Creating Beautiful Christmas Cookies With Luxury London Bakery Sweet Elements

TOAST chats to Faye Palmqvist, founder of luxury London bakery Sweet Element, to get her top tips on how to make, bake and decorate her delicious Sugar Cookies this Christmas!

Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked cookies wafting through your home, especially at Christmas! And nothing beats the thoughtfulness of a homemade gift either. Here TOAST meets expert baker Faye Palmqvist and owner of luxury London bakery Sweet Elements to get her top tips and an exclusive step-by-step guide on how to make, bake and decorate her delicious Sugar Cookies this Christmas, as well as her thoughts on cake trends for next year.

In a story worthy of a heart-warming Christmas film, Faye Palmqvist spent over a decade working in marketing in the city before bravely packing it all in and heading off in pursuit of happiness. Faye’s first stop was Le Cordon Blue in London; the most prestigious and established culinary education provider in the world. There she trained as a pastry chef, and wasn’t long until she found herself in the kitchens of none other than The Savoy...

“It was a real eye-opener for me” explains Faye.

“And it dawned on me that one of the reasons I had left marketing was that I wanted to work for myself! So I made the decision and took the plunge and started my own dessert catering company”

In 2015 Faye launched Sweet Elements; a bespoke cake and dessert catering company based in Fulham, West London, specialising in stunning wedding cakes and gorgeous cakes for all other occasions, beautifully decorated cookies (more on those below…) and classic French patisserie.

“My inspirations come from so many different places, I follow cake trends not only locally but internationally, fashion, designs, colour, nature and so many more” she explains.

Sweet Elements Cake

Sweet Elements Choc Cake

“The drip cake has been a huge trend not only here in the UK, but also around the world. Also naked cakes have been big recently, and the use of fresh flowers. Next year I think we will be seeing more drip cakes, more chocolate work incorporated into the designs, minimalistic designs, as well as more buttercream decorated cakes!”

Sweet Elements Cakes

Sweet Elements Pie

Sweet Elements Cupcake

Sounds delicious, but before we jump ahead to next year there is the small matter of Christmas to deal with first. From Sweet Elements HQ Faye can whip up all manner of festive masterpieces for your Christmas celebrations, from her stylish lilac and snowflake covered Winter Whimsical Cake, to her very merry Christmas Cake complete with Father Christmas himself sat proudly on top. But if you’d like to have a go at creating some of Faye’s beautiful Christmas cookies yourself and filling your home with the mouth watering smell of freshly baked treats, well then I have some good news for you…

Sweet Elements Christmas Cake

Here expert baker Faye gives TOAST her top tips and an exclusive step-by-step guide on how to make, bake, decorate and present her delicious Sugar Cookies this Christmas; they make completely gorgeous gifts and are also wonderful for serving up to any lucky visitors that you might have over the festive season…


What is the basic kit that we’ll need to make your wonderful cookies at home?

The great thing about making sugar cookies at Christmas is that you don’t have to be a pastry chef or have any fancy ingredients to hand to create them! All you will need is plain flour, sugar, eggs, butter and vanilla extract, royal icing, food colouring, either a stand mixer or a handheld mixer, a rolling pin, piping bags and piping nozzles, cookie cutters and your oven!

Sweet Elements Equipment

Sweet Elements Icing Bags

Sweet Elements Cookie Dough

Presentation always makes such a big difference...what would you recommend using to make our cookies look fabulous this Christmas when our guests come over?

Invest in a few different shaped cookie cutters. I definitely recommend decorating your cookies with royal icing in festive colours such as red, white, green, and gold.

Sweet Elements Biscuits


We love Meri Meri’s range of cute Christmas cookie cutters (from at £8.25) or Lakeland’s Edible Wreath cookie cutters (£8.99), which can help create a beautiful table centerpiece. Postbox Party’s Christmas Woodland cookie cutters (£8.25) are also great, but make cookies that are almost too cute to eat!


Cookie Cutters

What drinks go well with the cookies?

If you will be serving your cookies at teatime, I would definitely recommend a good cup of tea even a flavoured tea would go nicely. If the cookies are served during an evening party definitely mulled wine or some bubbles!

How many cookies would you calculate per person if you’ve got a crowd coming over? How can we be sure we have enough?

It depends on how large your cookie cutters if they are over 3 inches high I would say one per person, if they are small cookies two per person should suffice.

Are there any top tips for creating cookies on a large scale, for a crowd?

I would definitely make a few batches. One batch can make about 24 cookies, but it you’re catering for more than that amount double the recipe. You can make the cookies in advance and then freeze them unbaked. I usually make a lot of cookies then place them into Tupperware and layer it with parchment paper so the cookies don’t stick to each other. When I need to bake the cookies I just take them straight out of the freezer and bake them immediately.

Any tips for packaging the cookies if we want to give them away as Christmas gifts?

I generally pack my cookies in clear sweet bags or craft bags and then tie them up with pretty ribbon that matches the colour of my decorated cookies. 

Sweet Elements Biscuits Finished

For more on Sweet Elements you can find their page in TOAST’s Little Black Book.

For further inspiration and gorgeous recipes, check out TheEDIT where you can find Faye's recipe for her magical Sugar Cookies!


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