Insight and Wisdom Party Icebreakers

Conversation starters for any occasion

Your friends may be fabulous, but even fabulous people can struggle when forced to make small talk with strangers. These charming glass tubes from We Are Bread and Jam are the ultimate ice breaker.

Presented in a luxurious white box, each tube is filled with a question designed to help your guests get to know one another better and add a little kick to conversation.

Simply hand them out to guests as they take their seats at your table, pop the cork and reveal your question. Each of the icebreakers is printed onto pearlescent blue paper and folded to keep each question concealed.

From your most loved books and locations to see the sun rise, to "your favourite thing to do on a rainy day", and whether you’d "rather be invisible or able to fly", to a "cosy night in or a big night out" these printed blue notes are a fantastic way to relax your guests and start your evening, (although you might want to save “Best thing you’ve ever held in your hand” for dinner with the girls).

Insight And Wisdom Tubes

Our Verdict

A perfect addition to any dinner party, wedding or just to add some fun to drinks with friends these little icebreakers provide a fun and novel way to ask the questions you never would have thought of to fellow guests.

Price: £14.95 for a box 10 icebreakers

We Are Bread and Jam


Posted in The Notebook

by Alexandra Davison
on on 21 July 2016


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