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Beautifully bespoke and totally Instagrammable food platters

Picture-perfect platters are taking the events catering world by storm and are the hottest way to feed your guests this summer. Toast.Life chats to the Platter London team to learn more about their sensational spreads that look as good as they taste, plus their top tips for creating a pimped-up platter of your own at home.

The premise is simple – take a wooden board or similar, cover it with lots of lovely food and ta da! On trend event catering complete. But of course it is most definitely not that simple to create Instagram-ready platter perfection, oh no. Far from it…

“It may seem easy, but it takes a lot to create a platter that has something on it that everyone can enjoy!” explains Klara, Founder and Creative Director of luxury and bespoke platter providers Platter London.

“Each platter takes a lot of thought and planning and that’s before we even start plattering - we really try and make sure we calculate our quantities correctly to minimise waste, as well as staying creative and always thinking of new ideas”

 “And we don’t just buy and arrange food, we create recipes and cook
everything ourselves from scratch!” adds Platter Executive Naomi. 

So as suspected, creating a top-notch, show-stopping platter that looks and tastes amazing is indeed far more involved that it may seem, especially if Platter London  has anything to do with it. This creative catering company launched in June last year, after eagle-eyed Klara noticed a growing trend in wow factor platters and gourmet grazing stations sweeping its way across some of the Southern Hemisphere’s most stylish events… 

“I first noticed the trend when randomly scrolling on Pinterest and Instagram - images of abundant food boards caught my eye and I realised they were fast becoming a craze over in Australia and New Zealand, so I figured that it had the potential to be just as popular in London, which is full of foodies!” she explains.

Platter London 

Klara, by her own admission, has always been entrepreneurial. From selling vegan fudge to designing and creating phone cases, she quickly realized that her true passion lay in food - ‘beautiful food in particular’ she adds. She spent her final year at university planning Platter London and originally started out by creating her unique style of pimped up platters for friends and family alone, but after posting just a few pictures on Instagram it wasn’t long until other requests started coming in thick and fast. One year on and the team has grown, with Klara, Naomi and Heather making up the current ‘formidable Platter team’; they are busy cooking up a storm and creating beautiful platters left and right and centre, and they’ve just opened their very first Platter Kitchen and Coffee shop, just off London’s buzzing High Street Kensington, but what is it about their picturesque platters that has made them just so obscenely popular of late?

“I don’t know about you, but my day revolves around food” smiles Naomi. “Often the highlight of some events can be the food - it creates an experience. We want people to remember it and think ‘wow’. It creates a whole other dimension to the event and something else for people to chat about afterwards” she adds.

“It’s just such a creative, unique take on catering – it’s more than just food, it’s art. We always strive to use the very best produce, create new recipes and put so much time and effort in to creating a vision that reflects the client’s wishes”

Platter London Cheese And Fruit  

Team Platter believes that every meal should be a celebration which is why every one of their platters is full of delectable colour, but as Naomi previously explained, it’s not simply a matter of arranging things beautifully for Platter – they don’t just buy the cakes and unwrap and arrange the biscuits, they actually make, bake and create everything themselves, ensuring the highest standard of quality, top level of taste and abundant, unique creativity.

“Yep we hand bake all of our tasty treats at home from scratch - nothing shop bought here!” enthuses Klara.

“The current favourites are our mini Eton mess pots, as well as our mini apple crumbles! The brownies also always seem to get eaten first, or, if there’s truffled Brie - that goes down pretty quickly too!”

 Sweet Platter

Their mouth-watering platter selection includes ample cheeseboards, delectable canapé platters, and their incredible sweet treat selection, and as well and looking fabulous and tasting just as good, the beauty of Platter’s platters lie further in their versatility.

“Our platters work for a whole host of events, for any amount of people and at any time of day” explains Klara. 

“We’ve done everything from delicious corporate breakfast platters for 6 people, to evening canapé platters and snacks for 100 people at a private event. One of my favourite platter collaborations has been for health and fitness influencer Meggan Grubb - we were asked to create a ‘peach themed’ platter, which we had a lot of fun with!”  


There’s no fuss, no lengthy set up required and no elaborate equipment necessary; platters can be ordered easily, before they’re beautifully wrapped up and hand delivered, ready to serve to your lucky guests immediately. The Platter  team can assist with unwrapping and setting up if necessary, and platters are so generously loaded to start off with, there is no need to top them up.

“All food items that make it to the platter are accessible as well as being beautiful, we want to make it super easy for people to graze” explains Platter’s Business Manager Heather.

“I think that people just want ease and simplicity when entertaining, and that’s exactly what we can provide. Our clients don’t want to spend hours slaving away in a kitchen - instead they want to spend that valuable time chatting to guests. We do all the hard work for them!” 

So while the concept may be a simple enough – the execution is far more involved than I would ever be brave enough to undertake myself. Even if one did have the time to make an array of delicious treats from scratch and source some beautiful rustic wooden platters (like Platter London’s) to serve them on, you’ve then got to make the platters look good too...

“The biggest struggle is to make something which looks good as well as being accessible and tasty - this is really key for us as although we want our platters to look great, we don’t want to forfeit on taste” explains Naomi.

“In essence - it’s delicious, beautifully presented food art” adds Klara.“It’s about taking the highest quality produce and combining it with creativity it to deliver a mouthwatering experience - for both the eyes and the taste buds!”

Fruit Platter Platter London

Platter London’s top tip for platter perfection


  • PICK YOUR PLATTER. Start with the canvas – we always think a lovely wooden board looks best, or a lovely china platter

  • FLOWER POWER. Flowers from the garden are an easy, cheap way to pretty up your platter - just avoid them touching the food unless they’re safe to eat - pansies, lavender and nasturtiums are fine.

  • GET FRUITY. Exotic fruits are great too - we love dragon fruits!

  • AND FINALLY…colour, colour, colour! We eat with our eyes, so it’s great for people to see their favourite foods standing out, like brownies for example

If you’d like to work with Platter London you can find their contact details and more info on their page in Toast.Life’s Little Black Book.

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