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Whether you’re looking for gorgeous guest accommodation or a fun way to spend time with friends, luxury tent hire company Loveabell puts the glam into glamping. TOAST chats to director Claire Matthews to hear about her beautiful tents and to get her top tips on sleeping al fresco like a pro!

Switch your smart phone on to silent and turn Netflix off, put down your iPad and step away from the computer - once you’ve finished reading this article, that is. Despite the hit-and-miss weather, summertime is a brilliant opportunity to digitally detox and spend some quality time with friends; and what could be more magical and more memorable than a night spent under the stars, without having to go through the rigmarole of packing and the challenge of pitching a complicated tent?

Getting away from your computer, your mobile and your TV is always a good thing!” enthuses Claire Matthews, director of luxury tent hire company Loveabell.

We live in such a fast paced world and getting out into nature to sleep under the stars reminds us to take a deep breath and literally smell the roses.  We have become so disconnected with nature so the more people get out there, the better, in my opinion!”

Loveabell Jac Mansfield From Totem Photography

Brighton-based Claire has experienced quite a few jobs – from waitressing and estate agent-ing, to dressing up as Zippo in Rainbow (seriously), but as a self-confessed lover of the great outdoors she knew from early on that the normal 9-5 office job was not for her. 

I went to a friend’s birthday party where we went camping in the woods. My rubbish nylon tent fell down in the middle of a rainy night, so I crawled into the next tent - which I knew was empty by the way! And I spent the night there” she explains.

It was my first experience in a bell tent and I absolutely loved it, so the next day I bought one and set about decking it out with lots of beautiful furniture. Friends asked to borrow it and then the seed was sown - the idea for Loveabell was born!”

Claire immediately bought an additional 3 tents, and as more and more enquiries came in the more tents she bought. Today, more than 7 years on, Loveabell has over 100 beautiful bell tents and offers the perfect opportunity for you and your friends to spent under night surrounded by nature, but without any of the hard work associated with camping. Simply pack your PJs, pitch up and discover that Loveabell has set up a gorgeous bell tent village especially for your cosy camping trip, or for your larger party, festival, wedding or even a unique hen do.

We can help create anything from a small bespoke camping trip for your friends and family to a full blown glamping village with over 100 tents!” Claire enthuses.

We take the stress out of your event and deal with all the guests individually. My team and I will come to the venue, set up and take down all the tents, leaving no trace and respecting the environment.” 

Loveabell Tents Set Up

Tents By Loveabell

Loveabell Tents Interiors

And it doesn’t end there either - Loveabell’s beautiful bells can also be filled with a host of luxurious additions and stylish finishing touches. Each basic tent already comes with a proper raised bed (not a sagging airbed in sight) plus a selection of cosy, colourful Fair Trade rugs, hand painted Indian bajot tables, atmospheric LED lighting and strings of pretty bunting. Hotel-standard high thread cotton bedding and/or freshly cleaned sleeping bags can also be hired, as can kitchen packs complete with camping stove, chopping board, cutlery, plates and kettle and fire bowls with fuel, so you hardly need to pack anything.

Our ultimate package has to be our Emperor Suite which is like a bell tent but bigger. This comes with a double iron bed and proper mattress, huge super comfortable cushions, bean bags, sheepskin rugs, a storage trunk, plants and Moroccan style lamps” explains Claire.

This can also be set up in a bell tent as a honeymoon suite, or if you just want to camp in ultimate style!” 

Claire might say ‘camp’ but I think the word ‘glamp’ might be more appropriate here. The ‘glamorous camping’ market has exploded over the past 5 years and has become a seriously fashionable pastime. Thanks to travel companies like Canopy & Stars and Sugar & Loaf, there is no shortage of stylish shepherds huts and other gorgeous glamping options to sleep in.  

Loveabell was created right at the start of the Glamping boom and I really had no idea at the time, I just wanted to do something that I loved, that could work around my son and get me into the countryside” explains Claire. 

I think that the more we all rely on technology, the more people feel the need to get away from it and so getting out into nature has become a necessity. Also the rise in popularity of music festivals has helped the market too - many people getting married or throwing a big party now want to create a ‘festival vibe’ and have the celebration carry on over a whole weekend, and why not? It’s all much more of a relaxed atmosphere and having all your friends sitting around a campfire is the best - you can’t do that in a hotel!” 

Plus no waiting around for taxis or getting lost whilst trying to stumble to the nearest B&B - you and your guests can keep the celebrations going all night long if you like and as well as providing unique and memorable accommodation, Loveabell’s beautiful bell tents also create a truly stunning backdrop too. Did I mention that each tent has a cute wooden sign personalised with your guest’s name?

