A Hansel and Gretel Christmas Party

How To Create a Hansel and Gretel Christmas Party by Cranberry Blue

Luxury event planners Cranberry Blue design, plan, and produce exceptional and bespoke events across the UK and internationally – here they share their inspiration for throwing a magical Hansel & Gretel party this Christmas.

Just to give you an idea of Cranberry’s Blue’s creativity – founder and director Melanie Helen tells us that for a recent wedding they did at London’s iconic Claridge’s, they completely transformed the reception space into an English country park, complete with real grass turf, a giant 10ft tree covered in flowers, park railings and the smell of freshly cut grass and the sound of birdsong. Talk about wow factor…

Christmas is of course the season for celebrating, and so we are absolutely delighted that Cranberry Blue has shared their inspiration for a Hansel and Gretel Christmas party with TOAST.

When we started looking at Christmas design ideas we really wanted to look outside the box and come up with something a bit different to the norm, and the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel evokes thoughts of Christmas in more ways than you might initially imagine” explains Cranberry Blue founder and director Melanie.

German Christmas markets come to mind when reminded of this tale’s origin - the evil witches house made entirely of cake and confectionery awakens our seasonal sweet tooth, the jewels that Hansel and Gretel use to make their fortune represent those special Christmas gifts, with a family reunion and a warm feeling of love concluding the story. I personally love the slightly dark edge that the traditional fairy tales have and once I started working into the design the ideas kept coming!” she enthuses

So if you’re looking for something a bit different this year then look no further, this certainly isn’t the usual ‘Winter Wonderland’ you might expect, this is Christmas with a twist….”

How To Plan A Hansel & Gretel Party With Cranberry Blue

Hansle Gretal Christmas Moodboard

Create A Spectacular Entrance 

Having a fabulous and enchanting entrance for the guests to arrive through and make their way to dinner would really set the tone for the evening. Forest-like archways and candlelight will lead the way with a trail of white pebbles to hint at the fairy tale. Woodland sounds such as eerie birds and crunching leaves are in the background while the subtle smell of wood smoke would all help to add to the experience.

A Magical Feast

Dinner should be a magical feast taking on a glamorous woodland vibe with masses of candles, a hanging gold or bronze branch and leaf installation could be suspended from the ceiling to add impact, and we’d love to incorporate whimsical touches such as gold dipped feathers representing the swan in the story.

Hansel Gretal Styling Cnraberry Blue

Decedant Desserts

What we all remember most about the fairy tale though is the house that was made of cake and sweets. Use this as inspiration for an incredible dessert room which can be revealed only when the time comes. Our imagination ran riot when compiling initial ideas for this room but we’d suggest making the area really fun so everyone could embrace and remember their childhood.

Hansel Gretal Dessert Room Styling

Hansel Gretal Cranberry Blue

Once Upon a Time 

The fairy tale is a mix of good and evil. Whilst the evil step-mother and the cannibal witch that lives in the confectionery house play a key role in the story, a beautiful white swan leads them back home to their father. The possibilities for entertainment are also endless – from live actors in place to help tell the fairy tale, to ballet dancers or even giving guests the opportunity to decorate their own ginger bread house to take home with them.

Image credits

Top image board: RED Valentino Hansel & Gretel Fall 2013 Collection; The Brothers Grimm, Illustrator: Kay Nielsen; gold twigs – weheartit.com; hanging woodland event – as seen on Pinterest, photographer & event planners unknown; model – Leila Hafzi Sustainable Bridal Collection;  fairylight canopy – as seen on Foursquare; candy – Niklas Alm Still Life Photography; ballet – Scottish Ballet

Entrance & reception styling boards: Christmas setting – as seen on Pottery Barn; hanging branch decor – as seen on Bridal Guide; gold dipped feathers – as seen on Pinterest; hanging tealights – as seen on Travelshop; woodland walkway – Colin Cowie; room shot – as seen on Pinterest; dome – from Etsy; room decor – David Tutera

Dessert room styling board 1: Weeping Window installation St George’s Hall Liverpool; sweet land – foodscape by Carl Warner as seen in The Telegraph; silhouettes – as seen on Pinterest; picture frames – Eugenia Loli; sweet chandelier – as seen on Pinterest.

Dessert room styling board 2: Swan – Preston Bailey; hanging lollipops – as seen on Pinterest; cocktail – as seen on Pinterest; meringues – BBC Good Food; gingerbread cakes – Stocksy United; clear lollipops – Wedding Bells Magazine.

Find Out More About Cranberry Blue...

For more from Cranberry Blue you can find TOAST’s recent Spotlight interview with founder and director Melanie Helen over on TheEdit now. If you would like to work with Cranberry Blue you can find more information on their page in TOAST’s Little Black Book. 

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