Call The Shots

LSA's beautiful PADDLE and POLKA shot glass sets

Whether it’s for the snaps at your crayfish party (see Toast’s how to on theEdit), or tequila and pomegranate slammers on a summers evening, shots can be a delicious treat and a surefire way of getting the party started.

Cue LSA’s beautiful PADDLE and POLKA shot glass sets, both designed to add lots of fun and an extra splash of style to entertaining.

The POLKA makes an impressive centerpiece; 12 shot glasses are hand painted in an assortment of tasteful shades and presented on a beautifully smooth beech serving board, which has a large a large central stem – perfect for passing round. 

The PADDLE makes serving up shots elegant and easy. It has six genius little indents to securely nestle the stylish coloured glasses in for serving (so no spills), and the handle makes passing it around easy, even after a shot or two…

Our Verdict: A colourfull and stylish way to serve a shot. A must have for any host.