The Perfect Beer Glasses

LSA Craft Beer Glasses

We’ve gone beer mad at TOAST this week and no we’re not drunk (sadly). Having been inspired by our recent food and beer pairing How To with Beer Sommelier Jamie Percival and Sambrook’s Brewery we wanted to find some gorgeous glassware that would fit the beery bill.

LSA International have been making wonderful products for over 50 years; using traditional methods of Polish production they work with natural wood, leather, porcelain and of course their famous mouth blown glass, making them a one-stop-shop for truly beautiful glassware that’s perfect for stylish entertaining at home.

Their choice of beer glasses is predictably great; we love their BAR Craft Beer Glasses, mouth blown from high quality glass in a stemmed design with a generous bowl that’s perfect for serving ales, lagers and pilsners. 

Their chunky BAR Beer Tankards are a modern take on the traditional glass and is a simple, classic design combined with enduring quality. For a more contemporary look then their handmade UTILITY beer glasses are stunning; the elegantly shaped glass is great for serving all types of beer, and each one comes with a beautiful rimmed ash coaster.

All the styles look super stylish on their own – or you can mix and match several styles for maximum impact on your dinner party table.

LSA Beer Glasses

Beer Glass Sets LSA

LSA Beer Glassware

LSA Glassware

Our Verdict:

The best way to serve beer at home, and a gorgeous gift for any beer lover  

Where You Can Buy Them:

LSA glassware can be found in many high street shops, from John Lewis to House of Fraser, or you can buy direct from LSA's website 


Top: Mia Glasses x 2 - £16, Craft Beer x 2 - £26

Middle: Utility Beer Glasses and Ash Coasters x 2 - £20

Bottom: Beer Tankard - £20, Bar Gasses - £29