After Eight Inspired Desserts

TOAST'S pick of the best minty desserts for your next soiree

No dinner party is complete without a box of After Eight mints. Created by chocolatier Brian Sollitt in the 1960’s for Rowntree’s, these creamy, minty melts have been wowing dinner party guests for over half a century.

A staple part of Christmas and festive celebrations it’s no wonder that they have inspired a range of bitter sweet twists on tradition, and are now being used to create a range of alternative desserts to complete the perfect dinner party and delight our senses.

From luxurious melting peppermint puddings, creamy, rich dark chocolate cupcakes to light, refreshing peppermint and chocolate infused tea, there are many different ways to incorporate this after dinner favourite into a mouthwatering alternative.

Here TOAST.LIFE shares our pick of the best After Eight inspired minty desserts on the web, that will provide a hint of nostalgia to your next soiree.

After eight cup cake

Chic & Gorgeous Treats have created the ultimate ode to After Eight, the After Eight mint chocolate cup cake.  A sour cream base dark chocolate cupcake with a cream butter frosting and topped off with the classic after eight mint, this minty, cool and light after dinner treat is the perfect bittersweet end to your meal.


Take a look at Chic and Gorgeous for the full recipe.

Melting Peppermint puddings with After Eight Mints

Sarah Trivuncic of Masion Cupcake in London, has created these little gooey melting pots of loveileness that can be made for a party of guests or a simple dinner for two in just 8 minutes.  Yummy!

Melting Peppermint Puddingsmaison Cupcake

www.maisoncupcake.com recipe.

After eight ice cream bowl

Kate, founder of the Little Loaf, has created the After Eight Ice Cream Bowl. Inspired by what she says is a cool, bright, head-clearing flavor. Her ice cream is smooth and white as snow, full of fresh mint flavor and as a bonus, vegan. Combining crips chocolate and smooth cream, Kate creates a balance with this dessert of the textures of a classic After Eight mint.

Little Loaf

www.thelittleloaf.com recipe. 

Tea Cup After Eight Chocolate Mint Mousse

Created in elegant, vintage china teacups, Karen of Lavender and Lovage has designed a simple and stress free dessert that appeals to all ages. A light, creamy and chocolaty delectable dessert served imaginatively in a classic tea cup, this mouse provides all of the vital ingredients of the After Eight with addition of a dash of alcohol and fun!

Lavender And Lovage

Recipe can be found here: Lavender and Lavage 

After Eight Cocktail

Too full for dessert but wouldn’t say no to a little pallete cleanser, the After Eight dessert cocktail is the ideal alternative from Cocktail UK. Simply layer Crème de cacao, Crème de menthe and Irish cream, and you’re guests will have an refreshing post dinner tongue tingeler.

After Eight Shot


After eight tea

Alternatively if you’re after something a little lighter, then opt for an After Eight infused tea by Tea Pigs. A classic combination of the finest peppermint leaves and yummy chocolate pieces deliver a slightly indulgent drink, perfect to sooth and cleanse the tastebuds after a rich meal.



Nespresso, After Eight Coffee

More of a coffee kinda guest? Offer the inspired taste of an After Eight mint enjoyed with an espresso. This recipe blends the cereal notes of the Capriccio Grand Cru with the freshness of mint chocolate and the roundness of crumbled nougat, thanks to nespresso.