How To Be A Healthy Host and A Good Guest

Leading integrative health and nutrition coach Karen Cummings-Palmer's top tips for a balanced 2018

After the indulgences of Christmas, health, beauty and nutrition consultant Karen Cummings-Palmer gives TOAST her top tips for achieving balance this year (and beyond) whether you are the guest or the host…


  • Up Your Vitamins: In January when it is cold and dark I up my supplements, adding a little extra vitamin C, D and zinc

  • Tumeric Tea: I drink a lot of turmeric tea with warm water, a splash of lemon juice and a grind of black pepper

  • Warming Dishes: I stick to warming stews and bone broths in the evenings with the occasional glass of organic red wine


  • Help Your Guests Feel Good: I think guests really appreciate having things on offer that make them feel good – start with a healthy shot before moving on to the wine - ginger, beet and lemon juice will help boost immunity and support the liver. 

  • Add Cucumber:  to your jug of water, it has an alkalizing effect on the body and its full of hair and skin boosting silca. 

  • Plant Based Dishes: Don’t be afraid to make plant-centric meals even if you are not a vegetarian. Small amounts of great quality meat and fish with lots of seasonal vegetables amd plenty of herbs and spices can be really impressive. 
  • After Dinner Treat: Serve turmeric tea for an anti-inflammatory boost after dinner and make your own organic chocolate by way of desert and send guests away with a couple wrapped in parchment. 



  • Relax:  I think it is important to relax! Try and eat food that supports you 80% of the time. Having pasta at a dinner party occasionally when you might choose quinoa at home won’t do too much damage, but I do think it is ok to say no to certain things. 

  • Consider Your Drink Choice: I never drink cocktails for example – all that sugar and liquor is not helpful and nobody is offended.

  • Restist Temptation:  rarely eat desserts especially if they are shop bought but if someone has gone to the trouble of making a cake I will have a little – choose your battles and don’t arrive at the party too hungry! 

For more from Karen you can find her website here - Karen Cummings Palmer. You can also check out our recent Spotlight interview with her over on TheEdit now.


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