London’s Coolest Cakes With Anges de Sucre

Toast.Life chats to Anges de Sucre’s founder Reshmi Bennett about what it takes to create her bold, beautiful cakes

Described by Vogue as the ‘best bakery in London’ – Toast.Life chats to Anges de Sucre’s founder and super star baker Reshmi Bennett about what it takes to create her bold, beautiful and totally bonkers cakes

Forget Grace, this week we’re talking amazing BAKES. Anges de Sucre’s jaw-droppingly creative cakes have earnt the business the title of ‘best bakery in London’ by none other than Vogue, and this completely brilliant, totally bonkers bakery has since appeared in hundreds of blogs, magazines, national newspapers and more. But believe it or not, founder, director and all-round creative cake genius Reshmi Bennett actually studied economics and statistics at university before working in investment banking – a far cry from the show-stopping sweet treats that she is now responsible for creating.

“I’ve always loved food and creative arts but grew up in a very traditional and conservative Asian family in the Middle East where I focused on academics and followed into a very predictable career” she explains.  

“It wasn’t until the gloomy years of the sub-prime financial crisis in 2009-2010 that I started dreaming of having a break from the industry and trying something completely different...so I quit and moved to Paris to train as a chef in classical French cuisine!”

It was in Paris, whilst working in a variety of restaurants, that Reshmi started forming her plan to create Anges de Sucre – which means ‘sugar angels’ in French.

“I came up with the name as it has a little je-ne-sais-quoi, a little va-va-voom if you like! In comparison to its literal English translation. Also, ‘Sugar Angels’ has the potential to sound a bit like a gentlemans’ club! So I went with the French!” she laughs.

Anges De Secure Reshmi With Horn Of Unicorn Croc

Once Reshmi returned to London, she decided to start a small business from home making mouth-watering macarons; she made them in her cosy Notting Hill kitchen and sold them to local businesses and for weddings and events. A website shortly followed, where customers could place orders for gift boxes to be sent across the country, and slowly Reshmi found herself in need of more room in order to accommodate her increasing orders. Since then the business has been ‘a whirlwind of a journey’, as Reshmi describes it.

“We opened a shop 4 years ago in London and had it for a short time - we won awards for our coffee and bakes however we didn’t have the much-needed experience to make a success of it, whilst we had started supplying Selfridges and our webshop was also growing at a rapid pace. Hence we made the difficult decision to close it and move further with our more rewarding avenues...and haven’t looked back!” Reshmi beams, full of positivity.

Anges de Sucre is now one of London’s coolest bakeries – responsible for some absolutely amazing and completely Instagram-worthy cakes. From their Alice in Wonderland Cake that incapsulates all the madness and colour of the Mad Hatter's tea party in edible form, to their fantasy-worthy Triple Decker Nutella Ferrero Rocher Brownie Cake that is pretty much every chocoholic’s dream dessert - Reshmi’s imagination knows no bounds, and her signature style of bold, beautiful and totally bonkers cakes has earned her a reputation as one of the most sought-after bakers in town.

Agnes De Sucre

Birthday Cake Collection Agnes De Scure

Childrens Collection

“My style is unashamedly OTT and zaney! Whenever I create a new design the main inspiration comes from putting myself in our customer’s place and thinking what would make the recipient go WOW” she smiles. 

“While our team gets inspired by our customers’ requests and briefs I also draw a lot of creative inspiration from my personal and professional experiences from culinary school, trends in food and fashion, Instagram, pop culture and now most recently, my mum friends who are all planning their babies’ first birthdays!” 

It seems that our current love for unicorns isn’t going away anytime soon, as Reshmi tells me that Anges de Sucre’s most popular bakes are the hilarious ‘Fat Unicorn’ cake (topped with a wonderfully chubby unicorn, beautifully made from fondant) and the completely amazing ‘Horn of the Unicorn Croquembouche’ – a towering feast for the eyes that almost defies belief. This spectacular croquembouche is created from layers of chocolate and vanilla sponge, frosted and glazed with Anges de Sucre’s  signature silken vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream and chocolate glaze. The tower is then covered with a whole host of delicious desserts; sprinkle glazed choux buns and eclairs, baked buttermilk doughnuts, assorted macarons, Ferrero Rocher, ‘soft-serve’ buttercream cones, piped buttercream flowers, chocolate pearls and candied popcorn with a stylish silver lustre and sparkle. Basically, all the major dessert food groups rolled into one glorious creation. 

“It went viral on social media and to this day it is one of our most recognisable creations” explains Reshmi proudly. “I also love our Alice in Wonderland Cake – it was my favourite book as a child. Selfridges were celebrating 150 years of Alice in Wonderland a few years ago and we created the cake inspired by the book and animation. Red velvet layers, blue and white striped frosting, red roses, the Mad Hatter’s chocolate tea pot and swilling cups of salted caramel ‘tea’, macarons, toadstools and playing cards!” she enthuses.

“And my one vice is ice cream…so my personal favourite has to be the Ice Cream Parlour cake that has ice cream cones and ice cream sundae-style cupcakes on layers of chocolate sponge. Even our Swiss meringue buttercream tastes like ice cream!”

 Deliciouslystella Cake

Ghetto Richie Wedding Cake

Ice Cream Parlour

Whether it’s for a birthday, wedding, christening, baby shower or quite literally any other celebration, an Anges de Sucre cake adds style, fun and instant, unforgettable wow factor. Each and every cake is made by hand by Reshmi and her team at their professional catering premises in West London and can be delivered across the UK. One of their smaller creations, decorated with doughnuts, macarons and more, could take up to 4 hours to make and their large croquembouche cakes can take up to a staggering 3 days. 

“Our team is made up of talented and brilliant cake makers and decorators as well as a great manager to help bring my creative vision to life, and make our customers’ cake dreams come true!” Reshmi smiles.

 Mermaid Croquembouche

Fat Unicorn Pink Flamingo And Unicorn Cake

Rose Romance And Sweetheart

As well as her vast selection of amazing bakes, Reshmi also offers a bespoke service so if you’ve got something specific in mind, Reshmi and her team can make pretty much any idea a delicious, beautiful, reality.

 “Most of our customers come to us because they already like our work and style. They either choose from our range and change some of the details or go more bespoke depending on budget and time” Reshmi explains. 

“We find out more about any special themes they would like to incorporate, either via colours and flavours or by creating custom handmade edible cake toppers. We like to have creative license because that’s how we do our best with our vast experience, and we want to make people gapey-mouthed impressed no matter what!” 

Pink Sweetheart

Anges De Sucre Cakes

Tea Time Treat

Unicorn Croquembouche Cake

Cakes Agnes De Sucre

With such a vast selection of spectacular cake designs already in existence, I am seriously excited to see what Reshmi will create next. Some might say it must be the dream job – to be able to let your imagination run wild on an almost daily basis, and to work with mountains of cake and delicious ingredients, of course. 

“I’m very lucky to be working in an industry that is very gratifying in terms of creative output and the amazing customer feedback we get! People are so passionate about cake!” Reshmi smiles.

“Innovation is so important, and we are always working on bettering absolutely every aspect of our business, be it our recipes, designs, processes and even team. This year we are going BIG on vegan. Not half-heartedly, with a few rustic touches here and there. We want our vegan customers to have that same WOW moment when they see their cakes too!”

Unicorn Cascade Cake Slice

If you’d like Anges de Sucre to provide you with an amazing cake for your next do, then you can find their contact details and more info on their page in Toast.Life’s Little Black Book


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by Sophie Farrah
on on 17 September 2018

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