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About Marie Antoinette Cakes

Marie Antoinette Cakes specialise in contemporary wedding cake design for people with high expectations throughout Manchester and Cheshire.

Rachel designs and makes everything from hand with a passion for sugarcraft and design, taking inspiration from a wide range of sources including fashion, interior design, floristry and nature.

Rachel works closely with each client, drawing from this wide range of inspiration, to design the perfect bespoke wedding cake for each occasion and has steadily built an excellent reputation for her designs and luxurious flavours.

In addition to their spectacular wedding cakes that taste as good as they look, Marie Antoinette Cakes also supply their Signature Flavoured Marshmallows, Italian Macarons and Personalised Hand-Painted Sugar-Cookies as wedding favours and party favours.

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Marie Antoinette Cakes
Heaton Chapel
Greater Manchester

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