Fantastic Plastic and Shatterproof Sophistication

TOAST’s pick of the best outdoor glassware

Whether you’re entertaining in the garden, picnicking in the park or celebrating with friends at an outdoor event – suitable drinking accessories are a must! Here TOAST takes a look at the very best in shatterproof sophistication and fantastic plastic, perfect for carefree al fresco fun this summer.

A fruity pint of Pimms, a bottle of chilled rosé or perhaps an ice cold craft beer; whatever quenches your thirst this summer, it’s important that you’ve got something that is both stylish and practical to drink it from.

Using glass outdoors can be a nightmare – it’s tricky to safely pack when you’re off to an outdoor event, precious glasses that form a matching set can easily get left behind, and if one were to smash with bare feet around it can of course be disastrous. The solution is of course to ditch the glass and pack plastic; not only is this the safer option but also the most convenient – who wants to spend hours washing up dozens of glasses after a gorgeous garden party anyway?

Any preconceptions about plastic glasses and paper cups being a bit naff can be left at the patio door - here are TOAST’s Pick of The Best for stylish al fresco entertaining this year.

TOAST'S Pick of The Best - Shatterproof Sophistication  

Premium Plastic 

Whether you are poolside, patio or picnic – Govino’s premium plastic glasses are to outdoor events what Riedel is to restaurants: the best possible choice for serving wine (and cocktails). Designed in the USA and made from a reusable, recyclable, eco-friendly polymer, their stem less glasses and decanters look stunning and are a delight to drink from. Available in red wine, white wine, champagne flutes and decanters, they will never break and can be reused time after time. Each ‘glass’ also features a unique ergonomic thumb-notch which makes wine swirling easy, and makes the glass comfortable to hold. Plus – they can go in the dishwasher!

Govino Collection

Govino collection starts from £14.95 for 4,  from www.wineware.co.uk

Paper Perfection

All round party supply geniuses Meri Meri have a staggering choice of gorgeous paper cups and quite frankly we don’t know which ones we’d choose. Yes, they have great options for children’s parties but they also have a fantastic choice of more grown up, on-trend prints and stylish colourways that would look fab at any picnic or garden party you might be hosting this summer. Their Liberty prints are timelessly fashionable and feminine, whilst their marble prints, in neon, mint green and blue, are super cool and sophisticated. Wine, cocktails and soft drinks all work well and – no washing up!

Meri Meri 

Meri Meri's paper cup collections start from £4.50 for 8, buy direct from www.shopmerimeri.co.uk 

Bold Patterns

If you want to add some gorgeous patterns to your outdoor proceedings then head to Marks and Spencers. Their fabulously floral Frida Plastic Wine Glass features a bold and beautiful print inspired by the folk art feel of Frida Kahlo's work, and the same print has been applied to beakers, trays bowls, plates, jugs and a really fun plastic drinks dispenser too. For something more contemporary – their Pineapple embossed wine glasses and picnic tumblers are totally on trend and perfect for livening up any outdoor dining experience, and for a splash of sophistication, their elegant Cut Glass Effect Wine Glasses are almost as good as the real thing.


M&S wine glasses all £3.50 each and available from www.marksandspencer.com 

Time For Tea

If your al fresco celebration is more of a tee total affair then nothing quite hits the spot like, well, a cup of tea! But the mere thought of precious bone china and vintage cups and saucers getting smashed outside is enough to make anyone anxious, so why not use Truly Scrumptious’ gorgeous paper versions instead? Each paper cup (complete with card saucer and clever little fold-out handle) has a vintage-style design and features a pretty floral pattern with subtle gold accents on a mint green background, meaning that they are just as pretty as their china counterparts. They also come in a colourful and quirky Alice in Wonderland print too.

Truly Scrump 

Truly Scrumptious cups start from £6.99 for 12, and available from www.talkingtables.co.uk 

Glamourous (Non) Glass

If you fancy the glamour of a glass but don't want the breakages, The Contemporary Home has the solution. First and foremost – these super clear plastic glasses look just as sophisticated as the real thing, but to make matters even more stylish they come in three gorgeous colourways (pale pink, aqua and clear), three styles (champagne flutes, tumblers and wine glasses) and each one has a contemporary metallic rim and base. Perfect for a glitzy garden party or stylish glamping trip.

Contemporary Home 

The Contemporary Home Collection starts from £6.50 for 6, see their website for details www.tch.net

Juicy Jars 

So the craze of serving tasty tipples in jars is far from over and the creative geniuses at All Things Brighton Beautiful have sourced a plastic version that is perfect for festival fun, BBQs and stylish picnics too. These plastic jam jar glasses are made of high quality reinforced plastic meaning they are child (and tipsy adult)-friendly, they wont smash or spill, and they can be used time and time again. Each one comes with a silver screw-top lid, a black and a white striped straw and can hold up to 500ml of liquid, making them perfect for cocktails stuffed with ice and fresh herbs (mojito anyone?), and they make a great vessel for a tasty Pimm’s too!

Plastic Jam Jar Glass With Straw

All Things Brighton Beautiful Jars are £2.45 each, available from www.allthingsbrightonbeautiful.co.uk

Mixed Messages 

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a hen do, or you simply want your guests to ‘drink up’ – then Ginger Ray have a cup for you. Their selection of fun but sophisticated paper cups feature all manner of messages – from an understated ‘Happy Birthday’, to a stylish metallic rose gold ‘Team Bride’ option. There’s also a gorgeous blue ombre ‘Hooray’ which is perfect for any celebratory do. A lot of their cups can be mixed and matched if you want to have a few different messages floating around and some come with matching decorations too. 

Ginger RayGinger Ray's collection starts from £2.39 for 8, see their website for details www.gingerray.co.uk

Italian Style

As we learnt in our recent Spotlight with Italian food experts Nife is Life, Italians are all about entertaining and eating together, preferably al fresco. So it will come as no surprise that Italian tableware designers Guzzini have created a show-stopping range of acrylic glassware that oozes Italian style. Guzzini actually worked with master-glassmakers to design their new ‘Venice’ collection and the results are gorgeous – chunky tumblers, bowls, jugs and espresso cups made from an innovative synthetic material that shines and has the transparency of crystal itself. A real al fresco investment. Magnifico!

Guzzini Collection

Guzzini's small tumblers start at £11 each, www.fratelliguzzini.com

Ice Ice Baby

Looking for something to really impress your guests this summer? Well say goodbye to warm rosé and say hello to Host’s FREEZE Cooling Wine Cups! Just pop them in the freezer and when your guests arrive you can pour and enjoy perfectly chilled wine, so there’s no need to pre-plan or pre-chill your wine or tipple of choice beforehand. Inside each glass’ BPA free acrylic walls lies a special cooling gel designed to provide the perfect temperature for hours (at least 2, in case you were wondering). Each glass is also wrapped in an insulated and stylish silicone band so that it’s comfortable to hold and your guests don’t get icy fingers, just an icy cold cocktail instead! These genius glasses are also resalable and dishwasher safe.

Host Collection 

The Host Freeze Cooling Wine Cups are £24.99 for 2, available from www.ocado.com

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