Veganuary Special - Plant-based Menu With the Spoon Guru

Veganuary Special - Treat Your Guests To A Plant-based Menu this January with Spoon Guru

With January being dubbed as ‘Veganuary’, why not treat your guests to a delicious, plant-based menu this month? New app Spoon Guru is taking the fuss out of finding the right food, and here their in-house nutritionist Louise Payne gives Toast.Life her top recipe ideas for vegan entertaining this month.

UK-based technology start-up Spoon Guru is very clever; it helps consumers with specific dietary preferences (or those of their guests) find suitable and safe foods – so whatever the dietary requirements, whether that’s being vegan, avoiding sugar or any other ingredient, Spoon Guru takes the fuss out of finding the right food. Simply download the app (which is free to download and use), enter the dietary requirements of who you’ve got coming round, and Spoon Guru will find tailored recommendations and delicious recipes just for you - you can even scan barcodes to check if a product fits you or your guest’s profile.

With Veganuary (a charity that aims to inspire people to try going vegan for January, and beyond) now bigger than ever and with so many of us inspired to try going vegan for the month, January seems to be the perfect opportunity to explore a spot of plant-based entertaining. Spoon Guru’s in-house nutritionist Louise Payne (@lmpnutrition) has pulled together a list of a simple, party-friendly vegan recipe ideas that will impress your guests but won’t have you spending all your time in the kitchen. From sensational starters such as tempura and tacos, to magnificent mains like flavoursome curries and even burgers, her choice of recipes are seriously mouth-watering and will have even the hardiest of meat-eaters wanting more! 



Vegetable Tempura 

The great thing about this dish is that you can use any vegetables you like; however, a firm favourite of mine is mushroom tempura, which is best served with a miso dip. The following recipe here explains how you make the tempura batter and has the details for another tasty vegan dipping sauce. 

Pulled Jackfruit Tacos

Why have pulled pork when you can have pulled jackfruit, and you can’t even tell the difference! Stuff your tacos with shredded lettuce, crushed avocado and pulled jackfruit for the perfect addition to your dinner party that’s totally vegan. For a quick and easy idea on how to make this plant based filling, check out this recipe

Cauliflower Steaks

Cauliflower steaks have become a really popular alternative to meat. You can add herbs and spices to add flavour, and serve with different sides or toppings to create some interesting dishes. Here is a recipe for cauliflower steaks that might take your fancy.

Image BBC Good Food Vegan Mains



Curries are always a go-to when hosting a dinner part, as there are so many different options whether you fancy Indian or Thai. You can do all the prep work and cooking in advance. Making a vegan curry is easy - just replace the meat with tofu or add legumes such as lentils or chickpeas instead. For a creamy based curry use coconut milk instead of cream.


There are so many vegan burgers on the market and often it’s difficult to even tell the difference! Serve your chosen patty in a vegan bun with lettuce, onion, tomato and a side of sweet potato wedges. There are lots of cheese alternatives available, so have that cheeseburger! I highly recommend Beyond Burger, with Violife cheese slices that are produced from coconut oil.

Pad Thai

A traditional Pad Thai can be vegan if you substitute the meat or seafood with tofu, and egg noodles with rice noodles. This is a super quick and easy dish to make when hosting a dinner party that involves little prep and cooking time - it’s sure to be very popular amongst your friends! Here’s a recipe I found.

Curry Spoon Guru 


Eton Mess

A versatile dessert, easy to make and you can use a range of different fruits! Eggs can be replaced with chickpea water to make the meringues, and you can use coconut or almond yoghurt instead of cream for the perfect vegan dessert!


Cheesecake has to be one of my favourite desserts and there are a number of recipes that show how to make it vegan friendly. Soaked and blended cashews are a popular replacement for the topping along with tofu, and other ingredients can be added such as lemon juice, vanilla, coconut or ginger to add flavour, whilst dried fruits, blended nuts, seeds and coconut oil make a tasty base! To keep it biscuit-y, McVities Hobnobs and Ginger nuts can be used as these are both vegan! Here are two great recipes to try - one for lemon cheesecake and another for lime cheesecake.  


Another favourite of mine is chocolate brownie. With the increasing range of vegan products on the market, it’s becoming easier to make our favourite foods that are vegan friendly and just as tasty, like dairy free chocolate! There are also lots of vegan ice creams to choose from too, so serve your brownie warm with your favourite scoop.


BBC Good Food Vegan Lemon Cheesecake And Chocolate Brownies 


And finally, wash it all down with a tipple of your choice. Some alcoholic drinks may not be suitable for vegans because of the filtering process prior to bottling, so make sure you check the labels. Spirits tend to be vegan-friendly you could so get adventurous and try some cocktails. For those that aren’t drinking alcohol, you could introduce some non-alcoholic spirits to the table such as Seedlip or Kombucha. Kombucha is not only vegan-friendly but it also has many health benefits and would accompany a Veganuary dinner party perfectly!

 Seedlip Equinox

For more information on Spoon Guru, don’t miss our Spotlight interview with CEO and co-founder Markus Stripf over on TheEdit now, and to download the free app visit www.spoon.guru


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