Behold! The Original Gin Bath

A very original way to serve gin with the Original Gin Bath

Just when we thought we’d heard it all when it comes to unique and unusual event bars - along comes a beautiful bathtub with gin flowing from its taps. Toast.Life chats to The Original Gin Bath owner Mark Pilcher about how he and wife Rachel are bringing a whole new meaning to the concept of bath time.

Sure, you can have a caravan that serves cocktails. Or if you’d prefer a pop up bar complete with flare bartender that’s doable too. A real ale bar in a horsebox? That’s fine. A VW campervan with champagne on tap? No problem. Or how about a vintage motorbike that serves gallons of Prosecco? Well you can have that too. But a bathtub filled with ice, bottles of premium tonics glistening in the sun and a plethora of imaginative garnishes that comes complete with shiny taps that quite literally flow with gin? Well now you’re talking. 

“Yes that is correct, gin does flow from the taps!” smiles Gin Bath  owner Mark Pilcher.

“Tonics are usually provided as bottles sat on ice in the bath tub, with various garnishes supplied on the bath shelf. There's nothing else's like it, people are really intrigued by the gin bath!”

GT Gin Bath

They most certainly are, and I am definitely one of them. A gin bath? Gin? In a bath? It sounds completely amazing but slightly confusing all at once. Why gin? Well I suppose that’s obvious really I mean, who doesn’t like gin? But why a bath?  

“The bath is actually a reference to the prohibition era” explains Mark. “Back then gin and tonics were created and mixed with water from bath tub taps!”

That explains it then – bath time will never be the same. But my mind still boggles – when, why and how did this wondrous Gin Bath  actually come to be? Well the story is one of romance and gin, of course, as most of the best stories are. Back in 2015, Mark and Rachel got married, and when they were busy planning the drinks offering for their big day reception they both decided that gin was a must, but they didn’t want a run of the mill bar; like many couples they wanted something unique and fun, and something that was also interactive and exciting for their guests.

“We basically wanted something that would involve our guests actually making their own G&Ts” explains Mark. 

“So we decided to make a Gin Bath ourselves”


The Origional Gin Bath

Yes that’s right. In amongst the table plans, wedding dress shopping and speech writing, when most couples are having full on nervous breakdowns, Rachel and Mark were busy actually making their amazing Gin Bath, from scratch. Once complete, it takes just three hours to full set up, it can be used indoor and outdoors, and gin really does flow from the taps. Needless to say it went down rather well at the wedding…

“We didn't quite realise how popular it would be until our friends and family managed to drink their way through 15L of gin!” laughs Mark.

“We decided after the wedding to hire it out to other events, and still now guests really love being able to choose their own strength of gin, type of tonic and various garnishes. Plus the wow factor of actually using the bath taps!” 

GT Bath

Since it’s maiden voyage back in 2015, the Original Gin Bath has become one of the most talked about hirable event bars in the industry. It has appeared in magazines both in print and online, and has caused a mild sensation on Instagram and wider social media. It has captured the imagination of stylish hosts (and their lucky guests!) everywhere and despite the fact that it is the same brilliant set up every time, it still allows a degree of personalization, making it unique to each event. Prefer a Hendrick’s and cucumber? Or a Sipsmith with a wedge of lime? Or maybe a Martin Miller’s with a slice of grapefruit? Yum. And of course Fever-Tree’s range of premium tonics, which include delicious little bottles of Sicilian Lemon Tonic, Elderflower Tonic, Mediterranean Tonic and more, offer even more possibilities.

“There's so many different varieties of gin that the couple can choose from, as well as the garnishes and types of tonic” Mark explains.

“So there’s always the opportunity to create different flavours and mixtures and a offer your guests something that feels personal to you. People seem genuinely excited by the idea, and guests really enjoy the immersive experience of being able to make their own”

As per the examples mentioned earlier, mobile and pop up bars at events have reached new heights of innovation in order to meet the demand from those of us (or should I say all of us?) who want the coolest and latest offering at their event. Rachel and Mark never set about creating ‘the next big thing’, which is maybe one of the reasons it is just quite so brilliant.

“People are always looking for new wedding drink station ideas. They need to taste good, look good, and the idea needs to have longevity” explains Mark.

 “We created the Gin Bath for our own wedding because we knew it was something that we would love, but it wasn't until we saw our guests reactions that we realised how much people loved it!

And love it they did; home may be Tenterden in Kent, but Rachel and Mark’s awesome Gin Bath has since travelled the length and breadth of the country and has contributed to dozens of brilliant parties and celebration and many hangovers along the way too I am sure, including Stephen Fry’s as it so happens…

Stephen Fry's assistant said that Stephen had said it is was one of the best G&Ts he’s ever had!” beams Mark.

That has been a real highlight for me so far!

In order to meet demand, Rachel and Mark are back busying away in their workshop making more magical bath tubs to delight and surprise partygoers with this summer, and beyond, and there are some rather tasty-sounding plans in the pipeline too…  

We're planning on making many more – we’re aiming to supply gin baths to gin lovers’ bathrooms across the country!” Mark laughs.

 “And we’re also looking at offering gin cocktails straight from the taps too!

Sounds dangerous, but completely delicious. Watch this space.


If you’d like to hire The Original Gin Bath then check out their page in Toast.Life’s Little Black Book for contact details and more information on pricing and how to book. 


Posted in Spotlight

by Sophie Farrah
on on 10 May 2018

  bin bath , gin, gin bar hire

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