Party Wear Special With Hirestreet

Time to get glam for the festive season with Hirestreet's rent and return high street fashion store

Whether you’re a host or a guest, looking the part and feeling your best is an important part of entertaining. Toast.Life chats to Isabella West, founder of revolutionary fashion rental service HIRESTREET™, to hear how it’s all about renting your next party outfit, and we get her top tips on what to wear this party season.

From Christmas cocktail parties to seasonal work soirées, to glitzy New Year’s Eve celebrations to long lunches and decadent dinner parties with friends and family – there’s no doubt that this time of year is chock-a-block with fun and festive seasonal social engagements. Whether you’re hosting at home or in a venue, or being the perfect guest, it’s important to look the part and feel your very best, and a fabulous new outfit does make us all feel good, doesn’t it?! 

“According to the Great British Wardrobe report, 79% of women feel most confident when wearing something they haven’t worn before” explains Isabella West, founder of ingenious fashion rental service, Hirestreet.

“If you imagine over the course of the year having 10 smart occasions to get dressed up for - because seasons, trends and the events themselves all differ - it’s very rare that any outfit is ‘perfect’ for more than one. I think the feeling of having a new outfit, chosen specially with your event in mind, is very empowering - you don’t feel like you’ve settled or compromised.”

But of course, a new outfit for every occasion would leave one’s bank balance in a very sorry state, not to mention the hours that are required to source, shop, try on, and return, etc., but that’s where Isabella’ s revolutionary fashion rental service Hirestreet comes in…

“Say you have a ball to go to, or a Christmas party - you’re probably thinking ‘I need to find a dress’, and you will probably end up spending £50 plus to buy something new” she explains.

“With Hirestreet, instead of buying the item, you simply rent it for 10 days. So a dress that might have cost you £70, would cost you £12. You get to go to the party looking amazing, you get home pop it in the pre-paid returns bag and then it comes back to us where we manage the cleaning and get it ready for the next person!” Hirestreet Isabella

Isabella always knew that she wanted to start her own business; after getting a degree in Economics and Management she started working as a strategy consultant in London, but it wasn’t long before her long standing love of fashion started to beckon. With a mother who just so happens to be the fashion and beauty editor at a leading magazine, Isabella grew up surrounded by fashion and it has inspired her ever since.

“I have two sisters and we love to get dressed up. When I buy an outfit, I know it’s going to be worn more than once, because my sisters will wear it too. This shared approach to fashion has stayed with me through university and life in London” she explains.

“I love lending my clothes to friends and seeing the confidence they have when they love their outfit. I had been running a mini version of Hirestreet amongst my friends for years, but it wasn’t until last year when I started to realise just how many people were buying things and wearing them once that I decided to make a business out of it.”

Hirestreet Occasion Hire

Before launching Hirestreet, Isabella researched the market, asking women whether they would be interested in renting outfits, and when the overwhelming response was a resounding ‘YES’ - she started to build Hirestreet as it is today, drawing not only on their thoughts and opinions, but also on her own personal experience as a young professional living in London.

“Between weddings, work events, birthdays and brunches I found that I was getting dressed up for one reason or another basically every weekend. With these occasions being so frequently documented on social media, I often found that I was buying something new, wearing it once or twice and then it was sitting in my cupboard for the foreseeable future” she explains. 

“Finally, after a failed attempt to sell on Depop, my clothes would end up in a charity shop. I knew how financially unsustainable this approach was, but I also didn’t realise the environmental impact I was having until I started researching more. I built Hirestreet because it’s a service I knew I would have used - extensively!”

Today, Hirestreet enables savvy, style conscious women the option rent dresses, jumpsuits and more from over 25 different brands, including leading high street names such as ASOS,  Zara, Urban Outfitters, Biba, French Connection,  Coast, & Other Stories, AllSaints, and more. What Hirestreet stocks in terms of fabulous outfits is heavily influenced by their customers, who are regularly asked about their favourite brands and styles.

“We do a lot of trend watching, so we know what kind of items are selling out each week. We are constantly adding brands to the site, and we love to work with new and upcoming brands so we can introduce them to our audience” explains Isabella.

Hire Street Dresses

Hirestreet’s focus is on occasion wear - they have glamourous dresses, sparkling jumpsuits, gorgeous playsuits and more, all for a wide variety of events from weddings and days at the races, to sunny holidays and New Year’s Eve parties – you can even search for outfits based on the occasion that you’re going to, just make sure that you’ve also entered the date of the event so that the availability you’re seeing is live.

“We’re not trying to replace the high street model for all items of clothing, there are some items that are bought from the high street at amazing value that can be re-worn lots and lots, however we find that for occasion wear people end up buying something and wearing it once, either because they are in pictures or because they associate an outfit with a particular event” explains Isabella.

“For these kinds of outfits renting is just financially sensible and more environmentally sustainable - extending the lifetime of an item from being worn once to being worn 15 plus times reduces its environmental impact by around 70%. I truly believe renting is the future of occasion wear.”

Hirestreet Clothing Hire

And so with the season of merry-making almost upon us, not to mention the big old bash that is New Year’s Eve, there’s no better time to start considering your wardrobe options. No one wants to be rushing around a vast department store desperately sifting through dress sizes the day before your work Christmas do, or get stung for an extortionate amount of dreaded next day delivery charges when you’ve left it too late to order your outfit for that New Year’s Eve art deco themed bash. If it’s time to start planning presents, then it’s time to start think about what to wear too – what colour, which style and the accessories of course, but whatever you choose, just don’t hold back - it is Christmas after all.

Hirestreet Dress Hire

“The key for me this Christmas is that there is no such thing as being overdressed - you’re simply being festive!” enthuses Isabella.

“For me, making an effort is what’s hot this Christmas - getting dressed up, feeling confident and looking amazing. Dressing down is so 2017…”  

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