How To With Darling and Edge

Darling and Edge share their tips for immersive party fun

Immersive and experiential events have taken over the social scene, but trying to rival the pros can be a little daunting, so TOAST caught up with Immersive event design experts Darling & Edge who reveal their top tips on how to create an occasion that will get your guests' jaws dropping and their minds mesmerized.

Darling & Edge's Expert Tips on How to Create A Memorable Experience

  • Make It Interactive - We love putting on parties for our friends! We love doing something where everyone gets involved – like DIY sushi in our studio or bring a dish picnic in the woods

  • Be Prepared To Work - Giving any event wow factor involves a lot of blood, sweat and glitter ;)

  • Feed Your Guests - People relax and feel at ease when there’s food around, it’s a reason for people to gather and it’s leveler – everyone needs to eat right?

  • Variety is the Spice of Life - It can be hard to make a meal that everyone can enjoy – it’s one of the biggest challenges faced by supper clubs. For Beauty and the Feast we’ve made loads of different sharing dishes so you can tailor your meal to your tastes and dietary needs

  • Experiment - We’ve had loads of fun recently trying to revive the vol-au-vent!! Inspired by our favorite celebrity chef Fanny Craddock. Spiced pumpkin, pink beetroot – we think there’s a lot you can do with an open mind and an open mouth!

  • What's On Trend - Pick a theme that fits the moment - we’re going space crazy this Christmas! I guess we’re just still in mourning for David Bowie…

For more information on Darling and Edge, check out their profile in our Little Black Book or head over to TheEDIT to read our recent Spotlight Interview.

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