How To Celebrate Every Day Even in A Pandemic

Toast.life provides some simple tips on ways to spread happiness and celebrate those key milestones even at a distance.

This year has been a difficult one to navigate for celebrations and events. With gatherings over six banned in many places, inter-households unable to meet, elderly and the vulnerable still needing to shield, sometimes it can be difficult to find ways to celebrate those special milestone life events easily. Some of us may even feel like cancelling all celebrations all-together. But in times like these, celebrations are in fact needed now more than ever, to lift our spirits and give us all hope for a brighter, happier tomorrow.

Wherever you are, and whatever the occasion, taking time for family, friendship, love, and celebrating those life accomplishments - even if we can’t be together in the same way we had planned, is important. As humans, by nature we need to feel connected, to make positive memories even the dark times, and provide support and joy where we can.

Going through these struggles now, is part of life, so by adapting, showing resilience and continuing to enjoying the simple pleasures in life, we can show how we can make the best of any situation and manage the ups and downs of life for the future.

Here are a few ideas to get the party started, whether it’s a new baby, a milestone birthday, your wedding anniversary, a graduation, or house move, it’s time to celebrate!

Simple Ways to Celebrate Everyday and Special Occasions in 2020

Say it With A Delivery

One of the loveliest things to receive is an unexpected delivery at your door. Whether you want to say it with flowers, provide a pick-me-up for a loved one, send a hamper of edible goodies, there is are an abundance of companies that have adapted their services so you can send a little reminder that you’re thinking of someone locally or afar.

(Image: The Real Flower Co)

The Personal Touch 

Can't get to see the person you love to celebrate with them? Create something with a personalised messages to show you're thinking of them. This could be handmade painting, a saying printed on a gift item, a photography or memory book, choose something personal to them and brighten up their day. 

Make and Entrance 

As we spend more and more time at home, why not dress the front of your house to make you guests feel like they are somewhere new. Balloon arches, welcome signage and a pop of colour can go a long way to transforming your space to make even the smallest gathering feel extra special.
Bubblegum Balloons Entracnes

(Iamges: Bubblegum Balloons

Create a Magical Wonderland at Home

If you’re celebrating a child’s birthday and can’t take them to their usual theme park or adventure playground, why not turn your home and garden into the ultimate adventure course. From an inspired jungle of foliage, hidden dens in the trees, to obstacles made from garden games, a ball pool in the living-room to a race track in the hallways, some simple event décor can transform your space – or call in the pros for some extra help and the ultimate wow-factor.

Virtual Dinner Party

There are lots of at-home food delivery companies out there that provide brilliant pre-designed recipes for your home celebrations. Why not choose a dish and host a ‘come dine with me’ at home virtually with your family, or a Friday night curry night with your friends to celebrate a birthday or milestone as if you were together.  
Hello Fresh L

(Image: Hello Fresh)

Random Acts of Kindess

Money isn’t the only way to show you love someone. A knock at the door of a lonely neighbour, offering to do someone’s shopping for them if they can’t get out, baking a cake, or writing a letter of support to show someone you’re thinking of them can be a thoughtful and cost effective way of saying you’re there.

Afternoon Tea Delivery 

Rather than trying to book a table at your favourite afternoon tea spot for your mums birthday, why not et it delivered to your door? Bring the family together in your bubble and set the table to wow with a delicate selection of the treats to enjoy with your bubble.


(Images: Hampers.com)

Enjoy a Netflix Watch Party 

Missing the cinema but can’t quite face wearing a mask for the duration of a film? Netflix welcome to the ‘Netflix Party’. Watch a movie with friends via their synchronized video playback, plus chat room so you can all chat through the film. Set up a theme for your night and some movie snacks and get cosy for a night in.

For more ideas and inspiration check out TheEDIT. 

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