Luxury Children's Sleepovers with Muddy Boots

Talking top luxury sleepover parties with Muddy Boots

Luxury slumber parties are all the rage in the States and now the trend has well and truly arrived here, thanks to Muddy Boots. Toast.Life chats to founder CJ Hadlow about how she creates seriously stylish sleepovers, plus we get her top tips on how to plan your very own at home.

When I was younger, there was nothing quite as exciting as a sleepover party. Staying up late, eating sweets and telling stories – there was something so thrilling about spending the night with friends and staying up way later than you were supposed to. I am pleased to say, that unlike many other things from my youth, sleepovers never went out of fashion, particularly in the States and in the Southern Hemisphere, and now one woman is bringing her very own brand of premium sleepover parties to the UK, introducing Muddy Boots Sleepovers

“Although I first saw the sleepover party idea while in New Zealand, I loved the glamorous, designer side of kids’ parties that comes from the USA, so I’ve tried to combine the two to create something unique and very special in the UK” explains London-based entrepreneur and founder of Muddy Boots Sleepovers, CJ Hadlow. 

“I’ve always had a love for photography and design, whether interior, fashion or graphic design – and this passion has lent a helping hand to all of my career ventures to date; Muddy Boots being no exception. I’ve had so much fun creating the design aspect of the sleepovers, and making sure that every element is creative and has real wow factor”

And that it most certainly does; in bucket loads. Inspired by the opulent slumber parties of the US, CJ’s UK equivalent - Muddy Boots Sleepovers - creates beautiful, luxury sleepover parties for children across London and Bristol, all with a ‘quintessentially British’ feel.

Each unforgettable overnight party, set up in the comfort of your own home, comes complete with individually themed (and completely adorable) sleeping teepees, all handmade in beautiful designer fabrics. Hidden inside each one are soft mattresses with 100% organic cotton sheets, luxurious decorative cushions, twinkling fairy lights, breakfast trays with glowing lanterns for each guest, decorative rugs, garlands and more. These are sensational sleepover parties, no doubt.
Muddy Boots Sleepover Style

Garden Sleepover

“Choosing fabrics took quite a bit of time and I created quite a few swatches to come up with the best mix of fabrics that complement each other. My mother is a DIY queen and she helped me out with the design of the teepees, which we then had drawn out and created by a local carpenter, who very fortunately had a son who was willing to vigorously test a prototype!” CJ enthuses.

“When designing the teepees, I really wanted Muddy Boots Sleepovers to embody luxury and to make every guest feel like a princess or prince, so each and every detail has been designed to create a truly luxurious feel. I then started to collect the decorations and accessories to go with the teepees and sourced beautiful cushions from designers in London and beyond. I also had to wheel out the sewing machine from my mum’s attic, and then took over the kitchen and dining room table and proceeded to create the teepees and a selection of cushions!”

Muddy Boots Sleepover London


Before launching Muddy Boots earlier this year in January 2018, CJ had spent time living in the UK, Spain and more recently in New Zealand, which is where the luxury sleepover seed was firmly planted in her head…

“During one of my recent trips there I noticed my friend hire a similar designer sleepover for her own daughters, and I was instantly inspired and fell in love with the concept. I knew these kinds of sleepovers were big in the US and so I wondered how well the idea would go in London…” she explains. 

“Sleepovers are not new as a concept, but from the luxury perspective, I have put my own personal touches into the Muddy Boots Sleepover experience, which really make it a unique and special experience for any child” 

Different Styles

Dress Up With Muddy Boots Sleepovers

Eye Mask Muddy Boots

Muddy Boots Sleepovers

And not only do CJ’s sleepovers looks amazing, but they are massively convenient too. On the day of the sleepover party, the Muddy Boots team approximately three hours before guests armed with all the necessary supplies and will then set up the teepees with their luxury mattresses, make the beds with their organic cotton bedding, decorate and style each tent with a selection of fairy lights, pom-poms, bespoke glittery garlands and a variety of gorgeous cushions. They then slip away and let the lucky little guests discover the amazing sleepover set up for themselves, and once all the late-night fun is done, CJ and her team return the next day to clear everything away.

“We also have a selection of add-ons, like our yummy sweet stations and our gorgeous dressing up closets” CJ beams. “With our sweet stations we even go to the extent of choosing the sweets to match our themed-pastel colours, so when they are positioned near our teepees everything looks in theme. For our dressing-up closets we set up a clothing rail with a selection of princess dresses, fairy outfits and of course ever-popular unicorns! Again, even our dresses have been specially sourced from a selection of independent designers” 

Doughnut And Sweets Muddy Boots Sleepovers

Muddy Boots Sleepover

Sweet Table

With their acute attention to detail, Muddy Boots’ stylish sleepovers are designed for a maximum amount of eight lucky little guests (although the average is around four to five) and are generally aimed at children aged between six and 12 years. However, the company has also recently launched a ‘Daydreams’ package aimed at children between the ages four and seven, who aren’t necessarily ready for a full, overnight sleepover, but still want to enjoy the same stylish experience during the day. But regardless of age, it’s not just the children who are left impressed…

“Every time we set up one of our sleepovers, the parents seem a little jealous of the children!” AJ laughs. “As this is such a new concept the kids have never seen a sleepover party like this before, so they are normally running about screaming with excitement. Thankfully we haven’t yet had a child or parent who wasn’t over the moon with the experience!”

Muddyboots Beds


As a fan of the sleepover myself, I can totally relate to this. The cosy nostalgic joy of a sleepover combined with CJ’s thoughtful touches of style and luxury deliver a truly unforgettable and beautiful experience. CJ tells me that many of her clients (including some big-name celebs, I’ve heard) are booking her sleepover parties for birthday celebrations, and that rather than hiring a hall and having a large birthday party during the day, the children of 2018 would prefer to have a sleepover with four or five close friends instead. 

“Kids are still enjoying sleepovers the same way we did years ago - under sheets and over clothes racks! We are just offering a sleepover that is a glamourous version of this” CJ explains.

“I don’t think the love for sleepovers will ever really fade. Children can still use their iPads and devices if they like - our breakfast trays which we put at the end of each bed even have an iPad stand so they can watch a movie in their tents if they like! Although Pass the Parcel is still very popular!”

CJ and her Muddy Boots Sleepovers team are currently in the process of setting up the company to become available as a franchise opportunity, meaning that by the end of 2019 they hope to be offering their sensational sleepovers in all major cities throughout the UK. And let’s just keep our fingers crossed that there might even be an adult’s version in the pipeline too…


  • Lighting is Key - Make sure there are lots of little lights around. For a lot of children, sleepovers can be a little daunting, so when they wake up make sure that there is enough light for them to see where they are. That’s why we surround each tent with fairy lights and put a little lantern on each tray at the end of each bed.

  • Accessories - Get some toothbrushes for each of the guests. Quite often it can be forgotten!

  • Balloon Magic - Blow up and scatter balloons - it’s an inexpensive way to instantly transform a space. We have beautiful marble-effect, unicorn and metallic balloons we love to scatter to give the setting a dreamy vibe.

If you’d like to work with Muddy Boots Sleepovers you can find their contact details via their page in Toast.Life’s Little Black Book.


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