- Belinda Clark -In Southampton, Hampshire

Expertly handmade fresh confectionery to surprise your senses and tickle your taste buds!

About Belinda Clark

Belinda Clark created a delicious selection of handmade gourmet confectionery for grown ups!

Choose from a range of totally fat free fruit flavours, or go for something just a little more indulgent such as salted caramel marshmallows, topped with Belgian chocolate and peanuts. Flavours include: Passion Fruit, Raspberry, Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Strawberry & Vanilla and Coconut

Belinda Clark looks to inspire people to eat delicious artisan confectionery, confectionery that alters your expectations of sweets and sweets that grown-ups want to eat and share!

Contact Belinda Clark Drop us an email below or call us on 07930279062 .

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