Polar Black Events' Tips For Stress-Free Entertaining

Louisa Preskett Mobbs shares her top tips for stress free festive entertaining!

If you’re planning a dinner party or any other seasonal soirée this year, then don’t miss Polar Black Events founder Louisa Preskett Mobbs' expert tips on stress-free festive entertaining at home this year – a must read for all hosts!

Polar Black Events' Top Tips For Festive Entertaining 

Velvet And Jewel Tones Are In

Velvet is huge again this year and rich, beautiful jewel tones. If you look at some of the large fashion brands or interiors from this year, it’s been heavy on pattern and vibrancy. There is nothing minimal about 2017. It’s clashing colours and prints in a way that is beautiful!

Candles Set The Mood

I love the warm glow that comes with Christmas, so I use lots of candles when I entertain. That warm, low light makes everyone feel comfortable so put candles in the living room, lanterns in the garden and beautiful, tall tapered candles in rich colours along the table mixed with low tea lights. I love Anthropologie for décor - they make quirky designs that add interest to a table and are decently priced. I never go too 'themey', I just use the things I love.

Avoid Tall Flowers And Wide Tables

I keep flowers simple and always low on a dining table so you can see the person opposite. I like using a mix of small vases in glass or bronze and putting just a few beautiful flowers in each. I also avoid wide tables - ideally you want a long table where you can talk to about 5 people at any one time. 

Pre-Prepare The Food

I'm a pretty terrible cook! But I love food. So if I'm cooking I will always do something I have prepared earlier, coq au vin or a large salmon, I'm not big on fussy foods at home where the host is stuck in kitchen and stressed. I like being able to have a glass of wine with friends. 

Individuality Is Important

I am a sucker for beautiful individual things for each person. Vintage champagne glasses from a local antiques market (I place a different one at each setting) or quirky napkin holders I've picked up in markets when I've been on holiday. They add some individuality to the night. 

Pre-Prep The House

Prep is key. As basic as it sounds, lay the table the night before. Including candles and flowers on your table. I can never get over how long it takes to do those little details.

Pre-plan Your Outfit

Plan your outfit the night before… I have been caught out so many times prepping the house/ laying the table and cooking and someone turns up and I’m in gravy splattered jeans…!

Good Music

Finally, don’t forget a great play list!

If you’d like to work with Polar Black then you can find more information on their page in TOAST’s Little Black Book.

For more top tips and inspiration for your seasonal soirées this year, head over to TheEDIT where you can find our latest Spotlight interview with founder of Black Polar Events,  Louisa Preskett Mobbs. 

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