Tasty Food Trends With Bubble Food

TOAST talks tasty food trends for 2018 with food designers Bubble Food

Michael Collins, Managing Director of leading event caterers Bubble Food gives TOAST.Life his top tips on the tastiest trends for SS18 and what to consider when planning the food you serve up for your next event.

Bubble Food's Tastiest Trends for 2018 


“People are becoming increasingly more adventurous with their menu choices and there’s a huge trend for immersive experiences that people can connect with. We love turning up the volume on our food using all the senses. We can include specially created scents, soundscapes, wind machines and visual triggers, which have had an amazing response. Such creations bring about a heightened emotional response, tapping into memories and creating a stronger impact for the guests in search of them” 

 Dessert Popper Bubble Food

(Dessert Popper)

Spring Beet Dipped Chicken Parfait Bubble Food

(Bubble's creative and intelligent approach is applied to all events. This bespoke starter is the 'Snitch' from the Quidditch game in the Harry Potter books, featuring the first paragraph of the first book of the series. Chicken liver parfait, mandarin glaze, bay leaves, sunflower seed granola, red onion jam, customised filo 'page' spritzed with earl grey and mandarin oil.)


“Creating new experiences through developing a 'twist' on ingredients or a conventional dish is incredibly popular. People are becoming more emotionally connected to their dining experiences and also opting for more unfamiliar ingredients in search of universal and cultural flavours that offer new tastes and textures”

 Jewelled Mango Bubble Food

(Jewelled Mango Dessert)

Saffron Pear Bubble Food

(Saffron Pear)


“Having an intelligent response to dietary requirements is increasingly influencing which caterers are selected for events. It’s not simply diet choice - such as catering, for example, for vegans, as people are rapidly becoming sensitive to specific food types. With the growing trend for wellness, dishes need to be flexible with clear information on the ingredients used, their sources and provenance” he adds.

 Native Lobster Watermelon Mint Borage Flowers Spiced By Bubble Food

(Native Lobster water melon, mint, borage flowers and spice)


“More people are becoming loyal and supportive of local independent businesses. The concept of 'farm to fork' is not only providing greater transparency, but also generates a feel good factor for diners and caterers alike. As a result seasonal foods have a new exclusive status linked to the trend for local heritage. The health conscious consumer is also on the increase here and dishes are becoming more consciously chosen for example, Meat Free Mondays”

Bubble Food

Beetroot Devon Crab And Smoked Trout Mousse Beetroot Gel Avocado Purée Red Chard

(Image and Styling Credi: Mango Pie Events)

Vegan Dish

(Bubble Food's Beetroot - Devon crab and smoked trout mousse, beetroot gel, avocado purée, red chard)


  • Choose wisely. Choosing the right caterer  is absolutely key to the success of any event. Everyone remembers boring food or bad service – for all the wrong reasons. Clients planning events often tell us that one of their biggest fears is a dull or cheap looking event. Not only do they feel this will reflect badly on them, but also on their own judgement. At Bubble, we believe that every event can, and should, be inspiring and engaging for guests from start to finish. We offer a myriad of imaginative menus and creative styling/production elements, which make for luxurious and dazzling charity events at a variety of price-points. 

  • Be bold. Creating breath-taking and memorable events pays off. Guests often share their incredible experiences of Bubble events with others – particularly through social media, resulting in the elevation of the brand’s position and a greater reach for their chosen message(s). 

  • Think of a theme. It helps to bring together all the elements of your party and can provide an opportunity for guests to get involved with dressing up. It can also help to break the ice for guests who don’t know each other very well. Don’t forget to dress the space, perhaps create a feature wall, table or even a food station where you can provide a focus. 

  • Keep it simple. If you are hosting at home and want to create a sit-down meal, keep it simple by cooking something tried and tested that you know works well. Don’t try to over-deliver and make something that takes you away from guests for too long. If you are providing canapés, allow 10-12 items per guest and include some sweet options for later. 

For more information and contact details for Bubble Food then visit their page in TOAST’s Little Black Book. For more event inspiration and trend tips for 2018 check out TheEDIT.


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