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Handmade ice lollies for every reason and every season

About Ice Kitchen

The Ice Kitchen are proud to have transformed the nostalgic classic childhood treat and turned it into a gourmet pleasure for adults as well as children.

Cesar Roden, chef and founder, feels that there is endless potential for delighting people with new tastes and iced experiences, so he created Ice Kitchen to do just that; make delicious, flavorsome ice lollies using the latest rapid freezing technology and only the very best, fresh natural ingredients with no artificial anything.

Made daily in small batches, using fresh fruits, yoghurt, cream, nuts, chocolate, herbs and spices and other natural flavourings, Roden's lollies delight discerning grown ups and children alike!

The Ice Kitchen also create mini canepe ices, which include some of their most popular original ice lolly flavours such as Rose & Pistachio, Almond & Orange blossom, as well as exciting new creations like Mixed Berries in Riesling Wine and Toffee Apple, perfect for special occasions!

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