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How to create a magical winter wonderland with Twilight Trees

With the days getting darker and winter on its way what could be better than having twinkling trees, illuminated palms and beautiful, blooming blossoms at home? TOAST chats to founder of Twilight Trees Susie Reid Thomas to hear more about her specialist faux arboreal lighting and flora, and to get her top tips on how to create a magical winter wonderland when entertaining this year.

When celebrating, it’s like escaping; escaping the worries of the world and enjoying being in the moment with friends and family, and so creating beautiful surroundings in which to escape makes for a truly memorable event. Twilight Trees have been providing their iconic and vibrant sculptured LED trees and faux florals to hundreds of homes, gardens, weddings and events since 2014, and the effect is truly magical.

The trees have hundreds of LEDs and they just draw you in. They are totally mesmerising, like when you’re drawn in to a log fire. Light feeds the emotions with warmth and happiness; the trees make people smile and it’s remarkable how many people tell us that” explains Twilight Trees founder Susie Reid Thomas.

Our autumnal trees are working hard at the moment; they look fantastic placed upon gold mirror plinths to reflect the lights and simply dressed with moss at the base. They create a wonderfully soft warm and rustic glow that I just love!”

Twilight Trees

Before founding Twilight Trees, Susie graduated from Central St. Martins in 2000 before running a successful boutique PR company in London called Silver Thread Communications. After the birth of her second son Susie and her husband decided to up sticks and escape to the country (Hampshire, to be precise). Susie’s new found freedom meant that she could reconnect with her love for design; she set up a workshop and began creating sculptures from cow horns which she then sold to art galleries and interior design shops, before a chance encounter on the other side of the world led her to her twinkling trees…

Twilight Trees was a moment of brilliant madness and a huge stroke of luck! I was in Hong Kong when I stumbled across the LED Cherry Trees and completely fell in love with them. I had been looking for something sculptural to place in our courtyard but these trees also served a purpose by creating light and I just had to have one!” Susie enthuses.

Gut instinct told me that there might just be a market for them back in the UK and that was it – I was a woman on a mission!

Requests from friends and family came flooding in and so in 2014 Susie founded Twilight Trees, and the business has gone from strength to strength. Nearly 4 years later, Twilight Trees are the go-to brand for specialist faux arboreal lighting and flora, and have been centre stage at some of the most prestigious events and venues throughout the UK and beyond.

Our rental work varies enormously, from small cozy family parties and intimate weddings to large corporate events at amazing venues such as the V&A, Natural History Museum, Burlington Arcade and the Royal Palaces. They’ve been on film sets and fashion shows, used for alpine weddings and even Mediterranean party destinations!” Susie explains

I still get nervous before we set up the trees at these grand venues but once in place and styled I always feel very proud of them and the atmosphere they create. It gives me a genuine buzz!” she adds

Joanna Lumley draping herself around one of our green maples and telling us how simply fabulous they are has been a personal highlight for me – I adore her!”

Twiligh Trees

Twilight Trees Garden Bride

Whether you’re looking to add some elegant sparkle around the dance floor, create twilight illumination on the terrace, draw eyes to your dessert table or adorn the aisle with delicate blossoms on your wedding day the choice of glittering Twilight Trees is vast, and after just a quick peruse on their website I am already desperate to own one. These sparkling and vibrant LED trees have a life-like quality that creates a unique and unforgettable effect; choose from twinkling cherry trees, magical maples or Susie’s ‘new love’ – LED palm trees, the latest addition to her twinkling troupe. All variations come in various sizes ranging from life-size to tabletop, and can be either hired or bought.

The Green Maples are fantastic for garden parties, White Maples at Christmas and the blossoms in pink and white are stunning for weddings!” enthuses Susie.

We work very closely with individual clients, event companies, lighting designers and florists to create a concept that is unique to each customer - we play with scale, lighting and dressing the bases to make each event individual and to fit with a theme or venue. Every space and every client is different- understanding that is the first step. We pride ourselves in being the experts on our trees and know what works best in certain spaces and consider any restrictions” she explains

Our trees have been used in a manner of ways which keeps the business fun, exciting and challenging… we had one roof top installation on a sloping roof!”

Twilight Trees have a dedicated team of craftsmen and women in Asia and Europe who they work very closely with, especially when creating a new tree. Susie explains that she is very particular about the quality of their trees, and it shows.

I like to make sure that they are designed to the highest quality and finish. Our tree trunks for example are handcrafted from resin and then painted by hand to give a unique and lifelike quality. It is incredible what people can create, and I am often blown away by the attention to detail

Burlington Arcade Twilight Trees

As well as Susie’s illuminated creations, there’s also the softer but still completely show-stopping ‘Trees in Bloom’ – fabulous faux florals such as sweeping wisteria trees and blooming blossoms, handcrafted to the highest standard using real wood, hand painted resin bark and stunning silk blooms. Designed for daytime, they are quite simply breath-taking in both their scale and uniqueness. There’s also a very on-trend faux living wall, too.

The ‘Trees in Bloom’ are such a romantic look and it’s fantastic to be able to offer a floral look without the restrictions of seasonality or the expense of real flowers. We still tend to uplight these trees at night to give them even more of a wow factor” explains Susie.

With so much choice it would be hard to choose your desired tree, from the giant wisteria with wow factor to the gorgeous Japanese pink blossoms, they are just all so gorgeous and setting them up is easy too. Easy because Susie and her expert team deliver, set up and collect the trees themseles, so all you have to do is enjoy them. There is no minimum order, so you can have just one or a whole woodland if you wish

Twilight Trees At Home

These trees do get better for every one you add…we absolutely love it when we see a whole forest of our trees, all in different sizes surrounding a spectacular event. We offer warm white lighting as standard as it gives a soft glow and sets an unique atmosphere, there’s nothing garish about them and the more you have, the better they look” Susie explains

I make sure that all our lights are complimentary in colour so that all our trees work well together. Clashing lights are not a good look!”

So after a busy season of summer events, the party season is about the well and truly kick off for Susie and her team and as you can imagine, Twilight Trees are in hot demand for a varierty of festive occasions as they create a magical winter wonderland instantly, wherever they go.

Christmas is rolling to us at a rate of knots! Our trees will again be at Burlington Arcade for the third year running for their Christmas decorations. This is always such a privilege to do. It is such an iconic venue and the trees create such a sophisticated yet vibrant atmosphere. The finished result is so wow you will see hundreds of Instagram pictures in the coming months!” Susie explains excitedly.

It’s a very busy time. I have lists upon lists upon lists and am often pulled in so many directions that I have to remind myself to sit down, take stock and to breathe! I love being busy though; I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

On that note I feel I had better let Susie go and get back to her to-do list, but before we part ways I ask her - if the phone was to ring tomorrow with her dream project, what would it be? She grins and doesn’t need long to answer.

Hi this is Meghan Markle, I’m ringing about some trees for my wedding…”

For more information on hire prices for Twilight Trees, check out their profile in our Little Black Book or head over to TheEDIT to read Susie's Top Tips on How To Create A Winter Wonderland at Home. 

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