Battle of the Booths

Toast pick of the best photo booths around

Photo booths have become a standard fixture at parties, weddings and social occasions over the past few years. These on-demand fun stations encourage your guests to have a bit of a giggle as they squeeze together, don some silly fancy dress and pose with some oversized props, and inevitably end up falling about laughing, to everyone else’s amusement.

A fantastic addition to any event photo booths provide endless entertainment and even leave your guests with a little keepsake allowing the memories to live on, long after the event is over. But as digital photography continues to advance, there has been a new wave of creative and novel versions of the traditional photo booth, with no limits.

Gone are the clunky contraption we used to all try and cram in to with our friends in the local boots, todays plethora of picture-making-machines are helping you to snap your guests in a variety of settings, with a variety of backdrops, and like it, share it and tag it with the rest of world instantly, with an unlimited afterlife.

From closed booths giving you a little privacy, open booths so the whole room can be involved, to novelty caravans and blow-up booths, the options are now endless, making the decision of which one to choose harder than ever.

To help you find the perfect booth to create a buzz at your event, here's our guide to the best on the market!

The Compact Selfie Booth

If you want something that will sit discretely in a corner but with a range of party-starting upgrades, the Showtime Compact Photo Booth is just the ticket. Installed as close as 1 metre from an existing wall or background, this booth can fit up to 6 people in one frame. Whether you have an exposed brick wall, wood paneling, or beautiful vintage paper backdrop, this booth will sit beautifully anywhere.

Web: Showtime Photo Booth 
Price: £450 plus VAT
Area: Nationwide

Showtime Compact Photo Booth
The Handheld Booth

Mr Snap provide a unique and instant photo experience that allows your event to be more fluid and your pictures more candid.  With roaming photographers using the handy, and rather retro looking Fujifilm instax you will get stunning pictures in vibrant colour on real film that you can enjoy in an instant. If you want more of a fixed position for your booth "Pepper" is Mr Snap's 1972 vintage VW, and the only instax vehicle in the world, providing the perfect backdrop for any outdoor event, festival or garden party.

Web: Mr Snap 
Price: Packages are all bespoke – prices start from:
Area: Nationwide


The Wooden Booth

Used to seeing traditional photobooths with all the fun happening behind the curtain? Well The Photobooth Guys’ retro freestanding, wooden booth called ‘Max Power’ has no walls or curtains, it just stands alone on it’s stylish three-leg tripod.

Touchscreen operated, so anyone can use it, letting your guests tap the screen, strike a pose and off you go! Each booth comes with the camera, flattering lighting, speedy printing of beautiful photo strips, backdrops, some fantastic novelty props from masks to lips and speech bubbles. If that wasn’t enough, you get an online gallery to view your snaps after the event. They look as good in the centre of a crowd as set-up in a stylish corner. The perfect edition to add a little open-air fun.

Web: Photo Booth Co 
Price: Photo Booths from £445 (+ VAT)
Area: London and M25


The Vintage Booth

If you want to add a little mid-century vintage flare and glamour to your event,  Jolly Good Photo will provide the most charming 1900’s camera called 'Jonty'. Jonty was built sometime around 1880-1900, and made of solid mahogany with brass fittings. He spent most of his early days being used by the gentry, and today has been adapted to be a digital camera to provide the best quality photos, but still retaining that antique, vintage feel that everyone will love! 

With this beautiful piece of equipment a delight to look at itself, you will create the perfect setting to get your chaps and gals striking a pose and creating their very own instant piece of nostalgia. There are a variety of themes from Great Gatsby and Hollywood Glamour to the Wild West and seaside fun, and it comes with a variety of authentic vintage treasures as props, from pillbox hats and parasols to fans fake cigars and moustaches. There’s something for every theme.

Web: Jolly Good Photo 
Price: from £375
Area: Nantwich


The Selfie Mirror

Move over selfie’s, the new wave of Selfie Mirrors are allowing dusers to take the ultimate! Products such as the DreamMirror, are the perfect additions to get your guests ready for their selfie, as well as taking the selfie, all in one simple tool.

