Happy 5th Birthday Bubblegum Balloons

TOAST.Life hears how Bubblegum Balloons’ have revolutionalised the humble balloon as they celebrate their 5th birthday

As Bubblegum Balloons celebrate their firth birthday, TOAST.Life hears how they’ve completely transformed the humble balloon and taken stylish inflatable fun to the next level, plus their top tips on choosing the right balloons for your next do!

Remember when balloons were almost exclusively reserved for children’s parties? Well in recent years we’ve seen demand for stylish, inflatable fun shoot through the roof (sometimes quite literally) and at the very forefront of the big balloon movement is of course the one and only Bubblegum Balloons, who are turning 5 this month.

“When Bubblegum started the main focus of the business was all around the balloon-in-a-box. Since then we’ve developed the installation team and now it’s what we’re best known for in the industry” proudly explains Ellen Reed, Marketing Manager at Bubblegum Balloons.

“The Bubble Balloon is the heritage of the business, so that’s where the name came from – it was a fun play on the product. Although we do have to specify, at least twice a month, that the balloons aren’t made of nor contain bubblegum!”

Bubblegum Balloons

Carousel Bubblegum Balloons

Founded in 2013, Bubblegum Balloons is the bouncy brainchild of three brilliant women; sisters Laura Slater and Sally Clackett and their best friend Megan Robinson. The business started in the Clackett family home with a limited range of 20-inch confetti filled balloons complete with characterful handmade tails and messages such as ‘Get Well’ and ‘Good Luck’ and of course, the obligatory ‘Happy Birthday’.

“The business began when the girls were looking to send a balloon to a friend and realised there was no one out there making it an easy and fun process, so the concept was simply to allow people to send something personalised and unique to people that they loved on special occasions” explains Ellen.

“And now the collection grows daily! Due to our products being handmade in our studio, inspiration can come about from anywhere. The next thing you know, the balloons are made, shot in our studio and on our website. If it doesn’t work, they’re tweaked. If it does work, the collection is grown even further”

Of course you can still get your ‘Get Well Soon’ and your ‘Happy Birthday’ balloons from Bubblegum, but today that is just the tip of the inflatable iceberg; Bubblegum Balloons are now world-renowned for their staggering selection of beautiful balloons, which come in a mind-boggling amount of shapes, sizes, colours and designs, with a choice of customisable, trendy tassels and brilliant filings to boot. Want your balloon stuffed with feathers, foliage or colourful confetti? No problem. With a tail of glittery hearts, stars, fake ivy or stylish tassels to match your colour scheme perhaps? Coming right up.

“We’ve transformed the humble party balloon into something to blow your mind!” beams Ellen. “We’re so lucky that the nature of our product is incredibly diverse, which means there’s something for everyone. Our Princess Bubble Balloon is hugely popular – there’s something about the soft pink feathers and golden personalised writing that works so well. And for installations we can’t see balloon arches or walls combined with flowers going out of popularity any time soon…”

Hero Bubblegum Balloons

Ah yes, installations – another remarkable string to Bubblegum’s balloon bow. Their brilliant DIY garland kits are a simple and effective way of creating your very own installation at home, but if you’re looking for next level inflatable wow factor, then why not give Bubblegum’s balloon ninjas a call…

“Our balloon ninjas really are just that – there’s nothing those girls can’t do! I mean, they recently covered 2 sides of an NCP car park across 7 floors for a private dinner. The car park was in the middle of Shoreditch, so throughout the day we had all of the neighbouring high rise offices cheering us on which definitely helped fight the cold!” Ellen laughs.

NCP Bubblegum Balloons

NCP Bubblegum Balloons Lit

“We also recently did an event in Canada where over 10,000 white balloons were used for the ceiling of the marquee – you should have seen the team trying to fit them in their cases! A day before we flew the client decided they’d also like us to balloon the top of the moving carousel, which has since become one of our favourite images…”

Canada Bubblegum Balloons White

Another one of Bubblegum’s  recent notable events involved the unlikely combination of Valentine’s Day and Britain’s most notoriously foul-mouthed chef...

