Spooky Spider

Meri Meri's Halloween Honeycomb Spiders

Halloween is only a few weeks away so we've been checking out the latest decorations and this year, spiders seem to be the spooky prop of choice, and thank's too Meri Meri you can create your own wall of hanging creatures with their Spooky rose gold legged insects.

It's time to creep out your friends and family this Halloween and one of our favourite items to help you add some spooky style to your home are these hanging spiders from Meri Meri. 

Each spider is crafted with honeycomb paper and embellished with shiny gold foil legs.. You can hang them from the ceiling, the windows or pop them on someone's pillow to wake up to. 

Our Verdict:

A stylish little spider that will add a hint of Halloween fun to your home.


Each pack contains 6 decorations that are 3 x 4 inches for just £10.00..

Where To Purchase:

You can buy them from Meri Meri's UK shop or one of the many partyware suppliers such as Molly Meg in our Little Black Book

For more spooky decoration ideas, head over to TheEDIT this Halloween!


Posted in The Notebook

by Notebook
on on 16 October 2017

  decorations, halloween decorations, spiders, spooky spider

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