How To Plan The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt

Keep your little chicks entertained over Easter with the Ultimate Easter Egg hunt!

Easter Weekend is nearly upon us, so here we share our mouth-watering guide to creating the ultimate Easter egg hunt at home, with some brilliant top tips from Charlotte Melia - founder and director of leading bespoke children's party planners Dazzle & Fizz.

Hot cross buns, roast lamb and a mountain of chocolate eggs – there are many things that we associate with Easter, aside from its religious significance of course which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Although eggs are generally considered a traditional symbol of fertility and rebirth, in Christianity Easter eggs in fact symbolize the empty tomb of Jesus from which he was resurrected, bringing a whole new meaning to that giant Maltesers eggs you’ve asked the Easter bunny for…

The tradition of giving eggs as a gift actually began back in the day when during the weeks leading up to Easter, eating eggs was banned by the church (during Lent) – and so any eggs laid that week were saved, decorated in bright colours and then given to children as gifts. The Victorians, well known for their sense of occasion, adapted the tradition with lavishly decorated cardboard eggs filled with Easter gifts, and in the early 19th Century the very first chocolate eggs appeared in France and Germany.

In this digital day and age any reason to put done the iPad and step away from Snapchat has to be good – and nothing beats good old-fashioned egg hunt at Easter! Now of course there is an overwhelming choice of Easter eggs to choose from, and one of the most fun ways to enjoy them is to hide them around the house and garden and set your little lose on a tradition Easter egg hunt! And here is TOAST.Life’s ultimate guide to doing just that, with some top tips from Charlotte Melia - founder and director of leading bespoke children's party planners Dazzle & Fizz.  


Pick Your Eggs

Dazzle & Fizz top tip: Try and be mindful of sugar content at Easter parties, as this can quickly escalate out of control! Combine chocolate eggs with non-edible and educational themed gifts for a balanced treasure hunt”. 

If you’d like to incorporate some sugar free options this year, as Charlotte suggests, you can use real, hard-boiled eggs that have been dyed or decorated, but be aware that if they are not found they might rot! A safer bet is to decorate eggs made from ceramic or polystyrene, which is a fun activity to with the kids. These kits from online craft experts Baker Ross  and Hobbycraft make decorating eggs super easy and the results are impressive. For minimum fuss and maximum impact we also love Baker Ross’ golden eggs, perfect for a contemporary twist. 

Baker And Ross


Baker Ross eggs are £2.99 for a pack of 12. Golden Eggs £2.50 for a pack of 12.  Hobbcraft’s Ceramic Egg Decoration Kit 4 Pack £2.

Another really fun egg decorating kit that the kids will love comes courtesy of Meri Meri, which comes with a host of decorations and accessories to make 4 Easter bunnies, complete with whiskers and googly bead eyes.

Meri Meri Egg Decorating

Meri Meri's decorating kits are £10. 

There are of course dozens of delicious chocolate eggs to choose from in the supermarket, including handy (and delicious) Easter egg hunt kits from both Cadbury’s and Waitrose, but if you really want to impress your Easter guests then why not have a go at making your own? All you need to do is carefully melt some chocolate, pour in to an Easter egg mould and leave to cool; Lakeland has a great selection of moulds in various sizes – from small eggs perfect for hiding around the home, to larger moulds that make eggs big enough to fill with your choice of treats!

Lakeland Easter Egg Cases

Mini Eggs Easter Hunt

Lakeland's moulds start from £3.99. Chocolate eggs all from Ocado. Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt Pack £6, Waitrose Easter Egg Hunt Box £5.

