever possible. Similarly, clients asking for no single-use plastic on events will be commonplace. Beautiful ceramics, wood, and unique sustainable pieces will of course add to the organic look on food displays.”

Tina Nisson 2 

Tina Nisson Styling (1)

You can find TOAST.Life’s  Spotlight interview with Tina over on TheEdit, or for contact details and more information about Tina Nisson Design you can find their page in TOAST’s Little Black Book.


Family-run, industry leaders Twilight Trees have been adding glamour and sophisticated sparkle to events since 2014 with their premium faux arboreal lighting and premium faux flora. Their beautiful trees have adorned some of the event industry’s most prestigious venues and have been a part of some of the most unforgettable weddings and events, and there are plenty more on the cards this year too.

“We very much see 2019 as the year of sustainable events. There was so much more of an eco-focus in 2018 and the events industry has huge waste statistics” explains Twilight Trees founder Susie Reid Thomas.

“We are seeing more and more clients coming to Twilight Trees as an alternative to flowers simply because they are a zero-waste product yet have the same if not bigger impact aesthetically. We also have the advantage that due to the fact that our blooms are reusable, you can get floral wow factor much more economically” she adds.

“Our ‘Trees in Bloom’ are the most direct alternative to flowers but many people are leaning towards LED trees and our newest ranges of non-LED’s, ‘Trees in Green’ and ‘Trees in Gold’. Metallics, greenery and foliage have all become popular in the past year and we only see this developing into more creative and exciting displays in 2019.” Chris Orange Twilight Trees

Symposium Twilight Trees

You can find TOAST.Life’s  Spotlight interview with Susie over on TheEDIT, or for contact details and more information about Twilight Trees you can find their page in TOAST’s Little Black Book.


Luxury wedding and event planning consultancy Cranberry Blue have a reputation for delivering sophisticated, meticulously organized and exceptionally stylish events. Led by founder Melanie Helen, the company designs, plans and produces exceptional and bespoke events across the UK and internationally. Here, Melanie shares three key looks that she predicts will be big this year.

“We’re really excited about the trends and styles we’re seeing coming through for this year. Primarily, we’re seeing these being used to decorate private member's clubs in London, LA and New York, so we’ve taken inspiration from there” Melanie explains.

“The first look is Jungle Lux. Think golden palm trees and pineapples, alongside striking palm prints and elements of Africa to create a stylized tropical vibe. Alternatively, you can give this look a more contemporary feel with the addition of graphic black and white prints which give a nod to a zebra print without being so literal” she explains.

“The second look is Old Havana – anything Latino is very on trend right now.  This look has a tropical vibe to it but think strong pastel shades and old-school wood-panelled colonialism, but produced with luxury fabrics and materials” she continues.

“And the third look is Oriental – inspired by a chic Shanghai nightclub with an impeccable and high-end finish. To be dimly lit, colonial in style with just a hint of the Orient. Whether you’re planning a party on a large scale or something much simpler, you could easily take elements of each of these trends and create something unique.”

Cranberry Blue Events Image Frm Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

Pinterest Inspo

Lry Events Copy Od Carltonhouseterrace

Maxine Kim Photography Revelry Events

You can find TOAST.Life’s Spotlight interview with Melanie over on TheEDIT, or for contact details and more information about Cranberry Blue  you can find their page in TOAST’s Little Black Book.


Lanterns were huge last year, and the good news is that they are here to stay. The Hanging Lantern Company are the industry’s leading lantern supplier, with over 700 styles of paper lantern of offer, and an in-house bespoke creative studio who create almost anything.

“At Hanging Lantern HQ we’re seeing our clients take everything back to basics and look to nature for inspiration” explains Aimee Payne, co-founder The Hanging Lantern Company.

“When it comes to our lanterns, it’s about lots of white with shades of green dotted in, fresh pops of lime and grass with silvery sage green to add depth and texture. Mixing of sizes, colours and hanging heights is really important to keep the overall look as natural and random as possible, just as nature intended!”

Marquee Wedding Lanterns Hanging Lantern Co

You can find Toast.Life’s Spotlight interview with Aimee over on TheEdit, or for contact details and more information about The Hanging Lantern Company you can find their page in TOAST’s Little Black Book.

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