Make A Beautiful Christmas Wreath With Anya Banks

Make a beautiful Christmas wreath with professional Christmas decorator Anya Banks

“A wreath is a statement to greet people arriving and it also allows a little taster of someone’s style to filter outside” explains professional Christmas decorator Anya Banks. “Wreaths can also be hung on inside as they add instant drama to any room, and this traditional, natural wreath is perfect for this Christmas and will look wonderful on any door or wall!”


Items needed

  • A straw wreath ring which is great as fairly light in weight - 16inch is a good size to start with
  • A bag of twigs gathered from a wood or park
  • 10 x artificial rose hip stems
  • A few artificial apples if desired
  • 1 x variegated ivy or vine garland
  • 1 x hop garland
  • Florist green wire
  • 1 x set of battery powered lights
  • A glue gun
  • 1 x tieback
  • Some green ribbon to tie to door
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters


  • Decide where the top will be and pop the tie back around the wreath with the ribbon threaded through and pull tightly.

  • Take the wreath and work in one direct gluing twigs of approx 4 inches long, placing the twig either slightly in the inner part or outer part at a angle, be such to keep to the same angle (put glue at one end of twig as you want the other end to be exposed through the greenery)

  • Slowly and patiently work your way around the wreath, don’t worry about the twigs being too secure as wire is going to be wrapped around at a later stage which will secure everything.

  • Once you have completed coverage of the full wreath, take the ivy garland and carefully weave it around the wreath, taking care not to break twigs.

  • Now add the hop garland repeating the same progress. The wreath will now start to take form now.

  • Take the rose hip stems and cut long stems off with wire cutters, leaving 6 inch stems. I find it helps to roughly place them around the wreath to ensure a balanced look and I also make hole at an angle in the same direction of the twigs with a pencil.

  • Pop glue on the end and push into the hole, working your way all around the wreath.

  • Add the apples which should have wire to the bottom of them, group in twos and threes around the wreath. Do 5 groups, not four as this draws eyes to a square shape and we are aiming for a flowing circle!

  • Add batteries to your lights and check they work, place roughly over the wreath before beginning to work the wire into the greenery.

  • Now the difficult bit! Have the wreath over hanging the edge of a table and secure end of florist wire to tie back, then gently wrap it around the wreath round and round to secure the garlands, any stray twigs etc. It is fiddly I know! But take your time and be sure to keep the tension there, you may need to release a few leaves etc from under the wire before tightening the wire. Once you have reached the tie back, cut and secure.

  • Finally give it a shake to check everything is fixed as we can get some strong winds in the winter months.

  • And that’s it - all done! Fix to door or wall, stand back, admire and pour yourself a well-earned glass of something! Well done.

Christmas Wreaths Anya Banks

Natural Wreaths Anya Banks

If you’d like to work with Anya you can find more information and contact details on her page in Toast.Life’s Little Black Book, and don’t miss her Spotlight interview full of stylish festive tips over on TheEdit now.

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