Studio Sorores' Expert Tips For Creating Timeless Events

Studio Sorores share their expert tips for creating stunning, timeless, luxurious events

Super sisters Georgia and Jessie Westwood, aka Studio Sorores, talk to TOAST.Life about styling trends for 2018, top tips for entertaining like pro, the upcoming Royal Wedding and more…

Independently successful events experts Jessie and Georgia, who just happen to be sisters too, recently joined forces to create a business that offers exceptional event planning, styling, flowers and design all under one roof; Studio Sorores. Here they share their top tips on perfecting their style, as well as offering their expert wisdom on this year’s wedding and event trends with TOAST.Life.

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British summertime has finally, officially arrived. What do you think will be this summer’s big event trends?

Jessie: For us? More muted tones. Less minimalism. More privacy. Everything will be softer and easier. On the flip of that I think we will also see more extravagance and more ostentatious fun. I kinda love that, even if it isn't what we stand for most of the time. I hope other planners, stylists and florists start to showcase more of their own personalities in that regard. I guess 2017 all looked a bit the same; I struggled to see innovation at times. 

Georgia: We try and steer away from trends as much as possible, but I have found that people are generally looking for more of a classic look rather than gold everything. It’s more about the overall experience than the trend of that moment. 


When it comes to weddings there is of course one big wedding that everyone is talking about – what do you think we might see at Prince Harry & Megan’s  big day? 

Georgia: Harry and Megan are pretty much our ideal client! They won’t want to be old fashioned, but they will want to be tasteful. It will be the perfect combination of modern and traditional and I think flowers will play a big part in the day. 

Jessie: I can't wait! Honestly is everyone as obsessed as I am? She will no doubt rock a beautifully elegant gown and I think we are likely to see a perfect balance of traditional and modern style. It's a Royal wedding so it's not going to be super out there in terms of styling... but Megan has her own mind and I'm sure we will see some of her personality in there too. 


Event planning, design and floristry can have a reputation for being expensive – does this always have to be the case? 

Georgia: It depends. You can of course do things on a budget yourself but I actually think that the reputation of the events industry is incredibly unfair. The majority of businesses are undercharging for the amount of dedicated work that they do because they almost feel guilty for charging the right amount as they enjoy it so much.

Jessie: Honestly? It's about expectations. In the wedding industry in particular there is an alarming lack of realism about costs for vendors. There are always going to be lower budget options and more luxury budget options. Event planning is a highly skilled and high-pressured job, and I think far too many independent planners in the UK undercharge compared to the agencies - despite quite often offering a more bespoke and dedicated service. 


What are your top tips for entertaining at home?

Georgia: Don’t overcomplicate things too much when entertaining at home. If you go too far out of your comfort zone it just won’t feel right in your home. If you’re arranging flowers, I would recommend choosing just 1-3 types of flower rather than buying a bit of everything in the flower shop. My biggest floristry lesson was to focus on colour theory and to simplify.

Jessie: Budget early, focus on the five senses, make a plan and stick to it. That... and you can never have too many flowers or candles. Never. 


Finally, when you’re not busy planning amazing events for others – how do you like to entertain? 

Georgia: I absolutely love cooking; making food for the people I love is one of my favourite things to do. The key to entertaining is good music, homemade food, red wine and dimmed lighting - I am obsessed with getting the lighting right!

Jessie: All you need is great food and great company. That's it. Everything else will add to the atmosphere and occasion, but not strictly necessary. 

Read our Spotlight interview with Jessie and Georgia over on TheEDIT now, or for more information and to work with this incredibly creative duo, take a look at their page in Toast.Life's Little Black Book.

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