The Importance of A Thank You Note

The Importance of a thank you note with bespoke stationers Fraser & Parsley

If you were lucky enough to receive a few lovely gifts this Christmas then you might be starting to think about writing your thank you notes….in today’s digital age, TOAST talks to bespoke stationers Fraser & Parsley about the timeless importance of a hand-written thank you, and get their top tips on how to write the very best note.

Escapism for some comes in the form of a holiday, a long hot bath or a day of pampering at a spa, perhaps. But not for Rachel Fraser and Josie Parsley, oh no. Theirs comes in the form of their beautifully bespoke stationery business, Fraser & Parsley.

We started Fraser & Parsley as an escape mechanism for some challenging family situations. We wanted it to be a pretty, clean and nappy-free place to slip off to! laughs Josie.

And when Josie mentions nappies, she really means it, because with 5 children between them, the talented Fraser & Parsley twosome has a lot on their hands.

We squeeze it all in during school term time,” Josie explains. 

“We’ve learnt to schedule our planning/production around school holidays and we both work from home so can utilise every spare moment, fuelled by enthusiasm and endless cups of tea!”

Founded in 2008, Fraser & Parsley craft bespoke personalised stationery from their printing studio in rural Kent, where daily life is truly is a matter of teamwork. Rachel is in responsible of all printing and dispatch, legal and accounts (“God bless her!” – adds Josie) whilst Josie looks after social media, PR, newsletters and new product development.

Their approach to stationery style is clean lines, timeless typography, fine paper and beautiful illustrations, and the result is a selection of incredibly stylish products which include all manner of correspondence; from birth announcements to wedding invitations, change of address to the all important thank you note. All of their stationery can be personalised with your choice of charming illustration, colour, type and text.

Thank You Notes Fraser And Parsley

Fraser And Parsley Thank You

Fraser & Parsley was inspired by our mutual adoration of classic, beautifully designed stationery. Our inspiration now comes from our lives in the countryside, our time living in America (both of us have had stints living stateside) and our love of classical design.” explains Josie.

Their lovely range also includes stylish art prints, beautiful ribbons and tape, chic personalised phone covers and genius self-inking address stamps, ideal for saving you lots of time when writing all those thank you notes after Christmas. And it does take time; in this digital age sending an email to say ‘thank you’ is far more convenient for most, but does it mean as much? Will a ‘beep beep’ and quick text suffice, instead of the pleasure of opening a thoughtful, beautiful handwritten note that has been slipped through the letterbox?

Everyone loves to receive a letter in the post, it’s still so magical. ” says Rachel.

We want to share that joy of traditional and thoughtful, hand-written correspondenceAnd sending a written note really shows you care!” adds Josie.

Having taken more time and effort, it shows that you truly appreciate your gift, or dinner or whatever it is your are saying thank you for. I just celebrated my 40th birthday and have spent the last few days writing thank yous! Even a simple ‘thank you for being my friend’ card can just be so lovely!

So before you sit down to write your notes of thanks after Christmas this year, here are Josie and Rachel’s expert tips for doing so like a pro.

Fraser And Parsley Designs

Fraser And Parsley Stationery Designs

Fraser And Parsley Stationery

Fraser & Parsley's Top Tips for Writing the Perfect Thank You Note 

  • Timing - Ideally write your thank you notes ASAP however, being practical we think there is a two week grace period!

  • Pick The Right Pen - Always use your favourite pen and make sure it writes properly on the paper, often a fountain pen doesn’t work on many different kinds of paper.

  • Handwritten Is Best - and hand address the envelope, don’t print it! (If you struggle use the nifty Little Lettermate to help keep you lines straight!)

  • Remember The Details - Do specifically name the gift or event that you are saying thank you for, and don’t forget to include a snippet about how you feel about the present/party/event to make them feel truly valued.

  • Be Honest - Say what you feel, letters from the heart always mean the most.

  • Spell check - Always check your spelling!

  • Make it personal - Always use lovely personalised stationery, preferably from Fraser & Parsley!

For more information about Fraser & Parsley or to get your very own personalised Stationery  check out their listing in TOAST’s Little Black Book.



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by Sophie Farrah
on on 02 January 2017

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