Stylish Sparkle With Sequin Shimmerwalls

Add some stylish sparkle to your next event backdrop with Shimmerwalls

With Christmas on its way there’s never been a better time to add some sparkle to your next seasonal soirée, and if you want to do just that in a totally unique and 2018 way, then it has to be with some of Shimmerwalls’ ‘sequin art’.

You may have already seen one of their ‘sparkle walls’ in action, adorning the front of a high-end shop or at the end of a luxury catwalk. These walls (or any surface for that matter, big or small) are covered in sequins, and each and every sequin is hung from a small individual hook, so the sequins are free to flutter away in all their sparkling glory. Collectively, the impact is absolutely stunning - they move and shimmer in the light and create the most mesmerising backdrops, perfect for any stylish, sparkling event and perfect for the festive season that lies ahead! 

Shimmerwalls’ premium sparkle walls are used by some of the world’s most exclusive brands and event planners; they are incredible versatile, as any surface or any shape can be covered in beautiful sequins and instantly transformed in to an Insta-worthy sequin art installation. You can use a pre-existing surface, or Shimmerwalls can also create free standing displays, magnetic backed panels, hanging signage and more, or even an entirely bespoke design, all incorporating their trademark sea of sequins.

There’s four sequins sizes and 16 metallized foil colours to choose from, as well as a further 400 finishes and colour combinations! From matte and satin finishes in almost every colour imaginable, to fluorescent hues and other subtler surfaces such as leather-looks; they have something to suit almost every creative desire and party theme.

Their standard service is to supply your sparkle wall completely covered with the sequins already placed onto their easy-to-fit tiles, ready for you or your event team to install on your wall; your sparkle wall is supplied as a box of tiles, marked if necessary with a location code together with a plan so that placement is clear and easy. In many locations Shimmerwalls  can also recommend an experienced installer, or if you are on a tight budget and have the time to add the sequins to the tiles yourself, Shimmerwalls can provide you with a kit of tiles and bags of loose sequins, plus PDF plans to show precise sequin placement. Et voilà – instant stylish sparkle at your next do!

 Karl Lagerfield

Shimemrwall Gin Bar

Shimmerwalls Band Backdrop

Shimmerwalls Pride

Our Verdict:

A totally stunning and unique way to add some sparkle to your next event! 


Standard sequined boards can be purchased online and start at around £11 per 30mm, but it’s best to contact Shimmerwalls with all bespoke enquiries

Where you can buy them:

Check out Shimmerwalls’ page in Toast.Life’s Little Black Book.


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