Using a two way mirror users can see their reflection as they would in a normal mirror, before the mirror then comes to life and its interactive screen allows the guest to pose and get ready before touching the screen to take 1-4 pictures. Once complete, the user is invited to sign the mirror, adding their name to their photos – images are then printed and shared directly to social media. The Dream Mirror is the new way to allow your guests to take a ‘hands-free ‘selfie easily.

Web: DreamBooth
Price: £745 plus VAT
Area: Nationwide


Back to Black

Foto Noir is a London business providing an elegant wooden photo booth that takes black and white photographs, designed to take flattering pictures of you and your guests, whilst also making your guest appear to have taken a step back in history to the original style photo booth.  The set-up is unobtrusive and designed to take flattering pictures of you and your guests. Prints are provided on the day of the event, and a framed photo display board is also provided for print display and collection providing an instant historic archive.

The have also teamed up with Prangsta Costumiers who specialise in collecting, restoring and customising vintage treasures to dress your guests for any theme.

Web: Fhoto Noir 
Price: Sat to Sun £750 inclusive VAT  *- Mon to Fri £650 inclusive VAT *
Area: Nationwide


The Novelty Booth 

Forgotten what the humble telephone box looks like? Well now you can hire one of these traditional Red
Telephone Box from Picabo Photography. With red carpet leading up to the booth, roped barriers down each side and a quirky post box delivering your instant printouts, this quintessentially British phone booth will stand out at any party or event and be the perfect talking point letting the iconic box live on. Although a tight squeeze, the booth has space for up to 5 people.

Web: Picabo Booth
Price: POA
Area: Available to hire in the Yorkshire area

Picabo Photography

Enter a 3D World

Boxless Booths is a photo booth without the physical box. Unlike traditional set-ups, you can create a studio scene with a quirky, backdrop giving the illusion that you are in a 3D world. With a variety of props for your guests to act with, you can bring your chosen scene to life or create something completely bespoke, making it a unique, fun, interactive, and creative addition to any event whilst your Boxless Booth photographer shoot!

Web: Boxless Booths
Price: from £500
Area: Nationwide

LR Boothjump

Set the Scene

Not quite able to stretch to a full photo booth set-up and want to create something on a more modest budget? Scene Setters design and produce a wide range of photo scenes, props and decorations that make people go ‘Ooooooh’! Whether it’s a hilarious photobooth backdrop, bold graphical letters or oversized props that will have your guests in stitches, Scene-Setters have something that will help you put on your own show, and make all of your guest pick-up a prop and strike a pose. The only drawback is there is no camera or cameraman, so you’ll have to purchase a good camera and timer or get a friend to man the area!

Web: Scene-Setters
Price: Scenes from £100
Area: Nationwide

Scene Setter (1)

The Alternative

The first of its kind in the country, the vintage Rice Horse Box is a beautiful unique photo booth which is perfect for Grand National themed party, an equestrian lovers celebration or just to give your event that unexpected wow factor! A studio quality, automated photo booth the horse Box provides everything a traditional booth would, with touch screen software and instant printing.

Web: HorseBox Photobooth 
Price: £495 – £695*
Area: Covering West & East Sussex


Be a Celebrity for a day

Say Fromage have a range of photo experiences but the one that stands out is their Paparazzi wall, where users get to experience what it's like to walk the red carpet as they are shouted at and papped by the virtual photographers. The Paparazzi Machine is set up with your own personalised printed step and repeat background. It automatically senses when your guests are in position and starts shouting at them to pose and “look this way”. It then bombards them with 15 seconds of camera flashes and takes their pictures. Your guests can print their picture or share it via social media from the touch screen/s.

Web: Say Fromage
Price: POA
Area: Nationwide

SF Pap Machine 2


Want a little retro feel, choose this iconic 1966 VW campervan, to create an on-the road experience that is perfect for any outdoor festival, garden party or vintage themed event. Kamperklicks have turned their little van into a personal photo studio, so your guests can jumo in, squeeze together and don some silly fancy dress and klick to your hearts content.

Kamperklicks also provide personalised print designs, touch screen graphics and the chance to create a bespoke interior, your options are endless.

Web: Kamper Klicks 
Price: POA
Area: Nationwide


If you have any other exciting or innovative photobooths you'd like us to review, get in touch today!

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