Theme Your Hunt

Dazzle & Fizz top tip: “Pick a colour scheme and / or theme and apply this theme to all elements of your party from the catering to the entertainment. With the new movie, Peter Rabbit is set to have a reprise this year. Beatrix Potter in general is also a lovely Easter theme”

There are lots of gorgeous Peter Rabbit party accessories out there that will help you theme your party perfectly. Fabulous Partyware do a Peter Rabbit  party pack for 12 that includes plates, cups, napkins and more, and you can upgrade to their luxury kit that includes gorgeous bunting and a brilliant cupcake kit too. Paperchase also do a more modern Peter Rabbit range that is perfect for older children and includes fabric bunting, tableware, cute decorations and more. We love their striped Peter Rabbit straws!

Easter Hunt

Paperchase Decorations Edited 1

Fabulous Partyware party pack for 12, £12 (luxury £33).  Little Baby Company  bags £9.95 for 8. Paperchase Peter Rabbit range from £1.50, straws £3.50 for pack of 20 

For more contemporary Easter egg hunt décor then you can’t go wrong with Meri Meri – their ‘Hoppy Easter Garland’ is just brilliant, as are their bunny plates, cake toppers and napkins, and their show stopping bunny piñata! Their bunny dressing up kit is also an adorable outfit for Easter fun.

 Meri Meri Easter 2

For a fab finishing touch we love this gorgeous  'Bunny' wall sticker from Chocovenyl, based on an original watercolour drawing, which can be applied, removed and repositioned without causing damage to your wall or tearing. And for a fabulous flourish that the Easter bunny himself would be proud of then why not add few of Bubblgeum Balloons’ brilliant Easter inflatables to your celebration; a must-have for an stylish egg hunt!

Bunny Decal

Bubblegum Balloons Easter 2018

Bunny Vinyl costs £12  from Chocovenyl. Balloons from £35 Bubblegum Balloons.

Get Hiding 

If the weather holds, the perfec thunt is outdoors, behind trees, in flower beds and around jidden corners and nooks in the garden. If the weather's unkind, choose just a few rooms to hide your Easter treats in and get the kids to stick to the designated areas, this will prevent little hands rummaging around under the kitchen sink where there might be dangerous chemicals within reach – mark these areas as out of bounds. The living room and hallway are usually good spaces (just be sure to secure any fragile or valuable items).

Hide your eggs and treats out of sight – but try not to make it too hard in case they might never be found! Hide eggs in easy places for children five and under (in plain sight in the corner of the room, or in baskets on low tables), and choose slightly trickier places for children aged six and up, such as in drawers or behind plant pots. For older children and teenagers why not really challenge them by taping eggs to the underside of chairs and tables?

If you want you can also use verbal clues or you can write them down. How about ‘somewhere cold’ for a egg hiding in the fridge, or ‘something you use to cook’ for some treats hidden in a cooking pan or casserole dish!

It’s always a good idea to make a note of where you’ve hidden each egg - this will help you give clues and hints to any children that might have trouble finding the treats that have been scurried away, and it will help you check for leftover eggs after the hunt has ended!

This Way For Eggs

Dazzle & Fizz' Top Tip:  Make your Easter egg hunt last longer by hiding a series of cryptic clues around the garden for the children to solve and find. The last clue will reveal the booty! This is also a great way to ensure you’re in complete control over how much chocolate each child eats!”

The easiest way to beautifully accessorize and organise your Easter egg hunt is with a handy kit; Interior design hotspot The White Company have created a stylish kit complete with white minimalist bunny and rabbit shaped paper signs, whilst Meri Meri have a beautifully crafted option with bunny and flower signs in etched and colored wood.

Bunny Signage Merimeri

The White Company £12. Meri Meri kit £16  

Postbox Party’s version contains a selection of pastel printed eggs, rabbit and flower shaped pointers embellished with gold foil type and detail, as well as a personalised sign. They also do a budget friendly ‘rabbit and chick’ kit for little ones too. We also love Talking Table’s colourful kit, which contains bags, clues, signs including a gold card foil egg and 4 sets of foot prints for helping your little hunters find their way!

Postbox Party

Easter Egg Hunt Talking Tables

Image 1 Postbox Party kit with personalised sign £18, Image 2 rabbit and chick kit £9.50 from Talking Tables £8.50.  

