When East Meets West Country

Delicious Hong Kong street food bubble waffles by The Bubble Wafflery

Yes - the rather magically named Bubble Wafflery does actually exist, it really IS that magical, and you can hire them to serve up their delicious and unique sweet treats fresh from the streets of Hong Kong at your next do. Hurrah!

Founded by Hong Kong native Jenny and Somerset (Frome, to be precise) native Neil, The Bubble Wafflery is a super stylish and rather mouth-watering wafflery on wheels that is bringing Hong Kong’s hottest street food - bubble waffles - to the masses. 

The idea of whipping up bubble waffles in Somerset originated from a bout of homesickness; Jenny was missing her family in Hong Kong and familiar comfort food, as we all know, is the perfect remedy for homesickness. And so, inspired by the brilliant idea of ‘when East meets West Country’, Jenny and Neil now combine the traditional Hong Kong street food that is bubble waffles (a super cool spherical egg-based waffle) with award-winning and totally mouth-watering West Country ice cream, sprinkled liberally with a selection of magical toppings; we’re talking retro English treats like Iced Gems, Jammie Dodgers, Party Rings and more, as well as a further selection of gourmet treats, so not only do they taste amazing but they look completely fabulous too.

Take the ‘Choco Loco’, for example, which consists of a freshly cooked bubble waffle covered in Marshfield’s heavenly honeycomb ice cream, a drizzle of honey, cream, organic bee pollen and air-dried orange. Yes please!  

The Bubble Wafflery

Thebubblewafflery Kitchen

The Bubble Wafflery Stall

The Bubble Wafflery Cones  

Our Verdict:

A delicious, imaginative and unique on-trend treat that is perfect for pleasing a crowd at any event this summer.


Contact The Bubble Wafflery for a bespoke quote.

Where you can buy it:

Check out The Bubble Wafflery’s page in Toast.Life’s Little Black Book.


Posted in The Notebook

by Must Have
on on 16 July 2018

  hong kong street food, ice cream, waffles

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