How To With The Little Wrapping Company

The Little Wrapping Company's guide to gift wrapping this Christmas!

Some say that presentation is key...and we couldn't agree more. So here we have a little gift from The Little Wrapping Company as they share their top tips to help you create perfectly wrapped gifts this Christmas.

Three Striking Techniques For Your Bows This Christmas

Sharing is caring, my friends, so here is The Little Wrapping Company's gift to you, with their 3 alternatives to the classic bow!

Bow 1 (Hearts wrap) 

We use this alternative to a bow all the time! We choose two contrasting ribbons and often opt for pompom ribbon for the centre to really catch people's attention. 

  • First, start by wrapping a thin ribbon 3 times (or more) around your gift. 

  • Secure this ribbon with a small knot or bow at the back of the gift, making sure to trim down the ends.

  • Next wrap a different coloured ribbon around the centre of the three to create a cute gathered look! 

The Little Wrapping Co Pompom 3

LWC Pompom Bow Tie

Pompom Bow Thr Little Wrapping Co

LWC Pompom Bow

Bow 2 (Liberty print)

We created this look to use up our shorter ribbon offcuts; the unique weave pattern created at the front is always complemented and an easy alternative to a classic bow.

  • For this look, you should start by wrapping your chosen ribbon once around the gift vertically. Do this again with the same colour ribbon. Then repeat this horizontally around the gift with a different colour so you end up with 4 pieces of ribbon with two pieces being the same length and colour. 

  • Tightly secure the two pieces of vertical ribbon with double sided tape. 

  • Take one piece of your pre-cut horizontal ribbon and place it over the first vertical ribbon, but tuck it under the second piece creating a weave. 

  • Then take the second piece of horizontal ribbon and tuck it under the first piece of ribbon and run it over the second, Be sure to secure these with tape at the back. 

The Little Wrapping Cobow2

Little Wrapping Co

The Little Wrapping Co Bow2

Bow 3 (Twine)

The simplest of the 3- there are loads of gorgeous of different types and colours of bakers twine on the market at the moment!  When teamed with a patterned paper this simple look is a fun way of adding a finishing touch without too much distraction.

  • Start by wrapping the twine 4 ways around the gift. 

  • Then secure at the top with either a bow or knot. 

  • You can add multiple layers or even use different colours of twine to add an extra touch!

Littlewrappingco Rope Bow

Little Wrapping Company Rope

So there you have it, simple yet effective, and easy to execute with your festive tipple of choice and a mince pie in your hand!

For more Christmassy wrappi-inspiration from The Little Wrapping Company, take a look at their page in TOAST's Little Black Book!

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