Mr Black's Caffeinated Cocktails

Mr Black's Caffeinated Cocktails

Dry January is nearly over, and with that means the New Year can begin again, and a whole host of new cocktail trends can be enjoyed, and this is a particularly delicious one…caffeinated cocktails.

Most of us have been enjoying espresso martinis for a while now and I think we can all agree that there’s a big difference between a good one and bad one, and normally it’s down to the ingredients used. So if you’re looking for one totally on trend liqueur to add to your cocktail making arsenal this year then check out the newest, coolest kid on the block – Mr Black.

Great tasting coffee starts with great beans and it’s no different for this stylish, modern coffee liqueur from a tiny distillery Down Under, made by hand and completely unfiltered. The finest beans are sourced from Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia and Brazil and roasted to an exact specification to ensure a deliciously rich flavour and a touch of sweet caramelisation, and like any self-respecting cup of hipster coffee the beans are then cold-pressed to give a less acidic brew with a rounder mouthfeel.

This top-notch coffee is then combined with pure Australian Grain spirit, giving this dark rich liqueur an amazing coffee flavour, with hints of toffee and marmalade, and a refreshing citrus edge to finish. And they haven’t just concentrated on the booze either - the bottle itself is gorgeous too making it both a tasty and stylish addition to any cocktail trolley, bar or shelf.  

Serve it to your guests on the rocks or you can add to a selection of tasty cocktail creations – even a Mr Black gin and tonic! Just add 15mls to your usual G&T. One of its absolutely super powers however lies in taking your espresso martini to the next level – next time you want wow your guests and really get the party started at home, try this delicious recipe; 

Espresso Martini Mr Black


- 40ml vodka - 25ml Mr Black coffee liqueur - 25ml fresh espresso coffee
- 5ml sugar syrup
- Cubed ice to shake
- 3 coffee beans

Pour the vodka, coffee, liqueur and sugar into a cocktail shaker. Fill with ice, cover and shake well. Strain into a Martini glass and garnish by floating three coffee beans on top.

Mr Black Bottle

Our Verdict:

Dubbed ‘the worlds best coffee liqueur’ – it’s the next big thing and a must-have for serving super stylish (and completely delicious) cocktails at home.


Mr Black is £30 for 70cl and stockists include Harvey Nichols, Ocado, Amazon, The Whisky Exchange, 31 Dover and more. Visit http://mrblack.co/ for more info


Posted in The Notebook

by Must Have
on on 26 January 2018

  cocktail hour, cocktails, epresso martini

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