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Exploring the relationship between art and the senses through a high-calibre events and edible interventions

About AVM Curiosities

AVM Curiosities™ has been exploring the relationship between art and the senses through a series of high-calibre events and edible interventions since 2011.

Founded by food historian Tasha Marks, AVM Curiosities™ champions the use of food as an artistic medium, with projects ranging from museum-style exhibitions and sculptural installations to interactive lectures and limited-edition confectionery.

With a practice heavily influenced by history, Tasha has diverse culinary interests ranging from 16th century cabinets of curiosity to 1930s medicinal cookery:

“The foundations of my ideas come from history but I always try to mix them with a contemporary twist. Confectionery is one of my great passions as it is truly timeless: nostalgia and novelty are powerful tools when used in an artistic context.”

Vanity Fair calls AVM Curiosities™ ‘London at it’s crazy-best’, while London store Sick-Note describe Tasha’s work as ‘the love child of Leonardo Da Vinci, Willy Wonka and Ferran Adria.’ Previous patrons have included the Royal Academy of Arts, Victoria & Albert Museum, National Trust and Selfridges - each of these projects eventuating in a unique and sensory art experience.

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