Get The Family Back Around The Dinner Table

TOAST'S top ways to get the family around the dinner table

Is your dinner table looking dusty? New research shows that Brits are enjoying more TV dinners than ever before and spending less and less time sitting down for a meal together. Well, it’s time to grab the Pledge, because here are TOAST’s top tips for getting around the dinner table!

According to the latest research* a whopping 78% of Brits admit that they don't actually sit down to a dinner table meal, and approximately 23 meals are eaten on the sofa each month. Of course the occasional TV dinner is a guilty pleasure enjoyed by us all but the sociable, sacred tradition of siting around the dinner table should not be neglected entirely.

In many countries, Italy in particular, the dinner table is at the very heart of the home and acts as a vital device for regularly getting the family together. It is a place for friends and family to sit, share food, exchange stories and share the experiences of life with each other.

In a digital age where society is communicating face-to-face less, we must strive to keep the dinner table alive! Here are TOAST’s top tips for making more of dinner time.

Pizza Perfection

Nothing beats the flavour, freshness and fun of making pizza at home, and it’s also a brilliant way of getting friends and family round to enjoy a fun and interactive meal together. The added joy of hosting a pizza party is that you don’t need to worry about who likes what – everyone can choose their own toppings and be as creative as they like! Mix up some dough, warm up the oven (or you can invest in a snazzy pizza oven like the Chadwick), grab your toppings, cheese and passata and you’re good to go! Take a look at TOAST’s guide to hosting your very own pizza party here.

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Make Friday night curry night

As the temperature drops and the evenings get darker nothing quite beats a cosy curry on a Friday night. If you’re pushed for time then by all means order a cheeky takeaway (just make sure you eat it at the table!), but you could also order a monthly spice box from The Spicery – a neat little kit which fits through your letterbox and contains all of the spices you need to make a cracking curry, plus a laminated recipe card. Their Friday Night Curry subscription includes a main and side dishes to feed four, so you can share the experience of sampling curries from the Caribbean, South-East Asian, and all corners of India together with friends and family. Also - keep your eyes on TheEdit this month for TOAST’s guide on how to cook a knock out Sri Lankan meal at home.

The Spicery - 3 months from £19.95 

The Spicery

Bagel Brunch

Dinner table occasions don’t have to be limited to dinner alone – how about a bagel brunch instead? Bowls of shiny bagels, piles of fresh, tempting fillings and a fun DIY element are all ingredients for an informal, inventive and entertaining way of getting together with friends and family. A Bagel Brunch can also be ideal for the morning after a traditionally boozy affair - perfect for a hen, stag do or a birthday party, curing hangovers and adding the perfect finishing touch to a really good night spent with friends. Fancy throwing your own?  Here's TOAST’s guide to hosting your very own bagel brunch on theEdit.

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The Scandinavian ritual of fika (fee-ka) is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Fika literally translates as ‘to have coffee’, but in fact it’s much more than that. Fika is specific time, which is thoughtfully and regularly set aside, to take time away from work and be with loved ones, to slow down, communicate and appreciate what you have. And - most importantly - devour a cinnamon bun or two. Want to know what's involved, you can see TOAST’s guide to hosting your very own fika here. 

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Autumn Dinner Party

Bright orange pumpkins, crunchy leaves, toasty fires and chilly evenings. Autumn is a real feast for the senses, and the perfect time to spend time around the table before the craziness of the holiday season really kicks off. Make a simple stew or comforting casserole, or why not try street food star Aprodite’s recipes for her mouth-watering Turkish Turlu Turlu. From a long and lazy Autumn Sunday lunch, to a lavish harvest dinner party – nothing beats a beautifully laid, seasonal table. Watch out for TOAST top tips on how to dress your table this Autumn on theEdit later this week.

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Few things bring people together like a good pud, and autumn calls for a nostalgic and comforting crumble. Luckily we have Michelin star chef Josh Eggleton on hand to share his recipe for Apple and Blackberry Crumble with TOAST. Take a look at this delicious recipe from the Great British Menu Star Josh Eggleton on TheEdit.

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*According to a poll of 2,000 people. Research commissioned by fresh pasta maker Giovanni Rana (