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Carluccio’s gorgeous gifts

The winter months are wonderful for long lazy lunches and cosy dinners that go on for hours, and if you fancy adding a splash of unmistakable Italian style to proceedings next time you have guests over then take at look at some of Carluccio’s gorgeous Christmas gifts that can create an unforgettable moment at the end of any meal...

Firstly – their Cantucci e Vin Santo kit is a completely delicious addition to any sophisticated supper. The stylish box contains a generous bag of honey and almond cantucci biscuits that have been made in a hilltop village in Toscana to one hundred-year-old recipe. The bakery where the biscuits are baked overlooks the vineyards where the grapes for Carluccio’s delicious aged Tuscan dessert wine called Vin Santo are grown, so it only makes sense that they’ve include a bottle of that too! Traditionally - cantucci are dipped in a glass Vin Santo, so why not serve up both and encourage your guests to do the same!

Secondly – we love Carluccio’s Limoncello e Bicchierini – a set containing a bottle of deliciously sweet yet sharp Limoncello (a traditional digestive from the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento in the South of Italy) and a box of small shot-glass sized chocolate cups (you can probably guess where this is going…). Pop your Limoncello in the fridge to chill and at the end of the meal surprise and delight your guests by bringing it to the table and pouring it into the chocolate cups. They can then enjoy both the lovely lemony liqueur, before eating the tasty chocolate cup! Delizioso!

 Vin Santo And Cantucci

Vin Santo E Cantucci Limoncello

Our Verdict:

Delicious, Italian indulgences that work wonderfully when entertaining – especially at Christmas! 


Cantucci e Vin Santo £25, Limoncello e Bicchierini £14.95

Where You Can Buy It:

For more information, visit Carluccio's website.

For more ideas and inspiration this Christmas, check out TheEDIT!


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on on 08 December 2017

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