Martha Brook has created a beautiful personalised Easter treasure hunt kit in the shape of a set of cards cleverly designed to lead children (big or small!) to their Easter treats by following the little clues set by the Easter bunny.

Martha Brook Egg Hunt

Martha Brook 2

Martha Brook Easter Egg Hunt Kit is £16 from Not On The High Street.

Edinburgh-based Twenty Seven has a fun kit that includes five acrylic bunny rabbit in a jute bag with personalised badge. Hide all the bunnies in the garden and the first to find all five wins! Unlike chocolate eggs, these rabbits can be used year after year.

Twenty Seven Decorations

Twenty Seven Easter Egg Tags £11.95 from Not On The High Street. 

If you don’t fancy an entire kit then both Clouds & Currents and Modo Creative can create a personalised egg hunt arrow for a fab finishing touch!

Bunny Signage

This Way

Modo Creative personalised signage £9.50. Bunny Sign from Clouds & Currents  £14. 

Bags Buckets and Baskets

Once you’ve got your hunt all sorted you’ll need to arm your little Easter egg hunters with a suitable bag or basket to collect all their treats in. The Little Baby Company’s Peter Rabbit bags are perfect for collecting eggs, as are Meri Meri’s adorable bunny bags. Thornback & Peel’s  stylish rabbit and cabbage shopper is great for older children, or for a personal touch then check out Postbox Party’s lovely personalised cotton bags that come in a variety of cool colours, pretty designs and different sizes. We also love Milk & Moon’s  gorgeous bunny treat bag – complete with a fluffy white pom pom tail!

Little Baby Co

(Little Baby Company Peter Rabbit Bags)

Thornback And Peel

(Thornback and Peel  Easter Tote Bags)

Meri Meri Bunny Bags

(Meri Meri Bunny Bags)

Postbox Party Bags

(Postbox Party Bags)

Milk Moon Bunny

Meri Meri bunny backpack £19, bunny pouch £12, bunny bags £11 for 8.  Thornback & Peel shopper £20, Postbox Party’s personalised bags from £4.50 each.  Milk & Moon Bunny Treat Bag £12.  

For a more traditional look opt for this beautiful handmade woven basket complete with personalised wooden name tag, or these lovely buckets from the aptly named Chicken and The Egg – covered in charming retro prints. And for an eco friendly option, you can’t go wrong with Tillyanna’s lovely woven pouches made from jute, which have a pom-pom tail for added cuteness.

Bunny Bag The Chicken And The Egg

(Chicken and the Egg Bunny Bag £8, bunny bags £6) 

Seahorse Bunny Bags

(Seahorse personalised basket £13.95) 


(Tillyanna pouches £10 each) 

Finally, for a touch of modern sparkle we love these colourful, personalised sparkle sacks by British designer Catherine Colebrook and for a super chic option then you can’t go wrong with Ellie Ellie’s black cotton bag with ‘The Greatest Egg Hunt. Ever’ impressively displayed on the front, and a set of either 10 golden eggs or 10 little chick eggs inside that can be filled with special treats for special people! Their Easter themed jumpers are also seriously cute too… 

Catherine Colebrook

Easter Bag

Ellie Ellie Jumpers

Ellie Ellie Jumper

Catherine Colebrook sacks £9 each.  Ellie Ellie  bag and eggs £13, Jumpers £23 )

Fun & Games

Dazzle & Fizz top tip: Combine high energy activities with more cerebral. For example start with dancing games, then change the tempo with a craft activity, such as Easter bonnet making and then move on to your Easter Egg hunt.” 

Other great games for Easter include an egg and spoon race, egg decorating and Chocolate egg using some of the moulds and kits mentioned above. However you spend it, have an egg-cellent time!

Don’t forget to tag @ToastLifeUK in all your Easter celebrations – we would love to see your photos!


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