Summer Brunch With Rock My Bowl

How to host a sumptuous summer brunch with Rock My Bowl

Summertime and the living is easy – and the ideal time of year for a lovely long brunch! Toast.Life chats to Rock My Bowl founder Rebecca Rhodes-Evans to glean her expert advice on how to host a seriously stylish brunch this summer, as well as a mouth-watering sharing bowl recipe.

Summertime and the living is easy – and the ideal time of year for a lovely long brunch! Toast.Life  chats to Rock My Bowl founder Rebecca Rhodes-Evans to glean her expert advice on how to host a seriously stylish brunch this summer, as well as a mouth-watering sharing bowl recipe.

Rock My Bowl has been serving up gorgeous gourmet porridge, dangerously moreish granola, super food-packed ‘power bowls’ and all manner of bountiful and beautiful bowl food since 2016. When Toast.Life first met founder Rebecca Rhodes-Evans, the company was just 7 months old but was already going from strength to strength, and nearly two years on Rock My Bowl is still rocking. Their private event catering has flourished; they’ve been busy whipping up their delicious and nutritious breakfasts, brunches and lunches for all manner of events as well creating bespoke menus, whilst their tasty snacks and completely addictive granola have been flying off the shelves online and in stores throughout London, and beyond.

“Avocado toast is still a winner at events, but we try to make it slightly different with lots of seeds and spices. The deluxe bircher muesli bowls have always been very popular too - these work especially well for yoga brunches” Rebecca enthuses.

“The healthy food scene is constantly growing - it’s amazing to see the demand for healthy -ish treats and meals as opposed to just your pizza, fried chicken and brownie lovers! As we all become so much more aware of the effect diet has on our overall well-being, we are making better choices”

Rock My Bowl  

From bountiful breakfasts served in offices as a team treat or to celebrate a certain event, Rock My Bowl  have dished up smoothie bowls for the likes of UGG, gorgeous acai bowls for Method UK and much more, from huge sporting events to small private get-togethers. Their imaginative, mouth-watering menus are packed full with fresh, healthy ingredients and can feed up to 100 hungry mouths.

“We set up a breakfast bar at the Red Bull Timelaps in Windsor Great Park last year - feeding the cyclists pre and post-race as they took it in turns to cycle over a 24-hour period. Our power bowls were exactly what they needed to nourish them and give them sustained energy to keep racing. It was pretty intense and busy, but exactly the right sort of endurance event for our food!”

And so whilst the company may have grown, there is still one thing that remains, and that is Rebecca’s passion regarding the most important meal of the day – breakfast.

“We lead such hectic lives and STILL I’m always amazed by the number of people that eat nothing or badly in the morning and even at lunch!” she exclaims.  

“It seems that so many of us are still not in touch with the importance of giving your body all it needs to get through the day. Of course, it depends on your lifestyle and what works for your body. I eat a pretty small breakfast first thing then I will either eat more at brunch or lunch and a very light evening meal where I don’t feel so hungry. I always have fruit and yoghurt and nuts on me at all times - the quickest and most nutritionally balanced brekkie on the move!”   

Breakfast on the move is of course often a necessity for modern day living, but these long and so far surprisingly warm summer months also provide the perfect opportunity for long, lazy brunches with friends, and who better than Rebecca, Queen of brilliant brunches and beautiful breakfasts, to give us top tips and advice on how to host a sensationally stylish brunch at home this summer. 




“I often have my local girlfriends round for brunch” says Rebecca. “Generally, we seem to allow ourselves a bit more time if it’s brunch rather than breakfast. It feels like an occasion to savour and take your time over. There are no rules either - be it eggs, salads or cakes - you can serve it all at brunch!”

RMB Cacao And Sea Salt Granola



“We all seem to become more sociable in the summer, don’t we? Long balmy evenings and sunny mornings just make you want to do more” Rebecca explains. "There’s such an easiness about alfresco dining and eating in the sun. I find it much easier to entertain in the summer months”


Furnish your outside area beautifully with Fermob’s colour furniture and beautiful outdoor textiles. Prices start at £26 and style it up with sumptuous shades with the East London Parasol  Company’s beautiful parasols. Prices start at £299.

Fermob Outdoor Table And Chairs

East London Parasol Company Yello And Blue

Fermob Cushions Garden  


“When choosing what to serve – think seasonally” Rebecca suggests. “Summer offers SO much - asparagus, broad beans, jersey royals. But for me it’s the berries - strawberries especially are my absolute favourite thing. I eat a punnet every day and serve them in salads too!”