“We got a call from Plain Jane Events who had sold the vision of a ginormous pink cloud of balloons to Gordon’s Ramsay’s team to transform one of his restaurants, and everyone loved it. We turned up at 11pm and worked through the night to get the cloud installed and ready for Valentine’s Day, powered by tea and biscuits! It looked gorgeous and worked so well in the space” explains Ellen.

Warehouse Wedding Bubblegum Balloons

(Warehouse weddign & Gordon Ramsey's)

Just a quick browse through Bubblegum’s Instagram account demonstrates the vast amount of imaginative, amazing, bubble-filled installations they’ve been responsible for; each one swiftly and effectively making the event in question look unforgettable and instantly Instagram worthy, not to mention adding a serious splash of FUN. 

“Whether you’re a brand, a bride, a party planner or a parent, looking at a venue and knowing you have to somehow make it ‘yours’ can be incredibly daunting. Flowers are renowned for being expensive in large quantities, whereas it doesn’t take many balloons to transform a space. Fitting with any colour theme, our balloons have an easy way of making people feel like they’re somewhere special and they’re ready to party!” enthuses Ellen.

Berlin Bubblegum Balloon

Bubblegum Buildings

Eaton Square Bubblegum Balloons

Bubblegum Balloons Garden Pool Party

Coworth Park Bubblegum Balloon Bath

Westfield Bubblegum Balloons

Bubblegum Balloons have a solid reputation for being the industry’s leading provider of the coolest balloons around and it’s easy to see why; not only does their Instagram make you want to throw a party just so you can have ALL THE BALLOONS, but their work ethic ticks all the boxes too.  

“We never say no! That’s the backbone of the business and it stretches us to make sure we’re doing the most creative, inspiring and unique jobs possible - and we wouldn’t have it any other way” Ellen smiles.

“We’re also available 24/7 – almost! And we never walk away until everything is perfect”

And so, with the wedding and summer party season finally within reaching distance (hurrah!) I wonder what the Bubblegum girls have got up their sleeves for stylish hosts and hostesses everywhere this SS18… 

“Lights are beginning to play a huge part in everything we do - from ensuring the balloons are lit perfectly, to having lights actually inside the balloons. Space travel and discovery is becoming such a day-to-day part of our lives that it’s impacting everything we do – hence why you can now buy a meteor shower for your party in Japan, if you have a spare $300 million! Thankfully our LED balloons are a lot more reasonable!” Ellen laughs.  

“And, like everyone else, we’re ready to be outside all summer! So much so that we’ve created a new Tropical range which will transform any garden, marquee, BBQ, conservatory or kitchen!”

Tropical Balloons Bubblegum

Tropical Crazy Bunch

And aside from all that, Bubblegum Balloons are also on a mission to make everyone a balloon ninja. Yes – even you and me. As well as via their own website their products are now being stocked in Paperchase nationwide, meaning that everyone now has the opportunity to create a Bubblegum Balloon Cloud, Wedding Installation or Party Pack of their own at home.

Tropical Balloon Bunting

Tropical Giant Confetti

Bubblegum Garlands

“We’re on a mission to bring balloons to everyone!” enthuses Ellen.

And with their fifth birthday this month, how will Bubblegum Balloons be celebrating? Well with bubbles of course.

“We’re planning a big party, Bubblegum-style!” Ellen grins. “So lots and lots of balloons and lots of bubbly – our two favourite things!”


  • Time - Give yourself enough time to perfect everything, there’s nothing worse than spotting something isn’t 100% right mid-party
  • Pick a colour - theme and stick to it!
  • Work with your space - Giant balloons may be impressive, but sometimes a balloon garland or simple bunch of balloons can go a lot further.
  • Don’t be afraid of the balloons! - They can be twisted, squished, blown up bigger than you’d ever imagine and still won’t pop. 
  • Have fun - If you enjoy the decorations and put some thought into it, you can be sure your guests will notice and appreciate the work.

For more information and contact details for Bubblegum Balloons visit their page in TOAST’s Little Black Book.  

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