Sensational Summer Floral Trends

Sensational summer florals with The Flower Appreciation Society

All summer events call for plenty of sunshine, if we’re lucky, and masses of flowers. Toast.Life catches up with fashion's favourite florists The Flower Appreciation Society to hear more about their unique untamed style, growing their own flowers in Hackney and what’s hot for event florals this year.

I’d like to tell you that Anna and Ellie – the two über talented florists responsible for creating The Flower Appreciation Society – met at college whilst studying all things floral, or how they bumped into each other whilst both perusing the blooms at Covent Garden Flower Market, but that simply wouldn’t be true.

“We met working in a pub! Pulling pints in Hackney” explains Anna. 

"We quickly realised that we both loved flowers, so we decided to ask the landlady if we could do weekly flowers in the pub, and it all grew from there!”

Quite literally.

“I had always loved gardens and flowers, but had no idea it’s what I’d end up doing!” adds Ellie.


Fasmarch Flowerstyle Co

Floral Styling Flower Society

More than 10 years on and The Flower Appreciation Society is now one of London’s most highly regarded and sought after florists, with a small but thriving team creating flowery magic from their studio in Hackney, East London. From private events, wonderful weddings to huge installations and big brand shindigs, Anna and Ellie are renowned for their wild, natural style. In the past they’ve created a rooftop garden for Harvey Nichols, made a flower meadow for Liberty and a forest glade for Sketch in Mayfair. Other notable client names include Soho House, Liz Earle, Anthropologie, Laurent Perrier and more.

“We made a huge flower wall for Uniqlo and Liberty a few years ago. It was 10square metres! But we haven’t been asked to make one flower wall this year so perhaps the trend has moved on?” ponders Ellie.

“I think this year is all about anything that is very natural and organic, as if it’s growing out of the floor and up the walls…” 

Floral Society Stairs

Door Frame

Flower Society Designs

Flower Society Hanging Florals

There’s something undeniably magical about Anna and Ellie’s untamed style. The colours, the forms, the feeling as though the flowers just chose to grow there themselves, unsupervised, is unique, incredibly stylish and very difficult to achieve. Beautiful blooms as we all know can make any event completely unforgettable, and just a single stem of something gorgeous can create a sense of wonder.

“Flowers make people happy. Their colour, scent, shape, frills, texture and how full of life they are, so we like to let the flowers speak for themselves - natural, as is if they’ve just been picked from the garden” enthuses Ellie.

“I think my favourite thing to decorate with flowers is a mantelpiece, or above a door or an arch. For colours we often veer towards soft palettes with pops of dark strong colours. Flower wise – gosh! We don’t have a favourite, but at the moment we are in love with our own home grown tulips and butterfly ranunculus” 

Flowersociety Bar

Flowersociety Door

Flowersociety Florals

When Ellie says 'home-grown' she really means it - this is another intriguing string to The Flower Appreciation Society’s floral bow, and something that sets them apart from almost every other florist in London and beyond.

“To really understand flowers we knew we had to grow our own...” explains Ellie.

And so, they took a disused backyard in Hackney and transformed it into an urban oasis; their very own cutting garden filled with cosmos, dahlias, snapdragons, foxgloves and more, and the buzzing sound of some very happy bees.

“Home grown flowers have a completely different quality to them. They always smell, they have lovely windy stems and wonderful imperfections. We can grow varieties and colours which we can’t get from the market and we’re also reducing our carbon footprint in a very small way” she adds.

“We are passionate about British flowers. We’ve heard there will be a strong focus on British flowers at the royal wedding with many being sourced from Highgrove, which is great news!” 

Florals By The Flower Society

Flower Society

When they’re not busy tending to their blossom patch or adding fragrant wow factor to high fashion events and private parties galore, Anna and Ellie also host a plethora of wonderful workshops from their Hackney HQ. These range from evening courses that cover the basics to a 3-day intensive career course; learn how to create a hand-tied bouquet, arrange a tall or low vase, or knock up a show stopping Christmas wreath. Enrol for a Flower Masterclass and you can visit Anna and Ellie’s cutting garden and then learn how to arrange the flowers that you have just hand-picked, or if wedding bells are about to ring then why not learn to create the essential bouquets and accessories on their DIY Bridal class?

“We love teaching and it seems that people really want to be creative and learn how to arrange flowers. Our workshops are designed to inspire. You’ll leave full of confidence and with an urge to create!” explains Anna.

“There’s also something wonderful about working with your hands. Floristry has a calming, restorative effect. We call it flower therapy.” 

Floral Bouquet Making


Flowersociety Floral Table

Flowersociety School

Flowersociety Teaching  (1)

All classes and workshops are great for groups of friends, teams or flower lovers flying solo, and both complete beginners and seasoned snippers alike are welcome; the experience is designed to be relaxed, fun and filled with flowers. If you’d prefer to start small then opt for a flower head dress making workshop; in just one evening you’ll learn how to make this gorgeous and essential summer accessory (and there’s a glass of wine included too) and if you’re planning a hen then the same sophisticated principle can be applied to a group.  

“The flower head dress making tends to appeal to brides and hens who want a more relaxed, creative afternoon” explains Ellie.

“They come to the studio and learn how to make a fresh flower head dress which they can then wear for the rest of the evening” 

With or without the plastic L plate...

And of course following the hen comes the wedding, and The Flower Appreciation Society can also weave their green-fingered magic at all manner of nuptials too. Whether it’s an intimate ceremony at home or a grand celebration in a palace, Anna or Ellie will visit the market especially to choose the freshest blooms for the big day, and in the warmer months brides (and grooms) are also treated to freshly picked flowers from their cutting garden too.

“There’s a lot of pressure, especially when we do really big weddings” explains Ellie. “But it’s a great kind of pressure!”

Loni Theo Trinity Buoy Wharf

Loni Toni Trinity Buot Wharf

Loni Theo Trinity Buoy Wharf

The shelves of their Hackney studio are stacked with wonderful vases ready to adorn the tables, and there’s a selection of hand-dyed silk ribbons to choose from for the bouquets, and then you’ve got to choose which flowers you’d like - decisions, decisions. 

“We meet the client and discuss what they would like, then we create a bespoke proposal for them with our interpretation on what their vision and budget” explains Ellie. 

“But if you’re just starting to think about which flowers you might like for an event then I’d say start following florists who you like on Instagram, and get inspired!” 

And with nearly 30K fans on Instagram alone, I think we can safely safe that The Flower Appreciation Society might be worth a follow.

For more from The Flower Appreciation Society then check out their page in Toast.Life’s Little Black Book for contact details and more information

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