Festive Florals For The Home

Abundant festive florals with leading florist Hayford & Rhodes

From stylish wreaths to a show-stopping Christmas table, Joanna Rhodes of top London florist Hayford & Rhodes gives Toast.Life her top tips and expert advice for creating stunning festive florals at home - from this year’s top floral trends to how to keep your arrangements looking fresh for as long as possible.

As the wonderfully familiar song goes, it is indeed time to deck the halls boughs of holly! Fa la la la la, la la la la, etc. Christmas is fast approaching, which probably means that your festive guests are too, and there are fewer more beautiful, welcoming and enjoyable ways to decorate your home than with fresh, festive florals.

“Christmas for us starts in August! We have a showcase for a week where we invite all our clients to come in and see our creative ideas for the season, from trees and decorations in office receptions to private homes and large-scale corporate gifting” explains Joanna Rhodes, Managing Director of luxury London florist Hayford & Rhodes.

“Right now, we've got several hundred of our Botanical Gift Sets waiting to go out for a client, and we started installing Christmas displays mid-November, so we're now flat out almost seven days a week on installations!”

Yet, in between installs (and hopefully some Christmas shopping), Joanna has found the time to have a chat with Toast.Life  and reveal her top tips and expert advice for creating stunning festive florals at home - from this year’s top trends and most beautiful wreaths, to how to keep your arrangements looking fresh for as long as possible.


Pretty Pastels

“Don't be afraid to deviate away from traditional gold, red and green colours. One of our themes this year is 'Ice Cream Christmas', which combines a palette of pastels in mint choc chip green, lemon yellow sorbet, blue raspberry and a touch of strawberries and cream gelato” explains Joanna. 

“Think ice cream but not too sweet, with a gentle touch of softer sherbet shades. Our Pink Cocoa Wreath is the wreath embodiment of this concept!”

Kensignton Palace Hayford Rhodes

For Long Lasting Lushness

“Evergreen foliage is always a winner, as are dried flowers. But any plant, foliage or flower MUST be watered the right amount (over watering is as bad as under watering) and kept away from direct heat, and flames, obviously!” explains Joanna.

“Hanging a beautiful wreath over a fireplace or placing a bouquet on a ledge above a radiator will result in early browning of the leaves and petals. If flowers look tired, refresh the water, ensure its room temperature and cut an inch off the stems. That gives most bouquets a new lease of life.”

Victoria Garwood Tablescapes Hayford And Rhodes

Go For Quality

“If you're on a budget, invest in quality. Yes, supermarkets and petrol stations sell flowers, but once you've seen high-quality flowers and foliage, you will understand the difference between supermarket and high-quality, luxurious flowers. Supermarket flowers make me feel sad!” says Joanna. 

“If you don’t have room for any kind of tree, use foliage from fir, eucalyptus and cypress to dress your space. You can adorn most spaces - mantlepieces, windows, mirrors, picture frames, furniture and even doorways.”

The Luxe Table Wreaths

Create a Top Table 

“You can make a table your entire Christmas focal point - using foliage, table wreaths and low-level lighting such as votive candles, tealights, lanterns. Adding metallic touches such as a dark bronze, antique or rose gold and pewter will add Christmas sparkle without being gaudy or over the top” suggests Joanna.

“Once you’ve finished styling your tree or space, turn on all available lights: Everything looks great in delicate candlelight, but if it looks too ‘done’ in full light, reassess what you really need. When talking about styling Coco Chanel once said, ‘look in the mirror and take at least one thing off’ - the same principal applies to decorating! Look at your space and remove one thing.”

HR Louis XIII Two Temple Place October  (1)

Flower Power

“Roses are always beautiful, from ruby red (see our Festive Reds Bouquet) to white (see our White Christmas Bouquet). Anemone, hellebore, hydrangea and dahlia are all beautiful for the festive season, and some early white narcissus are also available, providing a splash of crisp freshness reminiscent of a white Christmas” says Joanna.

“Our Richmond Park Bouquet is also very special. This wild bouquet of anemone, hellebore, hydrangea and dahlia is a majestic fusion of claret colours with plum accents, with berries ranging from pale raspberry to dark blackberry. It’s totally unique and the richness and depth of the design actually makes you stop and stare. With Christmas stuff being in shops as early as the second week of September, we’re on a mission to remind everyone of the beauty of Autumn. This bouquet is an ode to Autumn, which technically doesn’t end until the Winter solstice on the 21st December!” she adds.

 “I also adore hydrangea, so I will be sourcing from full-headed stems from our studio to adorn my dinner table this Christmas. I’ll probably go with white!” 

 Hayford Rhodes Bouquets

Christmas Table Hayford Rhodes Christmas Tablescape

Wreath All About It 

“Our hashtag for our glorious wreathes this year is #wreathallaboutit! From our wonderfully traditional red, green and gold Ruby Door Wreath to the super-kitsch, Instagram-famous Pink Coco Door Wreath! Wreathes are the best way to feel happy every time you see your front door!” says Joanna. 

“Keep them away from direct heat and the rain and remember that they’re probably not going to last more than 10 days to two weeks. A fresh wreath will not last; dried wreaths will last and can even be re-used year on year, but nothing is as spectacular as a fresh flower and foliage wreath.”

Nordic Decor Hayford And Rhodes

The White Coco Wreath

The Pink Coco Wreath

If you’d like to work with Hayford & Rhodes to create show stopping florals for your next event you can find their page in Toast.Life’s Little Black Book, and don’t miss our Spotlight  interview with Joanna over on TheEdit  now.

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