The Best Craft Beer Deliveries

It’s beer o’clock! TOAST’s pick of the best craft beer deliveries

As the craft beer craze sweeping the UK shows no sign of stopping, TOAST takes a look at some of the best beer delivery services out there so that you can enjoy the most happening hops this summer.

Despite the UK’s long-standing love for beer and it’s many historic breweries, the craft brewing movement in fact began, as many trends do, in the States. Craft beer is defined as a beer made in a traditional or non-mechanized way by a small brewery and research has shown that the number of UK breweries rose by 8% to around 1,700 in 2016 alone - that’s more per head than anywhere else in the world.

Once it was a straightforward selection of either ‘lager’ or ‘ale’ – now there is a mind-boggling array of pale ales, pilsners, porters, stouts and more to choose from. The packaging has picked up the pace too – most craft lagers come with well-designed labels and pleasing graphics, packed up in neat bottles or swishy, small, matt-effect cans. This – plus the tasty contents and the fact that someone has really worked hard to create the delicious tipple that awaits inside – makes craft beer the only choice when serving up the hoppy stuff at home this summer.

During the warmer months nothing quite hits the spot like a chilled craft beer; it’s mostly water, fairly low in alcohol and it is, in my humble opinion, absolutely delicious. But all too frequently have I been underprepared and nipped in to my local supermarket before my guests arrive, only to find uninteresting, big name lager brands. Well not any more – thanks to an exciting and ever-growing selection of handy craft beer delivery services here to ensure that your fridge is forever stocked with an interesting a tasty choice of top craft beers for you to enjoy alone, or share with friends if you’re feeling generous. Here are TOAST’s pick of the best. Cheers! 


The one with the magazine and snacks

Based in Edinburgh, Beer52’s craft beer discovery club is one of the original craft beer subscription services, specialising in hand selected, small-batch brews delivered to your door. Choose between an 8 or a 10 pack, what sort of beers you like (or you can opt for ‘mixed and surprising’) and Beer 52 will take care of the rest. Each box also includes a surprise snack and a brilliant beery magazine called Ferment – so you’ll be an expert in no time.

Beer 52

Subscription from £24/month, take a look at Beer 52 in our Little Black Book

The one with loads of options

Get a subscription with Honest Brew and they will send you 12 different craft beers each month, hand-picked from hundreds of unique independent breweries. Alternatively, if you don’t want to subscribe then head to their bottleshop where you can choose from a brilliant array of single bottles and mixed cases ranging from The Dutch Case and The London Craft Beer Festival Case, to the 24 beer Party Box and the sampler box which makes the perfect introduction to craft beer, Honest Brew have a wide vareity. We also love their ‘Howlers’ – a well-designed tube containing 3 cans of delicious craft beer.

Honest Brew

Honest Brew subscriptions start at £35.90/month, mixed cases from £20.90, Howlers from £7.50 see more information in our Little Black Book

The one with over 900 beers from around the world

Beer Hawk have flown like a, well, hawk, across the globe using what they describe as their ‘beery tastebuds’ to hunt out the very best speciality bottled beers, and that is why their impressive online beer store is packed with more than 800 delicious brews, from Belgian beers to American beers and UK real ales. Yes there are plenty of craft beers to choose from, as well as a beer club subscription that is curated by head brewers, home brew kits, glasses, beer books, beer gifts and even entire kegs to choose from – a true beer emporium. A fun choice when entertaining is one of their cost-effective mystery cases, containing 15 surprise beers to discover with friends.

Beer Hawk

Beer Hawk starts at £28.99/month, mixed cases at £24.99, surprise case £25 (worth up to £60) see more here


The one that sells spirits too

Craft beer and a whisky chaser? Yes please. Join Flavourly’s Craft Beer Discovery Club and each month they will send you 10 tasty, small batch craft beers, as well as a copy of the Flavourly magazine featuring tasting notes for the beers in your box, articles all the about the breweries, delicious recipes and more, and all in a really swish-looking box. Whilst you’re perusing the website you can also pick up craft beers by the bottle and some super spirits too, from interesting gins and rare rums to intriguing whiskys and tempting tequilas. A perfect party pit stop.


Craft Beer Discovery Club starts at £25/month, individual beers start at £1.45 each, spirits at £2.95 each.


The one that’s all about British beer

The Best of British Beer was created by husband and wife team Will and Gill Sherwin in 2011 with one simple aim in mind – to help wave the flag for this country's finest independent producers of quality beers. Now they have over 250 brewery partners from Orkney to South Cornwall, and pretty much everywhere in between. They have a vast online shop as well as a monthly beer club – if you’re really thirsty then why not opt for their ‘Beer for a Year’ – that’s 12 bottles of beer from Britain's finest microbreweries shipped to you 4 times a year, so you can time the deliveries with occasions such as parties, birthdays, or simply just because! Their ‘Yard of Ale’ makes a really great gift too.

Best Of British Collection 

The Best of British Beer Club starts at £24, Beer for a Year £155, a Yard of Ale £24.50. 


The one where you get one beer a week

So with most booze subscriptions you get a lovely box of beer once a month to unpack and enjoy at your leisure, but BeerBods do things slightly differently. Sign up and they’ll send you 12 beers every 12 weeks, but all of their subscribers are encouraged to drink the same beer (just one), at a live online tasting session every Thursday evening. Before the taster the BeerBods will send you the story behind that week’s beer (because they believe that beer tastes better when you know a bit more about it) and then you can have a taste and share your thoughts online with their large online community. A brilliant beer-tasting club.

Beerbods Pack

Beer Bods start from £36 every 12 weeks (£3 per week).


The one that comes with music

What goes well with beer? Music – that’s what. So the clever chaps at Hurd have combined the two and are ready to deliver them to you door! Each month you will receive a curated box of new music and delicious craft brews; all of their vinyl is limited edition and pressed exclusively for Hurd members from the best new indie artists, and you’ll get their ‘Record of the Month’ 7″ Single, their trendy in-house magazine, other unique merchandise and four killer craft brews from independent producers from around the UK and Europe. A unique and enjoyable way of discovering both new beer and new music every month

HurdHurd subscriptions start from  £23.99/month.


The one that only does beer from the Big Smoke

Yes, there are thousands of fantastic craft breweries all over the UK, but Craft Metropolis is a beer subscription service that specialises in craft beers from London’s very best micro breweries only, from Hackney to Herne Hill, Balham to Brixton, and beyond! You can pick your very own selection each month or if you’re feeling adventurous then Craft Metropolis can pick for you. Become a regular subscriber and you’ll be entitled to exclusive member discounts and give-aways too - it’s a win-win.

Craft Metropolis

Craft Metropolis Subscription Starts From £34.50/month.


The one for cider lovers

Ok so this one’s for cider lovers because the Crafty Nectar won’t send you any beer at all – they will only send you the very best craft cider and perry from the UK’s finest cidermakers. You won't find any dull mainstream ciders in their boxes, oh no - Crafty Nectar are all about the juice content and quality (they have a no concentrates or artificial flavourings rule) and so they scour the UK to find the most exciting and delicious brands of cider out there. As well as their craft cider subscription service they also sell one-off mixed cases too. It’s a great way to enjoy a chilled tasty cider this summer, safe in the knowledge that you supporting small producers too. Hurrah!

Crafty Nectar 

Crafty Nectar Cider subscription starts from £27/month, mixed cases from £28.50.

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