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Paxton & Whitfield’s Dinner Party Tasting Kit

The cooler months may be fast approaching but it’s not all bad news – remember that autumn is the time when cosy red wine nights can officially begin, and what goes well with red wine? Cheese of course.

So call your friends, get those candles lit and let the red wine breath – Paxton and Whitfield have got everything else covered. They’ve just launched their completely brilliant Dinner Party Tasting Kit, which is set to revolutionise the cheese course this autumn/winter. So whether you’re looking for a fun and delicious way to end your next dinner party, or simply looking to host a fuss-free cheese and wine night with friends, then look no further!

This brie-lliant kit contains everything you need to host a fun, informative, and most importantly, delicious cheese tasting evening in your own home. Not only does the kit contain a selection of six tempting cheeses, each chosen to provide a varied and educational cheese tasting experience, but it also includes an all-important guide to tasting cheese so that you are your guests can get the most from the experience, and the very special cheeses provided by the UK's oldest cheesemonger.

Also included in the kit is an A4 cheese tasting notepad to record your tasting notes and several fact sheets containing information on the history and production of each cheese, as well as recommended drinks to accompany each one. Cheeses included are: Appleby’s Cheshire, Selles sur Cher, Brie de Meaux PDO, Comte, Finest English Stilton and a Smoked Poacher. Yum!

Paxton Whitfield Tasting Kit

 Paxton Whitfield Cheese Tasting

Our Verdict:

A must-have treat for your guests for autumn entertaining! 


£60 for 8 people

Where you can buy it:

Direct from the Paxton and Whitfield online shop as well as Selfridges; Harvey Nichols and Harrods.


Posted in The Notebook

by Must Have
on on 15 September 2018

  cheese tasting, dinner party, entertaining at home

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