Rock My Bowl Red Berry Porridge Full Of Anitoxidants


“When entertaining, brunch doesn’t have to be entirely healthy - you have to have a few treats!” enthuses Rebecca, and we are very pleased to hear her say that. “I really don’t believe in depriving ourselves of anything; whether it’s Brindisa Chorizo or if you serve cake or chocolate or sweet treats, just make them either the best you can purchase or make them with the highest quality ingredients. Or, you could ask one of your guests to either make or bring a sweet treat!”

 Rock My Bowl Cacao And Banana

Rock My Bowl Cacao See Salk Pack Shot Double Choc Buckwheat

Pump Street Bakery

Brindisa chorizo, from £3.45. Rock My Bowl double chocolate gluten free buckwheat crunch granola £6.50, Cacao & sea salt granola, £6. Pump Street Bakery bean to bar chocolate, £6.25 per bar.



“Formal is so last year, right? I’ve noticed that new restaurants I have dined at recently have a much more relaxed vibe” Rebecca explains.  “When entertaining at home - I think help yourself is the way to go. People are much more likely to strike a conversation when sharing food. At my table it’s all about sharing plates, Massive salads, fruit platters and dressings toppings galore. This supper club/informal style still continues to be popular in the restaurant scene too”

 Anthropologie Blue Collection

Habitat LIA Blot Range

Anthropologie serving platters from £38. Habitat BLOT platter £32, LIA platter £25. 



“I adore tableware and I buy lots of bits throughout the year that make appearances on my table the most in the summer months. I like to mismatch cutlery of similar styles, such as black, copper and rose gold, and I like to serve everything on beautiful stoneware plates, bowls and serving dishes”  

For some seriously stylish and beautifully handmade tableware, Rebecca recommends visiting one of her favourite ceramicists, which include; Kana London prices start at £10, Nom Living prices start at £5, Jess Jos prices start at £14, Lazy eye Ceramics – contact for prices and orders. 

Jes Jos

Lazy Eye

“I’m not much into tablecloths but a beautiful linen runner and napkins in muted tones always work well. I would add pretty coloured glasses and fill them with mini roses, eucalyptus and peonies, when they are blooming. There’s usually a candle burning somewhere nearby too…”


Try pairing Zara Home washed linen table runners from £29.95, with The Linen Works napkins £8.50 each and LSA’s Sorbet tumblers £15 for 2, Polka tumblers £30 for 4 or Anthropologie's coloured Fleur De Lys Tumblers, £6 each, or Dibor amethyst peardrop tumbler £6. 

 Zara Home The Linen Works

LSA Sorbet


Now you’ve made your table look beautiful, you need to make your food look beautiful too, and here are Rebecca’s top tips for doing just that;


  • Always Use Seasonal Produce - Sorry to harp on about it but buy seasonal produce and it will be the freshest and most vibrant.

  • Don't Forget Lemon Zest - If you are serving fruit and salads everything can benefit from a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice just before serving. Not only does it keep produce from browning but also lemon really makes flavours come together.

  • Garnishes - Herbs wilt very quickly and will make a dish look like it’s been sitting there all day - keep them in iced water until just before serving, then chop or garnish as you need.

  • Accessorise - Invest in a good squeezey bottle for drizzling sauces and glazes.

  • Edible Florals - I’m a huge fan of flowers and micro herbs to finish a dish off and make everything look pretty.

 Maddocks Floral

Maddocks Farm edible flowers start at £13.50 and can be pre-ordered and delivered. The Fine Food Specialists’ selection of micro herbs start at £4.95. 



“What drinks to serve of course depends on the occasion, and whether it’s a weekend or weekday!” Rebecca grins. “I like to serve freshly squeezed grapefruit juice in sugar dipped cocktail glasses with basil, or foraged elderflower cordial with sparkling water. Plus coffee, lots of coffee! Let’s say it’s a weekend though - who doesn’t love a beautiful crisp dry rosé at this time of year?! My favourites are Sancerre Rose and Mirabeau” 

Mirabeau Al Fresco

Mirabeau is around £10.99 per bottle (for a case) available from Waitrose, CellarVie Wines, Ocado and Mirabeau direct.


“Don’t leave it too late to start planning your menu if you’re entertaining for a crowd - I find it’s best to give myself a couple of weeks to get organised” Rebecca advises.  “Recipes that can be prepped ahead are a life saver. Try to keep the day before your gathering free so you can do as much as possible then. You really want to enjoy yourself on the day too, so delegate a dish to a friend or don't be afraid to buy ready made things that are good quality and really save you time - You would never catch me kneading dough or making pastry, especially when there are so many great bakeries around” she smiles.

“If all else fails put on your favourite music and just take your time. It will all come together!”

If you’d like to work with Rock My Bowl  then check out their page in Toast.Life’s Little Black Book, and don’t forget to tag @ToastLifeUK in all your summer brunch fun – we would love to see your photos!

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