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One of the leading Family favourite firework brands in the UK

About Black Cat Fireworks

Black Cat Fireworks' technical firework design team works on a rolling program of new firework product development and packaging design which allows them to showcase new fireworks every year! Their aim to offer fireworks for everyone, as their brand has always been synonymous with family fun, innovation, quality, safety and value for money.

The global Black Cat Fireworks brand is renowned for exciting, innovative fireworks, for those who take their fireworks more seriously. Black Cat Fireworks offers high powered, display quality fireworks, perfect for the fireworks enthusiast or those who want to impress!

Their collection doesn't end there... It also includes the Standard Firework range, which has been designed for all round family fun since 1891. It comprises of a broad range of fireworks from family favourites such as Firework Selection Boxes, Rockets and Sparklers, along with Fountains, Roman Candles and Cakes, through to the newer Single Ignition fireworks, which provide a complete choreographed firework display in a box.

Whether you want to have some innocent fun family time, or share excessive colours with friends, Black Cat Fireworks can provide you with all that you need to make your party go off with a bang!

Black Cat Fireworks
Black Cat Fireworks Ltd
Standard Drive
Crosland Hill
HD4 7AD.

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