Mallow Moments

The rise of the gourmet marshmallow

Marshmallows - the squidgy, sticky, white and pink drops once reserved for toasting over the campfire on a cold winters night, have now evolved into one of today’s most heavenly sweet treats, and it’s all thanks to a wave of marshmallow masters creating a new range of velvety, luxurious, pieces of heavenly indulgence!

With a history dating back to ancient Egypt, the marshmallow was traditionally a sugar based sweet made from the marsh-mallow plant sap. Combined with a honey-based recipe, the juice was whipped up with a mixture of egg whites, water and sugar, and then molded into a cylindrical shape to create a chewy treat, made only for the most powerful Pharos.  In the early 19th Century the French substituted the sap for gelatin and added sweetener and flavourings to create what we consider to be the modern marshmallow.

Today, the process of creating this humble sugar puff has been advanced into something of an art. Crafted using entirely natural ingredients, fresh fruit and sometimes even liqueur the mixture is blended in a scientifically perfected process of heating and cooling. Thanks to this delicate process, todays gourmet marshmallows are lighter, fluffier, melt-in-the-mouth puffs of deliciousness that anyone with a penchant for the sticky and sweet will enjoy.

In their new luxurious form, gourmet marshmallows come in a variety of exciting, bold, flavors, from sweet salted caramel, gin and tonic, blueberry and pistachio among many others, they now provide the perfect accomplement to any dessert table, afternoon tea party or as a luxurious favor.  Just enough for a delicate mouthful, they even provide an original alternative to the petite four, that can be served alongside a cup of coffee or dunked in hot chocolate, and guaranteed to give your guests a truly unique, taste sensation.

To help you navigate who’s whipping up the best of these soft delights, here’s our selection of the very best marshmallowists around.

Cloud Nine Marshmallows

Based in Cornwall Cloud Nine marshmallows are an award winning confectioner producing a range of gorgeous flavors in small batches, salted caramel peanut, lemon meringue, pistachio and white chocolate, as well as sweat and creamy coconut and lime.

Price: £6.95 100g
Shop: Cloud Nine Marshmallows 

The Marshmallowist

Oonagh, Patisserie & Chocolatier and founder of The Marshmallowists creates decadent marshmallows with a soufflé-like texture using a combination of delicious alternative flavours such as blueberry and sip smith gin, strawberry and basil, and mango and sweet orange.

Price: £6.00
Shop: The Marshmallowists

The Marshmallow Lady 

Our favourite from The Marshmallow Lady is their Gin and Tonic marshmallows, made with tonic and Edinburgh Gin with a layer of lime marshmallow on top - a cheeky cocktail treat top of our list for something a little unique.  They also offer millionaires’ shortbread, Peanut butter and the perfect dinner party alternative, the After Eight Marshmallow…hmmmmm.

Price: £3.00 90g
Shop: Burgh Bakes  

Belinda Clark

Artisan confectioner based in Hampshire Belinda’s love of grown-up sweets has seen her develop a range of handmade delightful marshmallows that everyone can enjoy. With subtle, classics like chocolate, coconut, and passion fruit to sweet salted caramel, Belinda Clark has something for every taste.

Price:  £4 85g
Shop: Belinda Clark 

Art of Mallow

Art of Mallow’s handcrafted delectable gourmet marshmallows are available in eleven mouthwatering flavours including ‘A Right Raspberry Ripple’, ‘Rosy Posey’, ‘Utterly Coconutty’ and ‘Bravo Cappuccino’ of pillowy perfection.

Price: £3 per 75g
Shop: Art of Mallow 

Fancy Mallows

Lavish marshmallows made by Louise in County Durham are light and airy but with sumptuous flavour with an emphasis on being fat, gluten, dairy and egg free, with only home grown British sugar and syrup and produced entirely in the UK.

Price: £3.95
Shop: Fancy Mallows 

Mallow and Marsh

The experimental craftsmen at Mallow and Marsh have created a selection of creamy bundles of gooey deliciousness, light, fluffy, and irresistible. From individual flavours to one of each gift boxes, there’s sure to be something to impress.

Price: £15.00 for a case of 8
Shop: Mallow and Marsh  


With American cookie, lemon and ginger shortbread, and minty choc chip, Mallamour in Cheshire produce a glorious range of rich, zesty, fruity flavours.

Price: £4.00 six pieces
Shop: Mallamour 


Marshmallows you can actually see your face in…no really. Boomf are the unique company providing personalised marshmallows featuring your very own pictures. From ‘I love you’s’ a special ‘thank you’, ‘thinking of you’ or just because, Boomf these squidgy notes are a novel way to send a message to a loved one or a surprise sweet treat.

Price: £15 for a box of 9
Shop: Boomf


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