Jac Mansfield Totem Photography Loveabell Tents

Loveabell Tents Lined Up 

I am in fact a keen glamper myself, but my boyfriend took more persuading. No internet? He exclaimed with horror. What if it rains? He moaned. And what about the loos…? Ah yes, the loos. The most common camping fear and one that anybody who has ever had to use a Portaloo at a festival will definitely relate to. 

People don’t need to worry so much about camping loos anymore. If they want luxury then there are companies that supply superb toilets, even ones with disco lights in!” laughs Claire.

I am actually a big fan of the compost loo though, not so keen on the chemical flush ones. I do wonder where all that blue fluid goes to! I know most people would be disgusted, but poo is a really good fertiliser and can even be utilised for energy!”

Although Claire and her team are based in Brighton, Loveabell can deliver anything from 1 to over 100 of their terrific tents nationwide. Their boutique tent villages regularly grace the fields of Glastonbury and Boomtown Festival and they also supply smaller, more intimate festivals such as Elderflower Fields and Into the Wild, which is taking place later this month. They can also create their unique style of guest glamping at all sorts of private parties and celebrations too including the all-important hen do, where they offer an on site chef, professional beauty therapist and a cocktail shack as imaginative and unique extras. 

Our hen parties are generally not as wild as the hens we see on a weekly basis down West Street in Brighton! They are more of a discerning crowd, wanting to spend quality time with friends under the stars rather than wearing an L plate and veil around town. Although we have found some interesting items left in the tents…” laughs Claire

We’ve also set up for Le Mans Classic car rally and several weddings all in France which we just love to do as we get to have a little mini break after setting up the tents, because obviously it would be silly to come all the way home in between set up and take down! I really enjoy the events where all the crew have to stay overnight - we all get on so well and friendships have been really cemented and we have such a great time.”  Abell Loveabell

In addition to the great outdoors, Claire’s other passion is food. Plant-based food to be precise, and so Lovebell’s next undertaking is a tasty sounding one. 

I would absolutely love to set up a simple, relaxed kind of café serving really ‘good for the soul’ food, set in a beautiful pole tent and could be added onto an event booking alongside the bell tents” explains Claire

I also get really upset when I see the colossal amount of waste after a music festival so I would love to play a part in changing this. I am thinking a plastic free, solar powered festival where everyone takes responsibility for their own belongings. A tall order I know, but I like to dream big!”


  • Get warm before getting into your bed, do some star jumps.  If you are cold when you get in, you will never warm up! 
  • Take lots of warm socks, I always keep an extra pair in the car, just in case those waterproof boots are not that waterproof…
  • Leave your electrical devices at home; screens really take up far too much of our time as it is.  Light a campfire instead! Get back to basics.
  • Duct tape is always useful and also baby wipes. Although they are not that good for the environment they do make for a pretty good wash if you are not able to have a shower.  
  • Prepare some food in advance - I love curries that you can cook in just one pot. I use tiny glass jars and take lots of difference herbs and spices with me – there’s nothing worse than a bland curry!
  • Take a hat and leave the straighteners behind.  Nobody cares what your hair looks like except you!
  • Get an event shelter so you and your friends can congregate in a communal area even if it rains, string up a load of solar lights, and make sure you have plenty of wine!

For more information and contact details for Loveabell then visit their page in TOAST’s Little Black Book. 

All of Loveabell's tents are furnished and include single and/or double camp beds with self inflating toppers, large colourful Fairtrade rugs, hand painted Indian tables, LED fairy lights and bunting.

Prices start from:

Double: 1 x Double camp bed – £180

Twin: 2 x Single camp beds – £180

3some: 3 x Single camp beds – £195

4some: 4 x Single camp beds – £210

Family: 1 x Double plus 2 Single camp beds – £210

Small Family: 1 x Double plus 1 Single camp bed – £195

Couples: 2 x Double camp beds – £210

Group: 6 x Single camp beds – £240

Blank Canvas: is just the tent and ground sheet – £120

Their Emperor tent is 6m x 4m diameter with a footprint of 8m with guy ropes. Maximum capacity is 12 sleeping guests, but we can also set this up with tables and rugs as a communal or beauty space.

Communal space: 3 x Large, colourful rugs, 3 x low level Bajot tables, 2 x LED fairy lights and bunting – £250

Beauty space: 3 x Large, colourful rugs, 2 x trestle tables with linen, 2 x lights, 8 x mirrors and 8 x chairs – £300

Sleeping space: 3 x Large, colourful rugs, 3 x low level Bajot tables, 2 LED fairy lights and bunting – From £265


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by Sophie Farrah
on on 17 August 2017

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