Magical Children's Parties With Dazzle & Fizz

Stylish fun for little ones with leading children's party planners Dazzle & Fizz

Parties to please all! TOAST.Life chats to Charlotte Melia, founder and director of leading bespoke children's party planners Dazzle & Fizz, to hear how her beautiful and practical children’s parties delight grown ups too, plus her thoughts on this year's top party trends

At TOAST.Life we love to entertain; from stylish dinner parties and cocktail-filled soirées to big birthday bashes and bacon butty and Buck’s Fizz bonanzas for Boat Race day – but us grown ups can’t have all the fun, can we…?

Children’s parties can often conjure up a feeling a dread…a room filled with screaming sugar crazed kids, an overly enthusiastic entertainer and no booze to boot, but here to deliver stylish children’s parties that will delight both young and old is Charlotte Melia - founder and director of leading bespoke children's party planners Dazzle & Fizz.

“We all lead such busy lives as parents, so our social lives naturally start to form around our children and their activities - I think parents have realised that since they go to such a lot of children’s parties these days, they may as well enjoy them too!” Charlotte laughs.

Dazzle And Fizz

Charlotte launched Dazzle & Fizz in 2010 when she was heavily pregnant with her son; she knew that she wanted a career that could fit around being a new mum and running her own business seemed like the most viable option, but founding one of the UK’s leading children's party planners wasn’t always the plan…

“I always thought that I wanted to be an actress! In reality, I didn’t like the uncertainty of it all though and quickly grew bored and frustrated” she explains.  

“I needed to pay the bills to support my acting career so I started entertaining children around London on the weekend and a year later, when I was pregnant, I started up on my own. I love it – I love how creative it is, all the amazing people I get to work with, and I adore my team!” she adds.

“From the beginning we’ve always tried to be ourselves and not get swept up in what anyone else in doing. I figure that if you’re true to yourself, the right people will like you and those that don’t and that’s fine too - they’re not our customers. We also plan and style everything from both the child’s and adult’s perspective, and I think that’s what makes our events really unique”

Dazzle & Fizz boast a small expert team of party stylists and planners who specilaise in delivering children’s parties with an immersive theatrical focus; the planning team provides a comprehensive event management service and can manage every last detail, from your venue search, invitations and travel logistics to the entertainment programme, catering and memorable party extras. And when it comes to styling – well they have an expert team for that too, who have a unique, innovative and dual focused approach that aims to delights guests both young and old(er) simultaneously.

Dazzleandfizz British

Dazzle And Fizz Childrens House

Dazzle And Fizz London Party

“When we style, we do so firstly to excite the child and secondly to surprise the grown ups - our parties are both beautiful and practical. For example, at a recent car themed party, we designed a beautiful tablecloth that was actually a racetrack - each child received a car as a table gift, which they used to play with during lunch. I think that’s the key to good children’s party styling - it must have a purpose and add value” Charlotte explains.

“We offer a very personal service and support and inform our clients on our progress every step of the way. Some clients like to sign of every piece of artwork, others like to be surprised on the day. It’s about understanding each client as an individual”  

In addition to the planning and styling, there’s also a team of a top notch team of children’s party entertainers who are experts in balloon modelling, magic shows, dance, drama, party games, storytelling and more, and an in-house production and prop making team too, who can whip up a whole host of bespoke props and accessories - something that Charlotte feels can make all the difference.

“This ensures that we are different, unique and stand out from the crowd. It’s so obvious when planners use commonplace hire props and we try and avoid this where possible. We obviously hire items for our events, but we try and source more unique suppliers and artists to deliver them” she explains.

Dazzleandfizz Rainbow

Dazzleandfizz Childrens Party

Dazzle And Fizz British

Dazzle And Fizz Clouds

Dazzle & Fizz have created ice palaces in deserts, kingdoms in villages, crime scenes in private members clubs, wonderlands in countryside retreats and gardens in grand halls; whether it’s an indoor utopia or an outdoor adventure, a magical tea party or a trip to Neverland – Charlotte and her team work to make each and every child’s dreams a reality, which is no mean feat considering that pretty much anything is possible in a child’s imagination…

“We are happy to deliver any theme or brief. The hot themes so far this year are Unicorns, Mermaids, Peter Rabbit and transport. And a any parent knows, children are very perceptive!” she smiles.  

“To be honest, some of my most of our favourite parties are subject to NDA, so I can’t speak about them. What we share on social media is very limited compared to the parties we deliver. I always enjoy the international bookings though - last year we performed in Sardinia, Monaco, Portugal and Nigeria to name a few destinations! And performing for Royalty is always very special for me…”

If you’ve got Royalty on your books then you must be doing something right, and the key to success is hard work and lots of it, according to Charlotte.

“People who think that events is all glamour and champagne, think again! Behind the scenes is a lot of hard graft, grit and the ability to adapt very quickly to situations. I also think it is important to really listen to what your client wants and needs. Always”

Dazzle And Fizz Party Scene

Dazzle And Fizz Party Scenes

As well as pleasing the parents, Dazzle and Fizz can delight 0-3 years, 3-7 years, 7-13 years and teenagers – that’s a lot of themes and trends to keep up with, particularly when it comes to the dreaded teens – apparently Facebook just isn’t ‘cool’ anymore and I still don’t really know what Snapchat does.

“My business partner has an 11 year old daughter, so she keeps us up-to-date on what’s hot and what’s not. We are also a pretty young team, so I like to think we’re still in touch with the younger generation!” explains Charlotte.

“For tweens it’s important that they feel grown-up, but that the party content is still very age-appropriate. Teenagers usually know exactly what they want and how they want it to look on Instagram too!”

Under The Sea Dazzle And Fizz

Dazzleandfizz British

The other end of the spectrum is yet another one of Dazzle & Fizz’s niches – parties for babies. Yes that’s right, in this day and age babies also require stylish, interesting and perfectly executed parties too. 

“Entertaining babies and pre-schoolers is very different to working with school age children and requires a completely different approach” Charlotte explains.

“I can’t give all our secrets away, but baby entertainment typically involves a much more sensory approach. Exploring colour, sound, light, texture, music and movement as a vehicle to drive the theatre forward”

So Dazzle & Fizz  seem to have all bases covered, and use their talent, dedication and an incredible of amount of hard work to deliver. In my day (I am really showing my age now…) it was all about pass-the-parcel and a bowl of jelly and ice cream if you were lucky, and so I wonder what party trends Charlotte thinks we’ll see in 2018.

“This year I think parties that engage children both physically and intellectually are becoming far more appealing to parents. Good children’s entertainment doesn’t involve bribing the children with sweets for two hours, but actually speaking to them and exciting them on their level in a fun, active and interactive environment” she explains.

“Children’s sized furniture for under 5’s is a must. We design bespoke tablecloths too, which are a simple, cost effective and very stylish way to theme a party table. Wooden, paper and recyclable or biodegradable tableware should also be top of everyone’s list and no plastic straws! They are so bad for the environment. We have a zero plastic policy for all tableware and party bag gifts”

And what about Dazzle & Fizz – what’s next for them I wonder?

‘This is going to be a really exciting year for us as we grow, evolve and mature as a business” Charlotte explains, thoughtfully.

“I am very fortunate in that I already have a lot of my dream clients on my books, but Beyonce and Jay-Z can call me anytime however….just saying!”

If you want to plan some stylish Easter fun for your little ones then head over to TheEdit  now for TOAST.Life’s Inspire Me guide to creating the Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt at home, with top tips from Dazzle & Fizz!

For more information and contact details for Dazzle & Fizz visit their page in TOAST’s Little Black Book.  

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