Tea With Spirit

Discover Noveltea's Tea with spirit

As great tea lovers ourselves, there is a lot to be said for Noveltea Drinks…

Firstly the name is brilliant, because Noveltea Drinks do in fact specialise in a novelty drink of sorts, that also happens to be made from top quality tea. Genius. Secondly, Noveltea Drinks’ offering is a drink with ‘spirit’ – quite literally. We’re talking about an alcoholic tea experience here people – a mixture of this great nation’s two favourite things – tea, and booze. Hot on the heels of National Tea Day* too.

In September 2015 founders Lukas and Vincent moved to the UK from Cologne in Germany; they found themselves in Newcastle upon Tyne, and have called themselves ‘Geordies by choice’ ever since. The British tea tradition and the enjoyment of craft spirits inspired them to combine the two - thus the world’s first cold brewed tea with spirit was born...

First up is The Tale of Earl Grey; a mixture of Earl Grey tea, blended with its stronger cousin - British gin - to create a smooth, distinctive, and richly flavoured thanks to its unique infusion of hand-selected botanicals. Next up is The Tale of Tangier; an exotic and unique blend of Moroccan green mint tea and rum – an ode to the spirit of the Orient - with hints of exotic fruit and floral citrus notes and a soft yet satisfying sweetness.

Both come in a beautifully designed bottle and can be served by the glass or in a teacup, ice cold or hot, but always in good company. Both are perfect for parties, afternoon teas and everything in between, because nothing beats a good cuppa.

Not only is Noveltea vegan friendly, but it’s also gluten-free and manufactured entirely in the UK. Both The Tale of Earl Grey and The Tale of Tangier are cold-brewed for up to 8 hours using highest loose tea; cold brewing generates its smooth taste and enhances the tea flavours, without causing some of the bitter notes that can often be associated with tea. Cold brewing also produces lower levels of caffeine by extracting more antioxidants than hot-brewed processes, so it’s basically good for you (but don’t quote us on that…)

Noveltea Spirit

Noveltea Earl Grey

Our Verdict:

The coolest cuppa in town!


£9.95 for 25cl, £24.95 for 70cl

Where you can buy it:

John Lewis, Harrods  and Fenwick and online at www.noveltea-drinks.com

*National Tea Day 2018 


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by Notebook
on on 25 April 2018

  alcoholic tea, cocktails, tea

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