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Create a magical atmosphere with these gorgeous Nordic tipis

So just because the end of summer is in sight it does not mean that entertaining has to move back inside quite yet, oh no. And certainly not when you can hire a beautiful tipi to dance the night away in…

Love Tipis was born from a love of this particular style of elegant nordic tipi and the magic that they bring to so many occasions. With a background in events, interiors and design the founders decided that what they'd stumbled upon was unique and decided to share the experience and create more special moments for others to enjoy. 

Versatile and suitable for a wide range of locations, their amazing tipis are based on the Lavvu of the Sami people of Scandinavia - they’re large but easy to warm up and are resilient to adverse weather conditions, and they look fantastic to boot.

Their ‘Giant Witches Hat’ tipis measure over 10 metres in diameter, extending to a diameter of 13 metres with the sides raised, and each one stands over 7 metres tall. If you’re going big then there’s also the option to join three tipis in a diamond shape, creating capacity for a whopping 150 guests, as well as the all important dance floor!

The interior poles are made from beautiful Siberian pine and you can choose between authentic tan or stylishly off-white weather-proof canvas depending on which look you prefer, but it’s inside where the magic really begins…

LoveTipis don’t just erect the tipis, they also light, furnish, dress and decorate the space specifically for your event. They can provide magical fairy lights, festoon lighting, indoor safe fire pits (perfect for marshmallow toasting whatever the weather) and more, as well as a variety of different bars (from snazzy LED options backlit to more rustic wooden styles), flooring, furniture and accessories - all of which come together to create a truly unique and memorable space for any stylish celebration. 

Event Tipis Lovetipi

Lovetipis Evening


Lovetipis Styling

Our Verdict: 

A beautiful and memorable pop up party space – tipi-tastic! 


To find out more about Love Tipi's and to get a bespoke quotation you can find their page in TOAST’s Little Black Book.







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by Featured Vendor
on on 06 September 2017

  outdoor venue, tipi hire, venue

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