Children's Party Magic With Nutty's

TOAST goes nuts for Nutty’s brilliant children’s parties

The school holidays are here and that can only mean one thing – a plethora of children’s parties, and here to keep your little darlings entertained is Nutty’s! TOAST chats to founder and professional actor Danny Nutt to learn more about how he works his children’s party magic and to get his top tips for hosting your own like a pro.

They’re loud, they’re bonkers and they’re completely exhausting - but children’s parties are also jolly good fun too, especially if Danny Nutt is involved. 

Our parties are alluring, attention-grabbing, exciting, funny, silly and brimming with energy!” enthuses Danny, Founder of Nutty's Children's Parties.

We want every child at every one of our parties to have an absolutely brilliant time and to be fully immersed in what we do. We also want them to laugh their heads off, burn off all that unwanted energy and to keep the adults amused too!”

Born and bred Londoner Danny Nutt has been a professional actor, voice over artist and DJ for nearly 20 years; early in his career he worked for various party planners and event organisers on a freelance basis, but felt frustrated by his lack of creative control. 

It was also difficult balancing the party work with my acting career - I kept going off on tour to act in plays and then when I returned, I wasn’t needed” he explains.

It was my mum who actually suggested I start my own company - which I did - and I haven’t looked back! It started with just me and I now employ over 20 actor-entertainers in London and in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne too

The aptly named Nutty’s Children’s Parties offers an imaginative variety of fun and exciting party ideas and themes, all developed by Danny who, as you can imagine, is well suited for the role as a trained actor. 

All actors love to play and show off - it’s in our nature!” he laughs.

Applying these qualities to parties has seemed like a natural progression. With our Adventure Parties we are all playing characters that I have created and we rehearse every actor with every theme. Despite having a script that we base each theme on we often have to improvise based on what the kids at each party offer us. Improvisation is certainly a skill that we have as actors - and this helps enormously”

Nuttys Imaginative Play

Nuttys DJ

What Danny describes as ‘traditional entertainment’ - activities such as balloon modelling, plate spinning and magic shows - is OUT, and instead Nutty’s immersive, interactive, high-energy style of party is IN. Danny and his team’s Adventure Parties, such as Pirate Dan’s Treasure Hunt or The Fairy’s Journey, are hugely popular.

We focus more on allowing the kids to explore with their imagination by really interacting with them on a more one-on-one level. It’s much more exhausting this way for us unfortunately!” Danny laughs.

“But we find the kids have a unique experience and parents often comment on how different and more effective compared to other entertainers.” 

Adventure Parties kick off with warm-up games and singing (some of Danny’s team also play the guitar), before the dynamic character reveals that he or she needs help to complete a series of tasks in order to find the treasure. What follows is an imaginative story and a gaggle of captivated children taking part in an inventive and interactive adventure: solving puzzles, finding clues, laughing, running around and braving dangerous animals along the way. Sounds pretty fun if you ask me…

Danijel The Space Warrior is really popular - which is our original Star Wars theme. I think a lot of kids really like this character as it’s so ‘other-wordly’ and really allows them to lose themselves in their own imagination - away from the humdrum of every day life.” Danny explains

My inspiration often comes from the depths of my imagination but also from my kids Freddie who is 9 and Lola who is 7. I ask them what they’re in to and follow their ever changing tastes as they grow up and this helps me see what kind of things kids are in to at the moment. I’ve always been full of energy and people often ask me this question. I guess I’m just one of those people!”

Nuttys Characters

Nuttys Childrens Party 

As well as Nutty’s Adventure Parties there’s a whole other host of themes and activities to choose from; their discos include everything from air guitar to Gangnam Style as well as games, competitions, bright disco lights and proper speakers. For promising Beckhams there’s a football party option and for blossoming BAFTA Award winners in the making there’s a drama workshop party too – involving plenty of fun and drama games, as well rehearsing and performing a short play. 

It’s pretty fast paced and busy, but we create the script beforehand and there are only certain elements that are devised by the kids on the day. Plus they have the choice to read their lines from pieces of paper we offer them- so it doesn’t make it an impossible task to achieve!” explains Danny.  

We make sure that they all get to take part – we never focus our attention on only a select few. We like to make every child there feel super important, and we like to make them laugh!

There are big expectations surrounding children’s parties these days; whether it’s having a cool cake, party bags filled with snazzy gadgets or an unusual entertainer who can keep the troops delighted for hours, but it’s not just the kids with high standards – parents also want a party that is not only fun and functional, but one that looks super stylish too.

We always make sure we all look fantastic with our costumes and props, plus we always keep the space as clear and simple as possible so the parents can dress it how they like,” explains Danny.

Recently we ran a ‘Super Dans’ party for a large number of kids recently on a camp site in Dulwich, SE London which looked really cool. The birthday boy was called Ned and the party was labelled as ‘Ned Fest’! All the kids camped the night before, there was a BBQ and a drinks tent, we had one of our facepainters in action and we took the kids, on a particularly glorious sunny and warm sunny afternoon, on their super hero mission all over the main field and in to a wooded area. We all had a ball!”

There is no rest for Danny and his team over the summer; they are busy running a series of drama and sports camps, and Danny is also working on a new dance party concept that he hopes will be ready for September when the kids go back to school. It’s pretty non-stop, but Danny’s boundless enthusiasm combined with a love for what he does seems to keep him going strong.

I love seeing the kids really have fun and laugh their heads off!” he beams. “And I also love receiving amazing testimonials from clients – it really makes all the hard work worth while.


  • Parents, please keep your voices down!

    The kids deserve to hear the entertainer as it’s their party, not yours! Sorry!
  • Balloons are best placed hung up with string on the wall.

    Otherwise, it can be a real distraction to the kids. Plus they end up popping them if they’re loose, which can be really noisy!
  • Have a theme in mind

    With the decorations, food and invites. 
  • Dress Up

    If it’s fancy dress parents can dress up too and use appropriate decorations and food to really fit the theme. This really helps create a fun and immersive atmosphere. 

For more information and contact details for Nutty’s Children’s Parties then visit their page in TOAST’s Little Black Book.

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